Saying goodbye to Chrono and hello to Nexus <3


That’s kinda the premise of Chrono yeah? Working with content creators and developers/publishers to promote sales. I feel like this was intended as snark but it didn’t quite go that way.

Nexus is just a way to put content creators even more in the driver’s seat.

I will miss the daily deals, but I’m hoping there will still be deals scattered around various nexus storefronts.


All the best of luck for this new project, I hope you’ll achieve the success you deserve… I get the mission and really admire you taking this big step towrds it.
Thanks for creating and maintaining Chrono and everything it stands for, and special thanks for making it a true community where I met a bunch of really cool people. I hope this community never dies and its good spirit carries over to Nexus.
Stay safe and healthy, everyone, and lots of love from me here in Germany!


I’m a bit sad that the daily deal is going away. While I rarely bought anything, discoverability was a factor for me.

I wish you guys luck with this endeavour. While competition will be pretty steep I think you have the skills to take a good shot at the prize :wink:


When the daily spin was removed, a lot of people were saddened by it. When they took to these forums to voice their sadness, the veteran users here mocked them and said they were glad to see these ‘filthy casual peasants’ leave. Those elitists considered it a victory over “the entitled crowd”. When this crushed crowd tried to reason with them, their pleas were met with more of the same ‘just leave, you entitled scum’ comments.

But I knew the sentiment the elitists voiced was only temporary. I knew for that day, they would be saying “Good riddance coins and good riddance filthy casuals!” But I knew one year later, they would instead be saying, “Do you guys remember Those were the days…” My predictions were mocked. My concerns for the longevity of the site were smugly discarded. The veterans believed removing coins was the smart move, and no argument could make them see things differently. Especially when they outnumbered conflicting outlooks.

Well here we are, less than a year later, and that day has come. Whatsoever a man sows, he shall also reap. You have poisoned your own stomping grounds with that mentality. You shouldn’t be surprised when the same poisoned ground can no longer bear fruit.

I don’t care what comes of this. I’m not going to read replies, as it will probably just be another circlejerk. Hell, my comment will probably be deleted before that. I just wanted somebody out there to see me win. I just wanted somebody to know my prediction came true.



ikr, what a “win” :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

you have a grand total of 1 post, you were never here on chrono to begin with :wave:


Well its sad to see it go, but its been fun, I will still be around in the forums.


I don’t remember a single person saying good riddance coins or good riddance casuals. I do however remember people “expressing their sadness” by complaining that it was the only good part of the site and everything sucks. Forums will still be here as the Gnuff said, the Nexus looks awesome and is a really interesting idea, and the future is always bright. There’s no need to be so negative about things.


‘Something coming soon’ had been hinted at and eluded yet several failed to grasp. Chrono is essentially being rebranded. And instead of 1 daily deal, we’ll have many via Nexus.

Same Chrono group but with a different name/rebrand focusing entirely on the ultimate form of Creator Stores. Woohoo to the future! :slight_smile:


Well, I wish you guys and gals the best, and I hope our “little” community can keep growing at a steady pace.


Damn, feels like the end of an era. Good luck with the new platform


that is an awesome username :+1:




I’m sorry to hear you invested so much in getting things for free, only to wind up never getting the things you didn’t pay for. Not to butt in on your personal business that you publicly shared online, but they screwed me over too—I did redeem a few nice games, but toward the end, I held out hoping to score something from the last batch. They were all sold out of everything I was interested in by the time I came by. So I had tens of thousands of free tokens and I wasn’t able to spend a single not-dime of my not-hard-earned not-money on anything.

I was bummed.

But you know what? So what? The coin mechanic was just a fun bonus that, as far as I’m aware, it didn’t even make any practical business sense for them to do. They are a business, and it was silly. They did it anyway. I didn’t get all the free stuff, but they had every right to not give everyone all the free stuff, which probably would have been stupid and irresponsible to do.

Have some perspective. It’s free.


You know it! I read every word in fear soon I was going to be homeless. That had hit hard on a difficult day. Luckily, we get to stay together! ^^

Nexus sounds really interesting. Don’t really pay attention to the creator stores, etc. It’d be nice for them to get full time attention.


It’s sad to see a service like Chrono go, even though I personally do not pay for the service myself. Hope that Nexus serves you guys well. I guess the service is a little harder to maintain but regardless it is a nice gesture from you folks from this community and the legend of the coin shop. I mean I got some cool stuff there + this community is awesome in tracking down and announcing free stuff for games anyhow so in essence the free game part is still there, just that now others are offering it.



“We’re going to take on Steam.”

I guess good luck with that. Just try to not sell out to China/TenCent. I have zero interest in a product I have to be on a waiting list for to even see what it is. Nexus just seems like a bad idea, monetarily. You might want to revisit your Black Hat analysis. I guess it is too late for that, though. Oh well.



All of them. Especially the quotes. Otherwise it just sounds like this.


Hmm… While the staff roster has been continuously increasing (anyone remember the original team page?) and the company has expanded to a new office, I do wonder how many of the staff are part of Nexus? For instance, does Alex Faciane have a role in Nexus? Or is there no longer a need for a copywriter?

Also it appears I need to adjust my plans to celebrate Chrono Inc. for a different reason now. Erm… Actually is it still Chrono Inc. DBA Nexus or Nexus Inc. DBA Nexus now?

I suppose this means I am running out of daily deals to post a comment in as well. Oh dang, I’m going to miss the hole as well… Can we at least have a spontaneously combusting astronaut to celebrate the official launch of Nexus? (Only some of you will get that reference.)


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