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Slay the Spire giveaway [ended]


Count me in! thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone.


I already have the card gamez. I am believing in the heart of the cardz to grant me the power of friendship. I shall bestow this gift to my friend on a boat, so he can enter a tournament on a remote island where the prize is one wish! Unfortunately, some jerk throws my copy of Slay the Spire into the ocean. I help my friend get into the finals once we arrive on the island, along with myself so he can win the prize money for his sister’s eye surgery, only for me to be able to beat him in the semifinals. I then give away my millions of dollars in prize money to my friend and fight the creator of Slay the Spire in the shadow realm. I win, and he grants my wish of getting another copy of Slay the Spire before going mad and running off to his cartoon world to create more cards. The End!


@Lifedeather Yup, pretty much that’s how the story goes, lol. ^^


I’m listening :3


Any particular reason this is in Off-topic and not Other Deals/Giveaways? Just curious.


negligence? (i can’t feign ignorance, but i guess it didnt even occur to me to change it and for some reason it created it in off-topic by default)

thx, also, u actually have the power to change that yourself, which would’ve been fine with me


Not entering as I already own this, just wanted to say thank you for the giveaway. :purple_heart: It’s a great game if a bit difficult.


Slay the spire is a great game. Definitely a lot fun and very useful when you have only a little time to play, are bored in class, want something relaxed…
(not entering, already own it)
Thanks for the giveaway anyway!


Thank you for the giveaway (not entering) :sunflower:


my name is Spire,
and wen today,
i’m the star of
Moo’s givaway

and Urbivore
wil win the key;
he’ll try for years
but not slay me


still going


deadline approaching


I want to play Slay the Spire because of the Yu Gi Oh!, Saiyan (Dragonball Z) & Senshi (Sailor Moon) mods for it :rofl:


A perilous path
Powerful relics in hand
Ascending the Spire

*my entry


:smiley:There is a Sailor Moon mod for Slay the Spire?!? Now I need to get to the game.


Yup, and it looks fun!


… and now i am very nervous!


Winner was sent their key!

thx all for participating!