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Slay the Spire giveaway [ended]


Rules are simple:

  • forum account must be at least 2 weeks old by the time I call the winner
  • must have 6 badges here
  • you can choose what you do to win in your post here: my guideline is to be creative (no NSFW content)
  • winner will be given their Steam key through pm once they answer my first pm to congratulate them


So, the entree has to choose something they want to do to be able to gain an entree to be able to win or is it that the person with the best idea then does it then becomes the winner?


Not entering because I bought it during the last summer sale, highly recommended game and great giveaway. Thanks for the giveaway @M00 :raised_hands:


Only 5 badges… so close… buahhh


Just fill your profile or do the tutorials, that will give you more than enough.

@M00 no dead line?


Thank you @Inferry! :grinning:


Well, here i go… i reaaaally want to play Slay the Spire, because i had read so much about this game, i am a big fan of card games and roguelikes, and i think… i can Slay it…?



@Scribesake you can do what you want here and just do that to enter, just like @GamerSinTiempo and @AHMEDJXZ have done

@Inferry there is a deadline, which is when I choose the winner, which is unknown to myself, but rest assured that it will take a while (won’t be less than a week and can take a bit more) and so u have time to come up with something (i can sense a nice drawing coming up :laughing:) if u so desire


I don’t want to enter, but just to say thanks for the giveaway and people should enter for this great game (or is not entering truly the most creative way of entering… except that I already have the game so I don’t need to enter… so I am really not entering… really… for real… please don’t enter me)


Be creative ? You found my kryptonite,Lex.

Psst,i want to enter , i like dem card games


a great gif except for the hat rly


I guess it refers to common image of wild west with piano player in a local tavern wearing a bowler hat .


no, i mean, the hat is cool, it’s just poorly implemented while the rest of the gif looks quite good and fluid


Hello, would like to enter to get the game for my buddy :smile:

Chill to this until you announce the winner


Great giveaway, @M00! Not entering already have :heavy_heart_exclamation:


first of all thanks for the giveaway.
if you need help choosing a winner i made this little site to help you with it.

and by no means is it rigged. 100% not!!!


My friend keeps telling me to get this game but I don’t have the money to spare so I’m entering!

I used up all my creativity on my comic though ): Please enjoy this doggo that would readily abandon its freshly stolen sausages for Slay the Spire.


Not entering, not into card games, just wanted to thank @M00 for the giveaway! :slight_smile:


My sloth, we must talk. ^^ Also like them card games (but not entering).