Solo - New Star Wars Trailer

Looks ok in a Rogue One sort of way?


Couldn’t care less about Star Wars, but sure why not, looks alright.


I wasn’t overly impressed with it, TBH. I haven’t really enjoyed these new Star Wars films so far, TFA was the best one and I was just lukewarm on that (pun not intended).

What did you think of Rogue One then @xist?

In typical Disney style, throw everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. They are going to burn the franchise out fast, if they keep going at this rate.


because of how studios seem to have forgotten and misunderstood the point of trailers these days, -i tend to try and avoid watching them,
unless it’s something i must watch, -like deadpool :blush:

(seriously, why did they start to give entire movies away in 3-5min long trailers at some point?)


I’ve yet to see The Last Jedi but I’d go so far as to say that Rogue One is probably the best of the last 6 Star Wars films, or at least on par with Revenge of the Sith (if you can ignore Wooden Christensen). It’s not perfect but it’s an enjoyable adventure, with an ending which you already know. It didn’t really even need to be a Star Wars film I didn’t much like some of the humour elements of some of the characters (the droid withstanding), and some of the acting was … but if you’ve not seen it, don’t go in expecting it to be an amazing, mind changing experience, it should entertain you at least.


This isn’t something that just started. I’m sure there are other examples, but the one that stuck with me was the trailer for Cast Away, 18 years ago. The entire movie was summarized: beginning, middle, and end. I’m just glad I didn’t see it before the movie (not to mention it’s not a great trailer anyway, despite being an excellent movie).


Official Trailer

The actor playing Han has zero charisma…


did he just say “push it” ?? :thinking: :dizzy_face: :man_facepalming:
it’s PUNCH IT!”
-canon/movies destroyed forever… :cry:



y but at least he looks like a doofus


Red Letter Media did a reaction to the teaser. Before the teaser trailer came out…

…Then put their reaction alongside the teaser, once it did the following week.

That was far more interesting to me, an old grump. As far as this movie goes, my interest, is now limited to Red Letter Media’s eventual review of it. I just do not care.

Shame, as I was a fan of Star Wars, once, a long, long time ago in a galaxy we live in.


I can’t ever un-fan, just not possible, it’s part of who i am, i was just a little boy when i saw these; i even survived the prequels…


It’s to make up for the total overuse in The Last Jedi. I became so incredibly sick of people shouting Punch It! that I wanted a fight to break out.

I thought that was me too…TLJ finally killed it. I am now dead inside.


So, you are saying that you are only a Star Wars Cow? I know there is more to you than that, Harith. Don’t sell yourself too short, mate.

I’m a fan too, I also grew up on them, I was 1 year old when the original came out. That has no bearing on what I think of these new films so far. I don’t need to hear how Han Solo met Chewbacca or Lando.

That’s not to say if you enjoy these new films you are wrong, of course not, I just expected something a little more than more prequels and rehashing of old ideas. If you like them, be my guest, I can’t, as much as I have given them a chance.

I saw this when searching for the cartoon above. I found it mildly amusing.


I do enjoy them y, and ofc I recognize that we’re far from what we used to hope for, but the thing is that i certainly don’t attach the same importance to it as i once did, so i also can’t rly be saddened by it cuz i just take it as it comes now and enjoy it for what it is, and that’s enough for me

I’ve come to attach importance to completely different things in life and rly wouldn’t let some form of entertainment dictate how happy/miserable i am


Have you read Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy? I read them when I was much younger and seem to remember that they were actually pretty good…certainly I intend to re-read them.


Can’t say that i have no, i remember reading 1 or 2 star wars novels many many years ago (I’d guess almost 20), but i wouldn’t even know what it was, but it certainly wasn’t any of these.


Well if you have a hankering for some non Disneyfied Star Wars given them a go…certainly the goodreads pages agree with my recollection of them being pretty enjoyable.



they killed off their most iconic role and actor, only to go

“ah shit dude we shouldn’t have done that huh?” “yeah man lets just get a new guy and say its a prequel” “again?” “YES AGAIN”

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To be fair Harrison Ford is well into the ‘grumpy old man’ phase of life, no way would they be able to make a movie primarily about him. Hadn’t he been asking for them to kill him off since the second one?

Dude is just a carpenter who accidentally fell into acting as a side gig, he was never really into it.


gotta love it when your side gigs “juuust happens” to end up landing you around 200 mill in the end :smile: :+1: