Saying goodbye to Chrono and hello to Nexus <3


Yes the future is definitely bright for new digital storefronts. There’s absolutely no competition at all.


So will our Chrono accounts migrate over to Nexus?


Wait, does that mean there will be a separate community for Nexus while you’re also keeping the Chrono forum up for the foreseeable future? Or will Nexus have a community link that just redirects here, or not have a community link at all?


From what i understand Nexus is going to be it wont have a community as a thing… i guess ?


This will just be the ChroNexus community? :thinking:


I would seriously reevaluate your choice of a brand name if I were you.

I mean, it’s not like there allready exists a service called Nexus and that your choice could lead to confusion down the line.


Yes because ‘Nexus’ is a made up word and Nexus Mods has patented it…


Also, I know you guys probably gave the name a lot of thought, but when I hear “Nexus” what I think of is:


triangles… :thinking: Illuminati! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think about Undead Building from Warcraft 3 :smiley:


Cool Link.


And I think…Star Trek: Generations…

I thought about that…Plus @M00’s Daily Deal Game/Giveaway…


Hi Endyo! We’re onboarding people as fast as we can :slight_smile: Onboarding to Nexus is largely based on whether or not we have the games that a certain content creator is playing. Feel free to email me at and we can chat about it.


I think Wildstar’s Nexus. RIP



From what i understand from previous reply, you do not need a Nexus account. Your keys will be mailed to you.


Also to clear some confusion:

Nexus and Chrono accounts are separate. We’re encouraging anybody who has an order history but doesn’t have an account to create one so they can make sure they grab all the keys they’ve purchased before Chrono closes.

Nexus and Chrono accounts are not related, and order history from a Chrono account will not transfer to a Nexus account.


Is it just me, or does anyone else see this as a failed venture into an already flooded market? I mean good luck and all, I just don’t see this actually working.


They’ve been trialing this concept for already 2 years or so. It’s obvious that it is working as is; otherwise they’d just have abandoned it a long time ago instead of actually putting an end to Chrono to focus on that instead.


Technically that is a spontaneously combusted astronaut, and I’m confused at how you’ve managed to find something this specific, but I was hoping for one that is more 'splodey with limbs flying everywhere.


An interesting development, though I am a bit baffled why they chose Nexus for their name rather than something more unique and memorable, (Such as Chronus) given there’s already the Nexus Mods site out there people tend to associate the Nexus name with.