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"When the Saints are involved in something, they like to go for bigger, better, and more free. So with the arrival of Saints Row IV and Gat out of Hell, they are bringing along some deep Deep Silver discounts, Saints Row 2 for FREE, and the chance to Connect your Steam Saints Row collection with In collaboration with Deep Silver, we are giving away a free copy of Saints Row 2 to everybody for the next 48 hours!:

I have gotten a few good DRM-free games from using GOG Connect.

“Now, if you’ve already started your Saints Row collection on Steam, but would like to have these awesome games DRM-free on as well, take advantage of GOG Connect for Saints Row series. Just go to, link your Steam account and add any eligible Saints Row games to your library.”

Rock Paper Shotgun Suggest a cool “Gentlemen of the Row mod for the squillion things it adds” to the game. Saints Row 2 is free on GOG right now | Rock Paper Shotgun Just make sure you read the directions.



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