Saying goodbye to Chrono and hello to Nexus <3


I am not an influencer and do not want to build my own store. I may have missed something, but how do I browse these stores?


This is sad news, but I am glad the forum will survive for the members to talk/engage.


Keep in mind that it is in closed beta so perhaps that prevents us from seeing the stores. However, one example is and then an example of ziggyd’s profits

Please remove my post if it should not be here :slight_smile:


So basically, the priority switches from focusing on interesting indiegames and giving them a highlight to instead be creators, because there is more money in it.

I will be sad that I cannot any longer have the TB link for the store, not that I believe it has done much the last couple of years.

Guess all things must go the way of the money, just like humble is mostly choice now and I guess chrono is going for the generic nexus title.


Exactly the same - hence why I do not see him likeing the focus on creators instead of the small developers. Feels like money talks more and more here.


Agreed. They could not have gone with a more generic name if they tried.


Need some salt with your salt?


Best wishes, but expecting the worst – I hope that the Nexus team does well, despite having watched drop in quality over the past few months significantly.

While I don’t have the best expectations, hoping the best for Nexus. Taking on Steam is no easy task, and even a company like Epic Games is spending millions just to compete, so hopefully the Nexus team has a card up their sleeve.


Pretty much called it when they got rid of coins. Influencer marketing is far more lucrative since they don’t have to invest money in promoting the discounts/deals, and instead just focus on signing up new streamers - who in turn will push sales for indie developers in exchange for an affiliate commission.

Chrono/Nexus gets to be the middle-man - who collects a profit by offering a platform to enable affiliate commissions on games, since Steam doesn’t do affiliate commissions.

In early January, they got a $5.5 million investment - and the investors want a return - and that means scrapping all the parts that aren’t as profitable, so they made them pivot to the influencer model.


Isn’t it going to be a store with games, just promoted by streamers? They’re going to take on Humble Store or Green Man Gaming, not Steam


Anyone who read the 3 or 4 articles in late Jan 2020 where Justin/CEO commented about the investments and direction of the future in Chrono would have foreseen it.:man_shrugging:


Thank you for the past years and good deals! :tada:
However, what I undestand from this summary is that Nexus isn’t really for me because I don’t watch any streamers.


I’ve been with chrono a long time, I’m sorry to see it go.

I’ll never forget any of it, or the friends I met on the way.

sorry recently I’ve not really been here like, at all, but I am always willing to chat and check here often enough.

please add me on steam, that’s the best place to talk to me.

I hope everyone at chrono does well along their own path, best of luck to nexus. :purple_heart:


waves Done and dusted but it’s been a while since I’ve seen you on Chrono. The forums will stay, just the daily deal store will be gone.


Get rid of the garbage recaptcha for logins, and I’m good.
I don’t think I’ll be able to run Chrome if I install the latest update. It barely runs now.
(recpatchas refuse to start because of planned obsolescence BS)


@Amyrakunejo I think @delenn13 uses Vivaldi, which should be much easier on systems that struggle with Chrome’s antics. Double check with her though, not 100% on the browser name.


It’s fast and you can customize it 'til the cows come home…


I’ll have to see about it at some point, and if I can find equivalents to the extensions I have installed.


It uses the Chrome Web Store… You can use the same extensions.


Wait what the heck IT’S TOMORROW OMG

For some reason I thought it’d end like early 2021…

Damnit man, are the Forums staying? If not, where are we going? Will everything here be archived at least…?


Ok nvm I just read that the forums will stay active, that’s alright then I guess… yay us! :slight_smile: