Share a guilty pleasure or something you wouldn't tell someone you know IRL

Because Chrono.GG community is like a little family, let us dive deeper into each others lives by talking about those guilty pleasures. Do you secretly LOOOOVE reality TV but are shamed by friends? Do you like to drink milk from the carton … STRAIGHT from the carton?
Do you have a tail? Were you stood up at prom?


This is just a nice a fun post to offer up things you normally wouldn’t broadcast to the world unless maybe specifically asked or something. Have some fun :slight_smile:

I’ll as usual go first because I am a trooper.

I really really really like watching Love & Hip Hop on VH1. Every season, every episode. I don’t even really listen to a lot of rap. Something about this reality show, and I for one don’t really like reality shows… I JUST EAT IT UP. They just added a new spin-off now Miami. It’s like manna from heaven.

No one knows… sssshhhhhh

EDITED: To sharing things if you lack a guilty pleasure but want to UNBURDEN YOUR SOUL :laughing:


I don’t think I have any guilty pleasures. I like what I like and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it. I’ve been quite open about it around here already.


I detest reality TV and I don’t drink milk. Well, I do drink almond milk but I would never drink it straight from the bottle.

Honestly, I can’t think of many guilty pleasures I have at the moment. Does watching the occasional ASMR video on YouTube count? I’m not necessarily ashamed of it, but I probably wouldn’t go around advertising it. It’s still kind of a weird thing. Though I don’t experience any “tingles” (as they say), I do find them quite relaxing and easy to fall asleep to.

When I was in high school (and I was kind of a punk dude back in the day) I was briefly addicted to a tawdry soap opera that a female friend of mine used to watch. I never would have admitted that to any of my friends.

That’s all I can think of right now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Its funny you mention the whole ASMR thing. I was actually on Twitch yesterday and saw there was a TON of people in the IRL or Talk Show area. Well one of the people was performing ? Creating? Not sure on the terminology. It was really interesting! I can see the appeal but I didn’t stick around since one of my fave streamers popped on.

Hm, I might changed the subject to sharing something no one else knows now :slight_smile:


I like to dress up as a bush kangaroo and call myself Skippy, but only on weekends, sometimes while I’m out hunting Haggis’. The rest of the time, I am playing the banjo with elastic bands or down the Comedy Club doing stand up for a live audience, better known as the House of Commons.

I’m an MP you see.

(nah, I lead a boring life, sorry)


The Netflix Death Note film is a favourite of mine to watch.


I love to sing all the wrong lyrics to songs in my car, (mostly because I don’t know them all), this can only be done with music at high volume and its especially fun with lyrics of a different language. So basically without the music I would probably sound like i’m singing in gibberish.


picking my nose


eating the cartilage in meats

oh, -and ice cream :heart_eyes:


I enjoy ASMR things every now and then. While it is rare and only happens under certain circumstances I do get the ASMR triggered tingles. I don’t care much about the tapping and crinkling sounds that seem very common though, I like hair or mic brushing with as long strokes as possible.

As I mentioned in the voice acting thread I also enjoy listening to accents and different languages and particularly enjoy Japanese. So as the weeb I am of course I’ve gone and found myself Japanese ASMR. These are generally quite different to what the western ASMR fad has spawned, turns out they’ve been doing this sort of thing for quite a while in fact. Much of the early stuff is awful though, made before 3D mics were a thing and with low bitrates to be transferable over dailup in real media format. So you get this screechy mono single channel BS going on in whichever ear you chose. Maybe it was kind of neat in -95.

But of course there’s a lot of recent stuff too which is a lot easier to find anyway. Though as you might have suspected some of it is indeed straight up pornographic in nature, some of it just mildly erotic. Most of it however is more about relaxing and being cared for. The most common type, from what I’ve found, is the mimikaki ear cleaning kind. Usually the scenario is that you lie down with your head in their lap and having them clean your ears for you while softly talking about their day or anything really.

I don’t understand much Japanese myself, though I can pick out a few words here or there. Barely enough to figure out the over arching point of what’s going on along with contextual clues, but that doesn’t really matter to me. I just enjoy the sound of it a long with someone pretending to care about me for half an hour. : )

Makes for a pretty good afternoon nap.


@Gnuffi, you are supposed to get along with the rabbits… not eat them!


we are clearly playing the rabbit variant of rock paper and version of thumb wars!
(tho i am a sore loser, so “someone” didn’t make it home with all legs intact):yum:

“guess who’s winning next time !” :triumph:



I believe Rance is actually a great character. Just don’t look him up if you don’t know who I’m talking about.


I’m more of a marrow sucker myself. It’s like a deep rich meat jello…Gosh I wish I had some now.


beef steak with roasted marrow, moar, gief me the entire tauren! :yum:, -pff who needs gravy, (okay maybe just a little as a cheery on top it all)


was that sarcasm? LUL


Nope, I generally enjoy watching it. XD


I unironically like some Linkin Park stuff. If you’d ask me about it I’d tell you I was into them as a kid but in reality I sit down and listen to them a few times a year because it was actually pretty good.:ok_hand:t3:

I’m a pretty honest asshole in general so I don’t have many guilty pleasures.
Now if we’re talking IRL I probably wouldn’t tell people about my fetishes, that’s my limit.


Hm. I really like drinking. I’m not an alcoholic (thank Zeus) but boy do I enjoy drinking on the weekend with friends, or Friday nights before going out for a party – in what we call “esquenta”, here in Brazil (or is it just São Paulo?).

It’s kind of a tradition to spend a couple of hours with your friends at a bar or someone’s house before going out for a night of dancing or partying, since drinks are far too expensive (and refined, really) for anyone’s taste or budget at the local night parties.

My favorite drink is Cuba Libre, followed shortly by Sangria – because it’s really hot here and that’s a refreshing and easy drink I love to make for my friends and guests.

I add any fruits I can find in my Sangria, really. I always add apples and oranges, but I’m really happy when I happen to have strawberries, watermelon or even pineapple around the house! The more flavor, the better! Also, I find that the drink is even better with soda in it.

Highly recommended to the folk out there that don’t have to rely on Vodka to keep warm during the summer haha :smile:


I think that’s a rather common thing, around here it’s merely called a “pre-party”. I think the general idea is to drink enough at home that you get right properly soused once actually at the party but not starting too early or drink so much that the venue wont let you in or serve you.


We used to call that “pre-gaming” back when I was in college, and I assumed it was still a thing. We’d all meet up at one of the guys’ places for the pre-game, have a few beers or some shots, and then head out to the clubs to have some fun. Drinks were just too dang expensive to buy more than one or two while out, so we’d get a case of cheap brewskis or a handle of some low-end vodka or whiskey so we could get a nice buzz on before going out and being forced to pay $5 or more for a bottle of domestic beer.

Fortunately, my tastes have refined a bit and my habits have changed (I no longer go out and party it up), which leads me to my dirty little secret: Some people think I’m a beer snob, because I don’t buy domestic beers anymore, when we do get together. The actual truth is I just like trying a bunch of different types of beer, and - let’s be honest here - American Budweiser really is “sex in a canoe” beer.