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Share your finds from ongoing Steam Summer Sale.


it’s 22 or 24 actually, great game, even in single player

and welcome too, have some cake



Stop it! I just lost a bunch of coins…ALL GONE!!!

And welcome to @machao :sparkler:


I couldn’t help myself but to buy this trilogy, looks really nice imo. Love this type of game. Not the greatest discount i was hoping for but my wife gave me the OK :laughing:


Well that should last you the summer, and probably next one as well. I’ve played a couple of other Nihon Falcom games and they’re generally good. Played the first game of the series before this one, Legend of heroes trails in the sky and been eying the sequel to it for some time. It’s a shame they never get truly deeply discounted, but there’s certainly enough hours in them to justify the price.


Just wondering, have you played the Sky games yet?


Did you even bother looking at reviews for the game? It mostly has positive ratings?

I bet you’re pissed off at the “Graphics Whore” bit are you? And you’re unfamiliar with the term. It does sound derogatory but that’s the label gamers give to videogamers who only care for stunning game visuals above all. Also don’t be a normie. 4chan sensibility FTW.


@CRV2017 @Fraggles could you guys please dont derail the topic? If you feel like continuing this discussion please do it privately .


To answer your conundrum: yes


here are some that I’ve found:
All of them are new lows (Journey excepted)

(if you buy Journey, flower should come with it)

(if you buy Journey, Flower should come with it)

This should be $1.00


A short hike was in that gargantuan bundle as well as having been given away for free at least twice and part of a humble bundle montly. So if you might want to go check if you don’t already have it somewhere.



@Pylinaer The Journey was free on EPIC in the past, dont know if you claimed it or not.
Now the AER Memoies of Old is FREE on EPIC Games Store. I love the relaxing games with beautiful environments like AER or Rime has - having both on EPIC and Steam as well - because they are awesome and affordable.

In your post I found found few games I really fall in love shortly after watching the trailers. Islanders and Flower are really cheap and nice looking games, sad I cant run them.


Already bought both of those and I don’t do EGS.



Bought this to myself.


Nice pick up. The first area and boss is kind of bad, but don’t let it stop you as it gets really good later on. Use 2h weapons if you want an easy ride, anything else if you’re looking for a greater challenge.


I remember the first boss, I even started a challenge with a friend that came over to see who would beat that mf first, haha then I forgot to continue the game. :rofl:

I should probably pick it again some time, it’s really good

Ah yea, I got these for myself

Tactics infused purchase.


Got myself the first, probably only, level of the sale badge and got this steam profile background.

Now as we know most of the middle part will be covered by the profile only showing the blackened out edges and half an ugly RV, brilliant design.


I should have bought Sonic Generations Collection for $1 instead of Sonic 1. While I love the original two in the series, it doesn’t allow 2 players. Irritating that a Sonic game ported to Steam does not have this feature, specifically native born. :sweat:

Also, I second Warhammer II and Graveyard Keeper! I have the later on GOG and have played it like silly. Warhammer II is also good, just a huge shame co-op isn’t more than 2 players. Still though, very fun! I’ll add onto that by suggesting Divinity: Original Sin II. I think it is the best kind of its genre, to be honest. Incredibly fleshed out, beautiful graphics, great acting, wonderful soundtrack and awesome character customization.


I’m pretty sure i will enjoy this. Being a soulsborne junky. Thanks for tips. I guess my ‘pride’ will prevent me from using and ‘easy mode’ weapons.