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Roulette: Open Beta - enter to win a mystery prize


After some consideration I think I’ll try to go with this bet
100 on A
100 on C
100 on F
100 on G
100 on I
250 on red
250 on odd

If my math’s correct this spends 600 on one 48.6% chance to win one column for 1200 total winnings, 1100 win + 100 back. Spending another 200 each on two more 48.6% chances in red and odd each possibly paying back 400. In my column picks there’s 12/18 reds and 10/18 odd so IF I get a column win I also stand a decent chance to trigger one of the red or odd wins which then will boost the payout to 1600 or 2000. So it’s not a high winning strategy but I think it stands a reasonably chance of getting something.

Of course my bets are not hedged here. I’m betting against the house advantage with my best possibly chance of getting anything being 48.6%. Even betting both red and black you’re still not sure to win and you’re just going to come out even if you do. I found in my tinkering with the numbers that the game is very well balanced for any combination of picks but of course always in house favour.

Edit: Changed my bet to comply with the 7 bets rule by removing the bet for column L and spread the 100 to make red and odd 250 each. This has slightly lowered my chances of winning but increased the potential maximum payout.


Roulette is a surprisingly well designed game. Mechanically unfair by design of course, but well designed nonetheless.


200 on (15,14,17,18)
300 on (Red)
200 on (2nd)
100 on (Low)
100 on (Top)

100 unwagered

I’ve never really played roulette before, but your explanation was simple enough. Hopefully all will go well for the real thing, and may the Random Number God be in our favour (but mostly mine).


200 on (Red)
200 on (G)
200 on (Black)
200 on (26 29 25 28)
100 on (1st)
100 on (2nd)

This is Las Vegas all over again… Finger crossed…

PS: How do you come with these GA ideas… They are awesome…


@Fraggles, no joke: some times I seriously admire your ability to take everything so seriously. Imma just throw my gems at the wall and see where they land :joy:

300 on (Odd)
300 on (Black)
150 on (3rd)
150 on (Top)

100 unused :gem:


Now I see why I can’t get this - it looks like a graph to me or a Spreadsheet, and my brain instantly gets confused with too many columns, lol

Also, don’t get the “low” and “high” qualifiers.

How do I place bets on Pairs?


Low are numbers 1 to 18, high are numbers 19 to 36.

So if you bet on (Low) and 7 is drawn, you win that bet, because 7 is on the low category. Makes sense?

About your last question:

Pair: any intersection of 2 numbers 250 on (5 8)

So you bet for example “200 on (20 23)”


I only take really pointless things super seriously : )

It might be easier to understand if you look at the actual roulette table I’ll copy it into my post for easier reference. In real roulette bets are done in a physical manner by actually placing chips on the table. So how do you bet on a pair? You put your stack of chips on the line between two cells. So not any two numbers can be paired as a bet, only numbers on adjacent cells. You bet on 4 numbers, a “corner”, in the same way, by putting the bet in the cross between 4 cells.

Here however we have to write down our bets by the numbers involved instead, which might look a little confusing since in many cases they just look like randomly picked numbers. But if you look at the graphic in OP or below you can see which spot the first pair example lands on (9 and 8), but you could also have bet 9 and 12 or 14, 17, 13, 16 for a “corner” bet. See if you can spot those points on the board and you should have it all cleared up.

@anyamtikja the 2to1 cells on the right are for betting on the row indicated. For the sake of this game I think ohko named them top, middle and bottom row.


what are the 2 to 1 boxes on the end for?
((((((1000 on (0))))))))
i should have read the rules more carefully :frowning:
i thought 0 would be a fine choice because it had the biggest area dedicated to it
500 on (E)
500 on (G)

how do i do the formatting where there is a line across the characters?



i guess someone had to come up with that one


On the other hand if it is actually 0 then he’s basically guaranteed himself the win (and should probably go to Vegas).


no cuz he still loses; everyone loses if it hits 0, that includes ppl who bet on 0

u just have to love the internet though; no stone will be left unturned ever


This is another reason to take eight (8) dice from discobot. If we roll 8d16, we sample 32 bits of entropy, which gives us a number between 0 and 4.3 billion. By using this as a seed for the PRNG, we’re far less likely to see “patterns” in the output.

I also considered removing the (0) from the game because there’s little point in having the house win. The whole purpose is to make winners so these games can get played by someone. But the (0) still does help players in certain circumstances so I kept it in.

2 days per spin might be a better fit. We’ll see how this trial run goes and adjust from there

Good idea. I won’t make it a requirement this time around, but it would be helpful if people do this.

I think learning a new game is fun, too! Trying new games gets our brains to think about things differently and ultimately increases our intelligence. Being confused can be a great thing honestly – it gives you the chance to be vulnerable and ask questions, and it gives another person the chance to listen and be patient. As a bonus, the learner and the teacher establish a relationship through the process.

Another reaction might be anger or frustration, but not only will this mentality cause you to miss out on the game, you will also forfeit whole learning/teaching opportunity.

Yeah, to write (C) you need to be skilled sword fighter :person_fencing: who slashes through intellectual “property” laws (C\)


400 on (Red)
300 on (1st)
300 on (Odd)

@ohko you should look for work in a casino xD


On a roulette table, people place their bet in a 2 to 1 box to signal they are betting the Row. They say “2 to 1” because the pay for a Row bet is 2:1. I always thought this was kind of dumb because it’s inconsistent, at the very least. No other pay ratios are printed on the table, why start here?

I originally sourced this graphic from Google Images and added the column letters. I should revise the table by removing the “2 to 1” and replacing them with Row names, “Top”, “Mid” and “Bot” to match our written instructions.

I guess I should fix that “2hd” typo to “2nd” too. Maybe one of our resident pixel artists wants to design a table for us? With some Chrono Colours to match?


That seems a very healthy and wise way to look at it , and I agree :slight_smile:

Yeah… orrrr we could just leave spaces either side, as we both have done ( C ) :laughing:
Also, that’s fencing, fencers don’t slash, they slice :smiling_imp:

(only messing with you btw, just for clarity :wink: )


Oh no

Ohko uses "Tempting Proposal" it's super effective!

RIP my limited time. I won’t promise to make anything but I’ll try. Tagging @Inferry and @eishiya.


@coralinecastell called for help!

Man I hate that mechanic in Moon.


Hate to put a wrench in your bet, but that’s 8 wagers. You are only allowed 7.


It seems you are correct, that’s unfortunate. @ohko what is the reason for the 7 bets limit? Not asking for you to make an exception for me or anything.

I’m going to have to rethink my bet entirely if I want to fit it into 7 and it’s too late in the day for that sort of bother right now.