2013's Shadow Warrior Free on Humble!! (48hours)

2013’s Shadow Warrior Special edition is free for the next 2 days over on

FYI. if you already own normal edition, activating this key will upgrade your steam copy to Special Edition!!!

here is a biscuit playing some of it if you aren’t sure to get it

(wait what am i talking about, it’s free, what is there to be sure about, ofc you should get it!)

Note: You must redeem your free Shadow Warrior key by 10AM Pacific on Saturday, August 5th, 2017!


This is a really great game in my opinion. I had a whole lot of fun playing it and it’s one of very few games I properly 100%ed.

It’s been for sale for under $5 so many times and now it’s free so there’s no reason not to give it a go. Get it already!

Thanks. I already have it tho.

Note: You must redeem your free Shadow Warrior key by 10AM Pacific on Saturday, August 5th, 2017!
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if you only have the normal edition activating the key from Humble will upgrade you to special edition, will add to op description


At this moment I do not actually know which version I have since I got it for free. Thanks for the info

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if you don’t have 4x dlc you have normal edition
special edition includes/adds
Digital Artbook
Hotline Miami Katana
Serious Sam 3 Sledgehammer
so if you don’t already have those, it will upgrade you to special edition when you activate and give those dlc

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I remember that I got the Hotline Miami Katana, so it must be special Edition.

If I’m not wrong you also get Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior

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Well this is one of the best games that I’ve ever seen given away. In fact it’s my favourite game.


So apparently you also unlock Viscera Cleanup detail: Shadow Warrior for the special edition.

So you can enjoy killing the enemies in a bloody massacre and then clean up after yourself in another game.

yea you get that with any copy of Shadow Warrior (2013)
but it’s not dlc but a separate game, so you technically get 2 games in one deal/key, the store description have just been really bad informing that for a while, in fact i believe the steam store for a while haven’t even listed the difference in contents over norm/special edition, just a 10$ extra/upgrade with 0 mention what you get for that

Humble Bundle is a real g for this thx to the devs too. One of the few times quality games are given away!


Beside main game, 1 more bonus game, Upgrade item like Hotline katana and Serious Sam hammer, I heard you even get this special weapon if you own Saint Row 4. #best_sword_in_gaming_history.


indeed, if you already own or buy saints row 4 later you get the awesome Penetrator with either norm or special edition of Shadow Warrior

(btw, people remember how Deep Silver sent out real full scale versions on the Penetrator to journos and critics pre launch as a promotion for Saints row??) :joy_cat:


Obvously far too late to have any importance for people on the fence about the game, buuuuuut I still have to leave my 2 cents because Shadow Warrior is among my favorite FPS, probably even number 1 in the list. I hope everyone that hasn’t played this game already got themself a key.