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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments


The game is Overkill’s first to use Unreal Engine 4, though I believe it ran on DieselXL originally. I’m fairly certain that it switched recently, and it’s come a long way from E3.

Overall, the mechanics feel right at home for anyone who enjoyed Payday, and I sure wish stealth was this good in PD2. I was pretty impressed by my playtime.

Also, you’re right @Rhyagelle, there was no NDA on the email. There’s no NDA at all.


Squad v12 beta. It’s amazing! I can’t wait until it is public. Persistent ammo, medic is better, everyone can use bandages on downed friendlies, there are TANKS (yes, epic tanks lol), the sounds are crisp and amazing, the performance is really good (once you clear cache), the new UI is great…everything about it is awesome! Hope it does well and people start to flow in! :slight_smile:

Squad v12

( v as you can see, there are some…bugs)

And some Realms of Magic, which I’ve had a blast with so far! I really hope the devs don’t abandon it. It could be the new Terraria, and if they open up and really support the modding community, it could become absolutely insane.

Realms of Magic

As you can see the map works a lot like the map system in my favorite little dwarf game “Region of Ruins”. I was so surprised to see it! I’m in love with it! <33

also it is a little out of order. when you see the armor upgrade with the hat, I suddenly got jumped by bandits wanting to butcher me and do something with my bones (don’t recall what, it was night). I barely made it out of there alive but managed to kill one and quickly loot him. lol


Some Fallout 76 beta shots. Game runs like hot garbage no matter the settings you pick, so much stuttering and freezing, but beyond that not sure what I think of it. Seems like an empty MMO so far, but that could be because its early beta and they locked a majority of the stuff to full release.

Fallout 76 beta

now that’s some radioactive water

(and yes, you can see ALL players on your map)

And some more Squad shots I took the other day.

Squad v12 beta

accidentally happened upon this enemy apc. luckily i was not spotted and was able to report it to the team

Me trying to snipe : arma 3

death stranding moment : no man's sky

Doggo doing tricks for the camera : fallout 4

Car showoff from a dead game with great customization : APB: Reloaded

not much but i don’t usually think to take screenshot xD

Scenic wonders in Dark Souls III

Recently bought Dark Souls III on Chrono, which evidently also was my first purchase on here. Anyway, when i arrived at the second pictures location, i literally made a stereotypical anime gasp. So far, for every dank corridor or catacomb, there always is a almost painterly view of a new zone around another corner.

Probably as i further progress i’ll get more screenshots here.


Wow, you’ve already gotten yourself to Irithyll?
You’ve progressed through the game real fast, if you only bought it a couple of days ago, and haven’t told us anything about your experiences thus far! If you’d like, please go tell your story over at:


20 hours doesn’t seem like it’s that quick. Starting off with next to no knowledge of Dark Souls III, except Cemetery of Ash, random clips 'n screenshots and a pretty hilarious clip from Super Best Friends.(cough skeleton ball) I usually never express my feelings/talk about games with people, me and words, just don’t get along. But sure, i’ll try.


2018 50go games that look like a 1990 game

also this is not a low res statue… this is my actual character…


sry but then u need to check yr graphics settings, the game looks way better than this even on streams, and it is known that a lot of visual quality is lost when streaming

I don’t think it’s fair to upload a screenshot of the game on the lowest settings (I can only assume) and then pretend that that is what the game looks like

see for yourself:


It’s an Xbox X screenshot. no quality setting… this is what you get if you play on console


in that case i’ll keep quiet and just lovingly hug my rig

[that’s kinda sad though; i just can’t get console gaming, it’s so expensive and seems so inferior to me, except for (PS mostly) exclusives]


bedesda suck not the console… console can achieve that (the X is really a step up for the console world perf wise)


y that is a beautiful image i have to say


So what r yr thoughts on FO76? I kinda have the impression the game was deemed “lifeless” cuz of the lack of npc’s to interact with.



i would say the game is empty … if you don’t follow the road you wont encounter any thing exiting… it’s a big grind… but somewhat it’s fun to be with a squad and just roam from POI to POI. dont expect anything difficult in the game tho. i would not recommend to buy the game but if you buy a console and have the choice(like i had) of PUBG or Fallout combo take fallout.


Took this image that I really liked after a couple of hours of dueling in Irithyll the other day. Seeing @HouGuard’s image reminded me to share it with you all.

No spoilers, just a large image.


Wow, I didn’t realize you could play a mole-rat in Fallout 76… Awesome! (That is you on the right is it not?)


sadly nope, we killed that molerat and his ragdoll looked like he was Soldering so we took a screenshot


i got my pc rig for keyboard related stuff but got my xbox to play with some friends who only has a console.


I swore to myself i’d “complete” Hollow knight before returning to Dark Souls III again. And so, i have. Main story and all the DLCs done.

End game boss SPOILER

The Absolute Radiance was an absolute bitch to beat. Anybody else who’s just fought the normal Radiance can probably see what i mean. Her yellow attacks sometimes get really camouflaged behind the yellow background, which of course resulted in me getting hit more than i thought was deserved. But otherwise a greatly satisfying last boss. Intense sweat and heart pumping was definitely had.

Godmaster (DLC)ending screenshot. So SPOILERS

After all that suffering to endure, this gives me life force just looking at.