Site Feature Request - Login with my Steam Account, and check if i already have the same videogame

Hi there. few minutes ago, i had use my Chrono Coins to buy
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising Storm

But the thing is, i already had the game, buy some months ago, but i forget, and the site not show me any warns, i already had buy with coins before, if i really want use my coins to get a new copy.

Well i will go to gift that code to a friend. and if possible make translations for the website :smiley: please (Like Spanish) xD

That’s is all.

[Title edited, because the old, was a mistake] xD


You can’t buy a game from the coin store more than once, you are intentionally prevented from doing so. So if you had already bought Red Orchestra 2 somewhere it was not from the coin store. You can not expect chrono to keep track of what games you own to prevent you from from making bad purchase decisions.


Perhaps you only thought you received the game through because it is up right now in the inventory and you already own it. The game has been given out for free before, so you probably picked it up then and forgot completely about it, saw it on and picked it up.


Umm let me check, ok

My bad

Then the request i need is Login with my Steam Account, and check if i already have the same videogame. for that not happen again. (i mean check every title i had on my library, for warn my already i had, and if i want a new copy, maybe for gift or something like that)

i almost buy with coins another videogame i already have on my Steam Library
Guns Of Icarus Online


Obviously because the don’t know i already had the Game, let me buy it like if i don’t already have.

Because i really don’t remember already i had the Red Orchestra 2, i buy it :v

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I’m sorry, I’m confused about the point of your post.

Are you requesting that Chrono give a warning before you buy about which games you own and which you don’t? And to do Spanish translations for the website too?

If that’s it, it sadly is as @Fraggles has said: Chrono can’t, like any other online retailer can’t, tell you if you own or not a game before you purchase it. So you need to double check before buying.

I’m glad you have a friend who wants your key and I hope they enjoy the game.

About the translation, I think it’s a very good request and I hope that @lonin, @dusty, @frst & co. can look into that as well as provide the regional price for every deal – which they already said they are working on.

EDIT: ok I get it, yeah, so:

Do you buy games for websited like HumbleBundle, Fanatical, etc?

Because I did, and they didn’t give me warnings about these things either. So I gave away the keys for games I already had or traded them, which can be a good option if you’re trying to save money.

Since they can’t warn me, I don’t see how Chrono would be able to?

We would all need to set our games to public, something that steam disabled by default a month or so ago – here’s a link to an article about that. So even if they could add the feature, users themselves would need to do something on their end for it to work.


You can use scripts to alert you to owned games.

I use this one and I can recommend it. It’s saved me many a double purchase.

“Check every web page for game, dlc and package links to the steam store and mark if it’s owned, unowned, ignored (not interested), removed/delisted (decommissioned), wishlisted or has cards using icons.”

It only works if there’s a link to the steam store page however, so usefulness may vary from page to page.

Example on Chrono

The green tick show’s it’s owned.


most games offered here have a steam link to look at the game, if you click that you will see then if you own the game or not.

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We will be adding Steam authentication in the future, and checking your library for dupes is definitely one of the reasons why. This will require users to make their profile public, but since that used to be the default, I don’t imagine many people would be opposed to that.


Since spanish is my mother language and I have a decent knowledge of the words the brittish bard used I could help with that



Donde esta la biblioteca?

y i got u covered too, as long as that and “Me necessito un poco d’azzucar.” are the only things needing translating…

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Yo soy una patata.

Yeah, I think we’re good to go. We’ve basically got ourselves a fine translation team already.

We’ll just have to keep an eye on the @coralinecastell so she doesn’t feminise the store unnecessarily. : )


I understand the context, but I wonder how many people won’t.

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That is kind of the nature of injokes.

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what i mean is read that without context and tell me how that sounds.

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Context matters, stop this senseless killing of authors!
If someone decides to make a snap judgement of me as a person on a single weird line of a single post then quite honestly I don’t much care what they think of me.

I trust that clears it up and we need not derail this thread further?


I was just making an interesting observation on how your sentence can be misconstrued, but if you want to be snappy at me that is fine. Context does matter but none was provided, just saying.

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I fail to see what the problem is here

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It actually wasn’t necessary to provide any context since it was a clear call out to a specific person so the context is that it is an inside joke and that is clear for all, so anyone who couldn’t get the joke would understand that he was missing the context of the inside joke and not further question it actually.


haha I’m not sure I get it actually I’m like


:woman: ← m’head

no offense taken, though, cause I’m suuuuure there’s joke in there somewhere.

I’ve been overworking myself for the past few days though so my brain is mush. :woman_shrugging:

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