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Snake Pass (was free on HB)


Yup, some keys expire some don’t. Likes this one for example, the bundle that made humble bundle more famous than it was. I still had Crysis 2 key available because I forgot to claim it and it still worked, 7 years later… damn.
This bundle was amazing, look at the numbers. They sold around 2.3 mil copies (in the end) and made like $11 mil.


I do with Megacloud but my notepad file is literally just free keys so it wouldn’t matter.


Some thoughts on the game after completing it:
First of all I’d like to address my previous critique of vibration in the game:
The first problem I described, with strong vibration when you pick up collectibles, is basically a non-issue in the main game. While there is a string on collectibles at the very start of the game they are spread out in the rest of the levels, so getting even two in a row is not something that actually happens, so no prolonged strong vibration there.
The other one, with low powered vibration while gripping, I’d say is still a valid complaint and not really a problem at the same time. Still valid in the sense that constant vibration is not a great thing no matter what, and not really a problem because there are very few situations where you actually need to use it. In fact, once I got used to controls I barely used grip at all and even forgot about it by the end of the game, which led to me struggling with a couple of situations where gripping was very useful.

The control scheme feels quite natural and easy to learn. Once I stopped rushing forward and learned to secure my position before advancing I was successfully slithering through rather tricky obstacles without too much trouble.

The camera is OK for the most part, but typically for collectathon platformers leaves you wanting. While diving underwater it desperately tries to get above surface, limiting your view in a rather obnoxious way, and it barely functions in tight spaces, where trying to adjust the view can make it freak out.

The game’s collectathon nature has a weird quirk to it - once you collect a thing in a level, it’s gone forever, but after completing the game you are rewarded with a “Snake Sight” feature that allows you to see all the collectibles through walls. So since the collectables are not that hard to find, and there’s no option to reset level progress, you won’t even get to see how the game properly looks with that feature, unless you replay the whole game without collecting everything.

Which I did. On keyboard and mouse.
KB&M controls work surprisingly well - while WASD movement lacks fluidity of analogue joystick, controlling camera with a mouse can compensate for that really well, allowing for precise movement. However it’s much easier to make the camera freak out, since you can move it much more rapidly.

Story (spoilers)

There’s barely any story. The snake Noodle doesn’t really have a character, the companion bird Doodle, the “villain”, and four elemental spirits have some lines, but aside from some wildlife nobody seems to inhabit game, so you’re not helping or saving anyone or anything (though the game tries to pretend you do).
What’s funny is that Doodle is the one who picks up the keystones when you find them and puts them back at the end of the level to fix portals. Which means that Doodle could just leave Noodle sleeping in the first level and fix everything in ten minutes.
So there are no stakes, nobody except Noodle and the “villain” seems inconvenienced or in any distress and when you’re told at the end that “Your legend will be told for generations” it feels kind of hollow.
I showed the game to my sister and she came up with a story that Doodle is actually Noodle’s caretaker and the whole adventure happens only because he can’t be left without supervision for any amount of time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Weird, I genuinely enjoyed the game, but, looking at what I wrote, some parts feel like I’m shitting all over it. I guess I should write more to learn to express myself better.

It’s a lovely game with gorgeous design, intricate levels and novel gameplay. I definitely recommend playing it.