Saying goodbye to Chrono and hello to Nexus <3


Best of Luck!


Well, now that this part is over, time for the important question:
What are we going to call ourselves instead of chronies? Nexies?
Or are we going to keep “chronies” in the back pocket to confuse new-comers in future? :grin:


the exclusive chronie club, only for original ganstas :ok_hand:


Never! D:


Will my Chrono Coin have to go too?


You are the sacred keeper of the relic !


It might fade like mine has…


How about a title “Chronie”?


Claim your username before someone takes it on Nexus website. :wink:


our overlords are doing a giveaway on twitter for a PS5 to celebrate the beginning of nexus and as thanks for the support Chrono has gotten over the years

We’re giving away a Sony PlayStation 5 to thank everyone for their support of @chronodeals over the years and our new platform, Nexus is a platform where content creators can build their very own game stores.

— Nexus (@join_nexus) November 2, 2020

unsure why they forgot to post it on the forum :wink:


Beat me to it! I was gonna post something as soon as I finished studying :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


we should do a new thread!


Time to try to see if I can still dig up my old twitter account I suppose. I don’t remember the handle or the password, so could be an adventure.

I did it, created a new account b/c I couldn’t dig up the old one though.


Something I really don’t get … is Nexus already open? Are there any shops on there? If no, when is this planned? If yes, how the heck do I actually find them?
My current impression from the website is that they are looking for people to open up a shop with them, but haven’t actually managed to do so in the past year or so since they entered the beta phase … whatever that means in this context.


Nexus is already open, anyone can create their own straight from the site.

When we were just starting out, people with Nexus stores were limited as we developed the idea and worked out its kinks. Now that we’re further into the process, it’s open for anyone to jump in and try for themselves. As for finding existing ones, their respective creators will usually promote them during streams or in their videos. We don’t currently have a portal where you can find every single one, but it’s an idea that we’ve discussed before on here. Hope this helps!

Here are some examples of existing stores:

Karmakut’s Store
ZiggyD’s Store


You NEED something like a “Mall Directory” with links to all the different stores…


Totally agree. I don’t know anything personally, but I’d be shocked if there’s not something like it coming down the pipeline eventually.


@Mailo @delenn13 You can use google fu to get a taste of ~80 nexus stores.


Oh boy, it was so weird to get on this site today and see the daily deals category gone.


The black hole consumed the best looking site on the internet :pensive: