Roulette: Open Beta - enter to win a mystery prize

Welcome to Roulette: Open Beta

:warning: Open Beta :warning:

This game is different than all the other games we’ve played. Read carefully.

By participating in the Open Beta, you help determine the success of this giveaway game.

The top-scoring participant will get a :gift:.

Roulette is a classic game, and this giveaway is named in its legacy. The rules here are simplified but the core concept remains.

The Table


  1. Everyone is granted, right now 1,000 :gem: :raised_hands: I’m that nice.

  2. Players enter the contest by placing up to seven (7) bets. The total wagered gems cannot exceed 1,000.

  3. At 9:00 (PDT) on Apr 12, we will spin the wheel using @discobot dice – this is Spin 1.

  4. The result of Spin 1 will be posted along with a scoreboard displaying everyone’s updated gem count.

  5. Players place up to seven (7) bets again, but being mindful not to wager over their gem amount posted in the scoreboard.

  6. At 9:00 (PDT) on Apr 13, we will spin the wheel again – Spin 2

  7. Spin 2 is displayed with an updated scoreboard

  8. Players participate in a final round of betting, again up to seven (7) bets

  9. At 9:00 (PDT) on Apr 14, Spin 3 is revealed with a final scoreboard

  10. Players are ranked by their gem count and the highest score gets a :gift:

  11. A runners-up poll will be used in the event of a tie; the people will decide your grim fate :smiling_imp:

How To Bet

I wager 250 :gem: that the spin will be …

Bet Choose Entry Example
(1 - 18) (Low) 250 on (Low)
(19 - 36) (High) 250 on (High)
Red/Black (Red) or (Black) 250 on (Black)
Even/Odd (Even) or (Odd) 250 on (Even)
Dozen (1st) or (2nd) or (3rd) 250 on (2nd)
Row (Top) or (Middle) or (Bottom) 250 on (Top)
Corner any intersection of 4 numbers 250 on (8 11 10 7)
Column any column of 3 numbers 250 on (C)
Pair any intersection of 2 numbers 250 on (5 8)
Single any single number 250 on (13)

How Bets Are Scored

If I wager 200 :gem: on ?, what can I win?

Bet Ratio Example Entry If you win
(1 - 18) 1:1 200 on (Low) 400
(19 - 36) 1:1 200 on (High) 400
Red/Black 1:1 200 on (Red) 400
Even/Odd 1:1 200 on (Odd) 400
Dozen 2:1 200 on (1st) 600
Row 2:1 200 on (Middle) 600
Corner 8:1 200 on (24 27 26 23) 1,800
Column 11:1 200 on (F) 2,400
Pair 17:1 200 on (9 8) 3,600
Single 35:1 200 on (33) 7,200

Day 1 Example: Cindy

In Cindy’s first post for Day 1, we see a Red/Black bet, a Column bet, and a Single bet. All 1,000 gems are wagered.

Thanks for the GA! I’m not good at Roulette but I hope I win…

600 on (Red)
200 on (H)
200 on (19)

glhf everyone!

Spin 1 Example

And the end of Day 1, the dice are rolled and the resulting Spin 1 is revealed: :red_circle: 23

The coordinator will go through each player’s bets and score them individually. Here’s what Cindy’s scores will look like for Spin 1

Bet Ratio Win? Reason :gem:
600 on (Red) 1:1 Yes (23) is (Red) 1,200
200 on (H) 11:1 Yes (23) is in column (H) 2,400
200 on (19) 35:1 No (23) is not (19) 0

The coordinator will publish a scoreboard with updated gem score for each player –

Player :gem:
Sally 4,400
Cindy 3,600
Alice 2,200
Cassandra 800

Cindy’s checks the Day 1 Scoreboard and sees she’s currently in second place with 3,600 :gem:. This is the new limit for her wagers in the next round of betting, Day 2.

