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(yes this is a real thing)


Same energy (apologies for the Cinemassacre profile icon)


Seems like this may actually be legit!

From Kotaku:


I just don’t understand why anyone would ever doubt anything that is said online, especially an actual rumor from an actual anonymous source, in the first place.


EGS will crash for sure today.


I wouldn’t say Kotaku regurgitating the same rumor makes it any more verifiable than it was before.


it’s not the rumour, it’s the actual ad for it that got tweeted (by Epic themselves) and then deleted (they know exactly what they’re doing [I’m sure the anonymous source is the PR of their marketing department as well])


Well alright if Epic themselves actually said something about the matter then fine, it’s probably happening then.




It’s working now, get your GTA V bois


As soon as you click play on Steam it opens the Rockstar launcher, logs into your Rockstar account, and then opens GTA.

This is their new launcher, they did have one before this new one but it was pretty bad. Still worked the same way, when you launched through Steam it opened their launcher and logged into your Rockstar account.


and so now we wait to see what they have in store for next week.

It seems like it will be a crazy giveaway every week for a month, while their sales last.


Witcher 3 (rumor, ofc.:yum:)


they just added it to their store actually


It’s going to be Sekiro, Gears 5 and Final Fantasy 7 remake PC debut. I’m making it a rumor now.


Heck even not free i’d love a FF7 remake PC port