Saints Row: Which Is THE Best? [POLL]

Saints Row Games… Which one is THE best?

Are you a fan of the Saints Row games? Would you consider them to be a work of comedic genius, therefore it was money well spent or perhaps you regret buying it and should have got that [Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher] ( (I’m not judging) instead?

Whatever your opinion, I’d like to hear what you think of the games and in particular, which one you consider to be the best of the bunch? So if you would be so kind, would you consider ticking an option below in the poll?
Once and for all solidifying your opinion as to the only real opinion worthy of hearing.

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If you wish to, please feel free to share your thoughts below as to why you prefer one over the others?

This poll has a greater purpose, I like to call that purpose “Something To do, Until I find Something To Do”. Maybe it’s not the greatest purpose ever, granted, in fact I’m sure it probably isn’t. I’m just typing this part out to make it look as though it has more depth to it, sorry to waste your time as you read this but more than likely, mostly no one reads these parts but if you did, you are awesome, don’t let anyone say that you are not.

This was originally began as a response to @Gnuffi’s latest (mostly) Saints Row Games, Giveaway, which is linked in case you haven’t seen it yet. I didn’t wish to derail Gnuffi’s own feedback, so I made it a post all of it’s own.

Anyway, I do hope you take part and if so… THANK YOU. :+1:

*Links to buy Saints Row games on PC/Steam:
Saints Row 2
Saints Row The Third
Saints Row IV
Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

*Unfortunately, the Original Saints Row is Not Currently Available on PC.


Definitely 4 or 3, I love how dumb they’ve become.


I’ve only played SR2 and SR3, but I definetly prefer the 2.

Sure, the 3 is prettier and the 2 is full of bugs and lags and even needs mods to work properly. But it has so much more charm! The Thrid just feels like it’s trying too hard, and they removed about everything I loved about the 2: there is so much less character customization (sure you can chose the size of your penis, but you can’t even chose your character’s height!!), so much less cool outfits, the gangs are just lame and uninteresting in terms of design and backstory (sure the belgian gang leader is a funny character, but that’s about it. I miss the Ronins!), the comabt system became… I don’t know… more boring. Pierce, Shaundi and Gat (well at least in the short time he’s there) lost their personalities and interestingness. Not to mention that SR3 is so much shorter than SR2.

The only thing I think are nice addition in the 3, apart from the graphics (on a technical point of view, because I prefered the art direction of the 2), is Dr Genki missions, and the sniper weapon that is surprisingly efficient with me (that’s not usual xD).


I missed the option “None of them”

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It is a poll for deciding which one, the people using Chrono think is the best Saints Row game, so what would be the point of adding “None of them?”

Even if you do not like the games, you can still have an opinion as to which one is the best.

Thanks anyway.


Yeah, well I think Mark of the Ninja is the best Saints Row games.


No. 3! Because I said so.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d say it’s between 2 and 4.

2 was pretty good, had a decent story which 3 threw out the window for goofy antics.

4 I think had a balance of being goofy and serious. But it did have some serious problems which kinda balanced out with the superpowers? (The serious issue being that the superpowers made driving obsolete and the game a cakewalk too early.)


Wish I could vote - because I really do enjoy voting for various things - but I have never played a Saints Row game. So, I’m afraid I too am going to have to vote for Mark of the Ninja :smile:


By popular demand… For @DanosaurJr and @Fraggles

  • Mark of the Ninja
  • Never Played That Shite!

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Where did these snazzy icons come from? Did you make them yourself?


Nah, I never made them. Well, I made one but is the weakest of them all.

Can you tell which one?

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The Gat Out of Hell one?


You made the SR: The Third one, I’m guessing. The font is a bit stretched out of proportion, and as such looks lower-quality compared to the others (despite the actual image looking fine). It happens quite a bit with custom icons. Still a fine looking icon, I’d never use these icons though as they’re just way too large-- it can look pretty rough when that gets crammed onto your desktop at 32x32.

It’s interesting to see how evenly split the main entries are (SR1 of course never got big OR got a PC port, and GOH was a DLC). Even SR3 managed to score pretty high here, I always figured it was an awkward middleman between SR2’s fans (too stupid, what happened?) and SR4 fans (not stupid enough).


While that is true, the good thing here is that you can adjust the image size while building the poll, which is what I did. To try and get the text and the icon on the same level. They were slightly bigger originally.

Both the same image, just adjusted the height and width.

@CptMold @Truly This is the image I created from other images online along with the Gat Out of Hell one.


This all depends on what you mean by saints row game. Starting from the third game the core of it changes drasticly. Saints Row 1 and 2 are gangster games focused on the story , building up your gang and taking over with some playfullness as an extra.
Saints row 3 and 4 have dumped the gangster narrative and the semi serious plot in to the garbage and replaced it by taking the playfulness and turning that look how wacky we made everything.

So as a gangster game, Saints Row 2
As a wacky simulator, Saints Row 4
Overall i prefer SR2 because i liked the story of it and was extremely disapointed in the way they took the series.


i played them all
the THIRD is the best one (and gat out of hell is the worst one )


only played 3 + 4

loved 3 but 4 was as boring a game as i can imagine playing, its impossible to die unless you actually go out of your way to do so and the fact everything is a simulation makes me not give a damn about anything, 3 was right right amount of wacky 4 doesn’t just tip the lever to far it goes off the edge


Agents of Mayhem. Wait… Too early… Never Mind.

Saints Row: The Third… btw


I personally think the original saints row is still the best, because I’ve played it since release date and the story just felt the best to me and you get the best cribs out of any game. 8.5/10

Saints row 2 is awesome too because of all the awesome shit you can do like use melee weapons on a bike, the cool interesting activities and the introduction of crib customizations and a new selection at the mechanic but I don’t like how they took away the Fer De Lance from the first one. 8/10

The Third saints row was good because of the new environment and the more humor was added from seriousness like the previous ones, and the strange things you can get in that game haha however it is the most creative in the series.

Now saints row 4 was pretty good, it was definitely a mind blower, I didn’t like the environment or the super powers but then again that’s what it makes it the most unique and it has the best character customization at least, what I didn’t like the most though was the story mode, y’all should already know why I think that way though. Still a decent game though. 6.5/10

And lastly gat out of hell, I’ve never played so I can’t really say anything but what I can say is the saints row series is, it did change a lot and its very interesting but still a great series.