Shadow Warrior (2013) Free on Steam 24hours(ended)

Shadow Warrior is free once again, this time on steam!
(sorry seems steam links/display are borked again)

Free permanent copy of Shadow Warrior! Available until August 23rd 10AM Pacific!

(and yes you should totally get it if you don’t already own it!!)

“The top FPS of 2013 as far as I’m concerned, with equally satisfying katana combat and various special moves. A great reinterpretation of a classic.”

etc etc etc
good game, get it now!


I think it might be the age verification gate that messes things up for certain titles. I’ve tested the widget for games that lack one and those still work so it does not appear to be a board thing that just sometimes breaks for no reason.

Go get shadow warrior though, it’s a ton of fun.

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yea you’re probably right (i don’t get that age verification on my browser so i didn’t even realize it popped up on this)

lol well, this sorta works
rofl, silly redundant “middle-man” display link widgetthingymabob

heh, no it doesn’t.

really? does on mine, i mean it doesn’t display on chrono direct, but when you click it the widget display box appear as it should have on chrono, just in it’s own page, which then takes you to the steam page lol, (hence the silly redundant middle-man" mention)

weird if it only does that for me… oh well :smile_cat:

What actually breaks links is a change that Steam made. It no longer just shows the App ID when you’re on a game store page. It also shows the game’s name.


This is the link to Psychonauts:

If your link to Psychonauts ends with 3830/Psychonauts/

If it only ends with 3830/

Hope this helps. I learned this a while back with that thread about underrated gems. No idea when Steam changed the link to include game names, but Chrono’s forums don’t seem to like it very much.

if you notice the link i used was the pure app id one (click the edit button and scroll back to original post using correct id but no display)
i even tried the snr thingy that worked in the past too, but this time no links seemed to work displaying shadow warrior box at the time
so i think it’s pretty safe to say @Fraggles is correct in the assumption of the age verification barrier thingy breaking the display box

edit, “snr” works now, might be it didn’t because of being free, uncertain (i recall other links where snr links didn’t display the free version but the paid version, but shadow warrior had no paid version during the free period)

edit 2, even weirder at first the regular links didn’t even work in this very post, then after editing and adding more links some that worked some didn’t now all seem to work/display perfect lol, i’m definitely thinking something on steams/discourse end

edit 3, and an internal server error 500 just popped up trying to edit OP to see if display worked there lol

Yeah, I made that very point in a thread a week or two ago talking with @Gnuffi about this whole thing. It seems like my theory of the age verification gate is dead though as the widget now for some reason works. Seems weird that the game being free would break the widget but it’s the best theory at the moment, though free to play titles do not seem to suffer the problem. Guess we’ll have to see next time a temporarily free game is available again.