Site Feature Request - Login with my Steam Account, and check if i already have the same videogame

Well it seems that every time i try to deconstruct someones joke and play it straight that people feel the need to think its a personal attack. I am not asking for any change, I am not saying that people will take it the way I am saying, I am not asking for a serious conversation about it. Just making an observation. I will not do it again.

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He is referencing the talk you had the other day in another thread about making things male or female when translating. Can’t remember which thread

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Pete, don’t worry about it. I 100% agree that, at a glance, @Fraggles comes off as a jerk. I know he ain’t because I know him better than his weaker one-liners, but the internet is the internet and misunderstandings happen.

I think it’s super chill and, in alignment with your job, to try and keep the place clean from those.


heh. I get it now, @Fraggles. Steam store be a gal though, deal with it.

Thanks for making my brain work, @PeteMcc. Much appreciated. I support your mod work too, btw, so keep at it to the point it doesn’t strain or stress you. :butterfly:

edit: haha Pete and Fraggles are both typing PLIS NO ATACC MI BOIS. I BE FRIEND.

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Not trying to clean this one up, it took me a few seconds to understand what he meant so I am completely fine with the comment, this was not a comment from a mod perspective just an interesting observation. Kinda like a “thats what she said” joke.

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Aww, you wound me greatly.
steam is male though, o vapor.
and it’s not “a lojo de vapor” either is it? : )

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Hah! Just messing with you, dude. I like your jokes.

I actually have 0 ideas how the Steam store looks like in Spanish, and I’m not eager to find out tbh hahahahah

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Will we be still able to buy the game if we own it? Ex: I want to gift a copy to my friend

I believe your games library is private by default.


For sure, it would just be a warning.

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Yes, i need a warning, right now i do the same thing again, with “Insurgency”, i already had on Steam, but i not remember that. and well, i use my Chrono Coins to get it here. and the CoinShop give me the follow Steam Key :


But my point its, if the Chrono Account can be linked with Steam Account, to check if already i had the gain i am get from ChronoShop by ChronoCoins. i lost 4000 ChronoCoins. because the page don’t give me a warning, telling me i already i had the game on my steam library.

no, u lost 4000 Chrono Coins cuz u bought a game which u already had on steam; if it had been real money u probably would have been a bit more careful, no?

it’s not that hard to just check it

I mean, even if u just had gone on the steam page to look at the review numbers, for example, u would immediately have seen that the game was already in your library

it’s not like u need to manually go look games up in yr library, just check the steam page…

many ppl dont want to link their accounts; this subject has been discussed several times already here btw

so y, i hope next time u’ll just go on the steam page to avoid this from happening again

also, u could have gifted the game to one of yr friends instead of just putting it on a public forum for anyone (or any bot) to snatch, for example, but that’s another subject; i’m fine with either

hope u actually play the game; it’s rly good :smiley: