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Welcome welcome welcome to the 67th round of the Hunger Games. This year topic is… To share and brag about… how much you waste time on steam games ( or any other platform tgat counts your playtime. I could be a game that everybody hates, everybody plays, anything!! The point is… SHOW US your highest playtime. SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!!!
(The highest number would be granted " The Gnome of the year golden reward and we shall spare his life… because all gnuffis have one goal after all in our lives… @Gnuffi to rule the world and spread his name everywhere.

I ll start with a number myself ( i am not that proud of, but they ruined the game because it became P2W and because i couldn t find any gnome around. ANYWHERE!! )


Well that would undoubtedly be Diablo 2 for me, though luckily no records were being kept at that time. These days I mainly play through a game and move on so my highest times spent would be for Witcher 3 at about 255h followed by Dark souls 3 at 206h, though both of them stands to have at least another 50h put into them. I haven’t even played the Blood and wine expansion yet.




here’s my top five most played game

oh gosh… from 2000 to 2005 it was the only game i played… after school… week end… pretty sure it’s my number one game and with a huge advance


Here’s mine!


ever played ETS online? it might sound boring but i’ve played with a friend and it was damn fun we would go to the same town, get contract in the same region and drive together


I did play it a tiny bit with a friend some time ago, but it was ATS, but we were not able to make it work so we get the same contracts even with the sync app + some times the contracts would not show up, so we just gave up.


someone help, this feature doesn’t work for me anymore on steam; i saw that yesterday or the day before and figured it was bugged or something, but it still doesn’t work now

hm, it works in my browser though:

and here’s that of the kids, lol:


Here’s mine, i haven’t touched Dota in years though so it’s kinda “misleading”. Arma 3 on other hand… got it for like $20 (excluding dlc’s) back in pre-alpha, geez money well spent what a game.


For Skyrim is probably 500h+ if you count the time I played on a pirated ver.
And 1200h+ on Neverwinter before it came to steam.


Wanna talk about shame? Both of my top played on Steam are clickers. But outside Steam it’s probably between Warcraft 3 or Heroes of the Storm.(soon closing in on my 2000th game) Once in a while, i just turn on Just Cause 2 purely for the pleasure of traversing the land and causing chaos.


Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Several thousands hours. Probably in the 5 digit area. But we didn’t have any time tracking abilities like you silly spoiled kids.


The Binding of Isaac isn’t even my favorite rogue-like, but trying to get the achievements, playing the daily challenges and just killing time in general amounted to over a thousand hours, which honestly I never thought I could accumulate when I’ve seen people clocking that into other games.

Counter-Strike was fun while it lasted, but I wish I would have never touched it to begin with.

Enter The Gungeon is my favorite rogue-like, but the replayability is not as evolved as in Isaac, unfortunately, and the latest update made the game so much harder than it used to be.

Robocraft is one of the first games I’ve played when I bought this PC. I thought: “Hey! I could potentially run games on this thing that weren’t released in the 90s! Let’s download all the free games!” And Robocraft was the one I got stuck on, because you can build your own Robots in a Lego/Minecraft-esque style. I think I’ve spent more time designing mechs than actually playing with them.

DayZ, ah, how I love you, but I could barely run you back then and with the recent patches and updates I can’t run you at all now. Spent most of my playtime picking apples and scavenging for food. 1 hour of that is probably fighting actual people, but that’s the beauty of it.

I’d wish they would track the playtime on Xbox Live, because back then my consumption of video games was completely different. I saved up to get games and when I bought them I wanted to drain every last bit of value out of 'em. I have 300 something games on Steam and when I beat a game it’s dead to me. I had 40 games on the Xbox 360 and I’ve played them multiple times until I would get the next one.

I’d guess that the Modern Warfare games would be ranking the highest, but I wonder how much time I’ve spent in Fallout 3 and Oblivion for example.


Got a few hundred hours in trackmania 2 stadium, haven’t played it since they removed vr capability though :frowning:


i don’t spend much time playing “vidya gaims”, and fortunately there exists no record to the contrary :blush:
(also any such files would be photo-shopped, doctored , manipulated and pure libel and slander) :triumph:


cough cough


:face_with_monocle: I will sue!!


Here are my 10 most played games on steam but if you count PS3 and Origin. In Skyrim on PS3 i got over 200 hours and on Origin i got 641 hours on FIFA 18 :ok_hand:t6:



Original, non-Photoshopped version