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Snake Pass (was free on HB)


UPD If the vibration irritates you in this game and you have Xbox One controller you can easily turn off vibration through Xbox Accessories app on Win10, by making a profile without it and setting it as default.
Step-by-step article:


Good find, but watching the animation in game made my skin crawl T_T Had it in a bundle once and was relieved to see the back of it much cry

Phobia triggering. I dig Sandworms but I mean, they are large and you can definitely see them coming, lol

Other than my utter terror, anyone can recommend the gameplay in this for other takers?


fyi for ppl who don’t have access to Steam atm


It’s a fun physics game. The controls are odd and may annoy some but it’s quite satisfying once you get a hang of it.


FYI, you can get the DRM free version in Humble Trove as well.:wink:


@pegasusz Good looking out - missed that.

@Truly I watched some gameplay and yes, I see what you mean, it’s the wrapping around stuff bit that triggers me… I guess it’d be like a less harsh aversion therapy method in my case, eh heh. :sweat:


Thanks, another game my nephew gonna love.


That’s a really interesting game, but it’s not for everyone.
I was really curious about it and was lucky enough to win it in one of the giveaways here. Feels a bit bad since I found out it’s not a game for me. The controls just never clicked for me and I started having real trouble very soon after tutorial levels - I was not able to let go of buttons unless I focused on it and at that point I usually forgot to do something else. I was exceptionally bad at it was a bit of a pity.

For free I recommend for everyone to try it and even if it’s not for you - it’s a very unusual experience :wink:


I already own this game from ages ago when I bought it, it’s pretty disappointing tbh cuz it doesn’t work with keyboard controls very well. A proper controller is probably better that’s what it claims to be designed for

Here is a spare key


Just copy and paste the key to a notepad file or something. The keys don’t expire so you can hold on to them for as long as you want.


I thought everyone would know this by now. You don’t need to have steam installed on your pc to claim the keys. You can do it in the browser, even in your phone. Here’s the link for those who didn’t know

Btw Snake Pass seems like an interesting game, hopefully it’s good.


Are you sure? I have a Burnout Paradise key that expired


I meant the free keys. I had keys in my notepad file that were about 3 years old that still worked when I gave them to people.


I have you have backups! #fAccidentalDeletiontTaumaSurvivor


I grabbed this one; looks like a good game.
I’ll be having to upgrade a lot hardware-wise to play it, but hey!

Yeah; my OS is Win7 32-bit. I’m underprivileged, but that’s nothing new.


Dudes, at some point we were all playing MMORPGs on dial-up and getting kicked off when mom needed the phone, yea? No shame. ^^


Thanks @Strifeborne :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


So I’ve played it for a bit and it certainly seems worth playing. It’s interesting how despite having no jump it still feels like a platformer. The controls are very unusual and certainly will take some practice to fully get used to, but at the same time they feel very fitting for controlling a snake.
One HUGE FLAW this game has however is its awful overuse of vibration, which you can’t adjust or turn off in the game: the controller strongly vibrates on every pickup, which feels horrible whenever there’s a row of collectibles, and more importantly, when you use the grip function to hold on to whatever you’ve wrapped yourself around, the controller constantly vibrates at lower intensity. It might not be a huge problem for some, but if you’ve got RSI or some other wrist problems it will make you hurt very fast. Also I imagine it can actually induce RSI with prolonged play.
Thankfully if you have Xbox One controller you can easily turn of vibration through Xbox Accessories app on Win10, by making a profile without it and setting it as default. For some reason Business Insider has an article on how to do it:


Thanks for the warning - can’t stand vibration usually, and in a row like that = much ugh.


I’ve heard times when the devs withdrawed the keys. But yeah should be safe if you do that. Often I had keys expire on humble cuz i forgot to copy it somewhere, copying it is more effort tho than redeeming almost lol