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Sekiro hype



Sekiro; RTX on


The concept is appealing but the fack that you dont loot gear is a turn off for me, ill buy it when there’s a 50% deal or something but not full price, i love to put RNG salt on my wound


RNGesus; the church for masochists :grin:


y but u do unlock and upgrade skills and upgrades for your prosthetic arm which do heavily affect combat, and u do have to make choices in that regard, so there’s that


that’s not the point of having different skills, it’s too easy if i chose what i want, i want RNGesus to make me suffer throughout the game


but that wasn’t the case in Dark Souls etc. either though, u get to choose which loot u want to use, so I don’t think there was any real rng element in that either, not to mention that i even think that the loot in those games was not even rng to begin with, at all, i think the loot is scripted in those games

now, if u say u dont care for Dark Souls or its systems to begin with, well then ofc this will not be for u…, but for a host of other reasons



That looks absolutely amazing! :slight_smile:


Wow that is nice looking. How would you say the story holds up as a more direct story and less of an atmospheric/environmental model?


I personally like it a lot, I never played much of Dark Souls (a few hours of 2 only like 5 years ago, but plan playing it soon), but the lore being so sparse in that game is something i actually dislike about it, i prefer a real story with more actual cut scenes and stuff; this game has plenty of atmosphere though, and the setting is just amazing, though ofc that’s a staple of the studio


Lore is not sparse, it’s full of lore. It’s just that story is almost entirely delivered through different means than usual. Level designs,item description,Npc banter and such.


y but i can usually only play a few hours at a time, sometimes only 1h, sometimes with days in between, and then it’s hard to get a good grasp of the story, so y, i’d say sparse isn’t the right word, maybe “parsed out” is more suitable

it’s a lot easier when it’s more straightforward; though ofc this game still presents plenty of lore through those ways and a lot remains unspoken and is uncovered by reading stuff left and right