Saying goodbye to Chrono and hello to Nexus <3


Will the forum retain its current URL (, or will it move to the main domain? Or somewhere else entirely? If it’s staying at its current URL, what will happen to the homepage?


I think it will remain as it is now. But someone from ze staff should confirm this ofc.

  • But nobody came.


To answer your question! We don’t have any plans to move the forum, it’ll be staying at its current URL. As for the homepage itself, it’ll be the same as it is until April 30th of next year.


And what will it be after that?


Thanks for the wait, it’s been a minute but I figured better late than never.

There’s nothing set in stone. That said, there aren’t any plans for anything starting in May, so it’s entirely possible that the site will just be inaccessible. The forum will stay in its current form.




It wouldn’t surprise me if the forum was completely scrapped eventually. :woman_shrugging:t3:


To my understanding it will be repurposed for the new focus: Nexus. But the forums will always be here.


Na, I’d do my best to keep the community hosted and together as long as folks want to stay connected!


Thanks @dusty :hugs:


Big preesh! :heart:


You love to see it


i’m gonna stick around here as long as people will have me :+1:
if our cat overlords decide later there is some gain to “repurposing” the forum as part of nexus and only keep it alive on that accord i wouldn’t even mind that,
it’s such a chill forum i’m sure such changes would be no biggie and there’d be fun to be had anyway


I also use this browser and it is amazing! I’ve been using Firefox for years (since 2004) so it says something that a browser actually got me to switch. The full password and bookmark backup was amazing and easy to use, too! :slight_smile:


It’s the cats Pajamas…


what a shame i coming here for the free stuff but nice comunity here but my english is poor jajaja


Your English is fine…:sunglasses::heart_eyes::star_struck:


Quédate con nosotros! Aceptamos todos los idiomas :P.