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Sekiro hype



30 more minutes till the fun and double deaths begin! anyone else planning on buying? if so what site has the cheapest price?


I dont understand why some ppl dont have access to the game; it’s already playable for me and has been for several hours

Soda’s streaming it and there’s already 454 Steam reviews, all from ppl who obviously have access

at the same time it’s all rly weird cuz when i checked yesterday the store page indicated this game would only release in 12h20min from now


woah, just now noticed that, must be time zones? idk how that works entirely.



the joke is i cant play cuz i told my wife who rly wants to sit through it with me that it would get released at 6pm today my time, so she went to visit her sisters and wont be back till around that time, lol, and now i’ll just have to wait till she’s back, lol


also, i wont be buying this at launch, for couple of my own reasons,
with fromsoft’s/Miyazaki’s pedigree i don’t doubt it would be worth full price tho, even if i’m a such a cheapskate :blush:


Also if you are a monthly subscriber at humble, you get your automatic 10% discount from every purchase…


just a note on this, Humble/x game’s publishers seem to have expanded the selection of games and sales where this no longer applies, nor getting the usual humble credit/charity option, but merely the regular “sticker price”
^just so people remember to keep in mind to check if or not they actually get their bonus they thought now (i’ve for instance decided to change my Itad so it no longer applies a store-wide 10%bonus)

-but yea monthly does apply to Sekiro :+1:


Why is everyone’s business model changing to anti-consumer through devious practices? :angry:


Thanks for that deal breaker site, went ahead and bought it for 54 USD, almost done downloading!


my guess is, that both the monthly and the store credit/charity bonus came out of Humbles own margin, and not something that’s been a “negotiated cut”.
so the times when you had a sale, so would be existing discount, then add 10% from monthly, and another X% then going to either charity or wallet, it could probably add up to quite a bit of (needed?) profit passed up.
or X publishers straight up didn’t want games to be able to become X cheaper on Y store than another

there are still plenty games, sales etc where it applies, but the last 3 sales, a bunch of games/publishers i was picking i didn’t get either bonus, but just the usual discount sticker price/"equaling regular sale/steam price) -which meant lack of incentive to “choose” humble over another
just means have to keep an eye on what bonuses are getting these days, say if the 10% to charity option was important to someone, or if the wallet cashback% fluctuates/is 0 -or ofc if one was counting on Monthly discount, since now it less than applies to “all”


I wish i had some spare money for it…looks amazing


this is how it can look like for instance

(can’t show how it looks with not getting monthly applied since this sale discounted games/publishers are fine, with paradox and squeenix sale i got 0 across the board)
sqeenix games don’t give cashback or charity it seems so that’s a 0, but got 10% monthly discount since it was “full price” and not a sale this time it seems
activision gave 4% wallet or 5% charity -instead of regular 10%charity, (which then when added with the squeenix 0 comes out to this 2.4%) for instance and got 10% monthly during already discounted sale ofc just fine


hate to say it fellas, but the game is a masterpiece.


It’s From Software… what else can you expect at this point?


Well, thanks. I had the game preordered and didn’t noticed it was out until now :sweat_smile:

Now, excuse me, I have to die precisely twice.


still waiting, rofl, and have a work meeting scheduled too, right when i’m supposed to be able to start to play, lol, so some more waiting scheduled

4h30 to go…


13.5h in to reach and kill first real boss, lol

mini bosses are pretty hard too honestly, and i did reach 2 other boss areas but haven’t yet pulled up the courage to “go in” lol


got some screenies?


I don’t as it’s not something I usually do, but I’ll try to think of it now and then; the game looks absolutely gorgeous :heart_eyes:

There’s a few areas I’ll revisit just to take some :smiley: