So long, Coin shop, and thanks for all the free games!


Don’t remember a lot of my coin shop games, but it was great to try out Hotline Miami there! It’s difficult and I haven’t been able ot figure out a solution yet but dude. I have also yet to try Garfield Kart and played through Braveland and Star Story or whatever either were called.
My takeaway though is that it is sad to see it go, but on the bright side many places from the likes of Humble Bundle to the actual publishers that can range from cool indie games to major AAA releases are giving out free giveaways on Steam and PC in general. In fact I feel we are rather spoiled in this whole ordeal, but hey if it gives out good publicity for the devs and allow for more sales hey I think that should be fine for now.
So this point may be repeated somewhere in here since I went straight down.


Today was my last legendary chest !

The games that I got were :

Tormentor x Punisher
Uurndog Uurnlimited
Boo! Greedy Kid

Thanks Chrono! This coin feature will be missed!


crap i cry :frowning: this coin spin is a motive for enter uh changes suck sometimes