Day 2 Example: Cindy

Cindy had a good day yesterday and now she can make even more bets. She changes her strategy a little bit this time. We see an Even/Odd bet, a Red/Black bet, a Low/High bet, a Corner bet, and two Row bets. 3,500 gems are wagered in this round and has 100 unwagered gems –

Cindy makes the following post in the thread -

Heck yes! Here’s my entries for Day 2…

500 on (Odd)
500 on (Red)
1,000 on (Low)
500 on (32 35 34 31)
500 on (Middle)
500 on (Bottom)

Spin 2 Example

The dice are rolled and the resulting Spin 2 is revealed: :black_circle: 31

Cindy’s scores for Day 2 below. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to score your own bets, the coordinator will do it for you each day –

Bet Ratio Win? Reason :gem:
500 on (Odd) 1:1 Yes (31) is (Odd) 1,000
500 on (Red) 1:1 No (31) is not (Red) 0
1,000 on (Low) 1:1 No (31) is not in (1 - 18) 0
500 on (32 35 34 31) 8:1 Yes (31) is in (32 35 34 31) 4,500
500 on (Middle) 2:1 No (31) is not in the (Middle) row 0
500 on (Bottom) 2:1 Yes (31) is in the (Bottom) row 1,500

Cindy’s updated score is 1,000 + 4,5000 + 1,500 + 100 (unwagered gems) = 7,100. The coordinator will publish a scoreboard with updated balanced for each player –

Player :gem:
Sally 9,900
Cindy 7,100
Cassandra 3,700
Alice 0

Cindy’s checks the Day 2 Scoreboard and sees she has 7,100 :gem: for betting in the last round

Day 3 Example

Cindy makes up to seven (7) bets but is careful not to exceed her new limit of 7,100 wagered gems.

Wow, Sally got really lucky! :clap:
Here’s my entries for Day 3. Someone say a prayer for me!
600 on (Red)
500 on …

Spin 3 Example

The dice are rolled and the final Spin 3 is revealed: :red_circle: 5

The coordinator will score everyone’s final bets and the final scoreboard will be published –

Player :gem:
Cindy :trophy: 10,400
Cassandra 9,200
Sally 1,800
Alice 0

Cindy got the highest score and she is awarded the mystery :gift:.

In the Open Beta, Cassandra, Sally, and Alice do not win a prize :disappointed_relieved: If the trial run is successful, I will run this with a bigger prize pool and there will be one winner per prize.


  • Bets with a higher pay ratio have a lower probability of winning
  • It’s best to wager all of your gems in the last day
  • If the Spin reveals a (0), everyone loses, but half of your wagers are returned
  • Players can enter on Day 2 or Day 3 but will only be eligible to score on bets wagered before a spin
  • If you go down to 0 :gem:, that is your final score and you are done for the remainder of the game
  • Gems are non-transferrable

Questions and Feedback

This is probably the most ambitious of the giveaways but I think it could also be the most fun. If anyone is stuck, feel free to drop me a PM or ask the question here in the thread. You’re here to show me where the pain points exist and I’m here to help you through them. Let me know your experience and hopefully we can all have fun in the process



To start it off, I’ll show everyone my entry :eyes:

400 on (Red)
300 on (Odd)
150 on (2nd)
150 on (Middle)

On Apr 12 at 9:00 (PDT) the first Spin will be revealed along with a scoreboard to see the results of my bets and my updated :gem: count. Then I will make my entry for Day 2…


140 on (3)
140 on (7)
140 on (14)
140 on (26)
140 on (28)
140 on (34)
160 on (35)

@ohko u sure discobot can roll a 0?


Like all of my other giveaways, @discobot’s roll is used as the seed for the PRNG. The actual Spin will be revealed after the dice roll.


I was just thinking of this.

@ohko, you can specify the roll to be 1d37, with the preset rule that the rolled number is actually n-1.


@YQMaoski we could do that too, if y’all think that’s a better idea.

In general I’ve tried to prevent people making a correlation between discobot’s :game_die: and the game rules or mechanics. It may be a source of confusion that can be avoided if I announce the spin result directly.


I honestly think it be best to use roll number = discobot RNG - 1 for numbers 1 through 37.

To be honest, a lot of people who use discobot will notice that he gives a lot of 1s.

So this is consistent with any casino, house wins in the end. (Especially for this roulette game).

In any case, your decision of course for final decisions on how to do the logistics.

By the way, I am absolutely amazed that you are willing to do something this ambitious. This is absolutely crazy.

If I were doing this, I would say in there: “Hey, I got a life, you peeps. If I don’t get around to tallying everyone scores right away, it’s probably because I am not able to dedicate the sheer number of man-hours into figuring everything out right away. So please don’t pester me an hour after the roll why the leaderboards are not yet up.”

Plus, I know this is beta, but it might be good to actually do 2 full calendar days in between spins. To allow yourself some breathing room. Heck, you do so many giveaways like it’s your job, maybe you are a sneaky PR employee… (j/k, j/k, :rofl: ) But it may even be reasonable to have it extended out to 3-4 days between spins. Once, again, I would like to thank you for being so generous. And to put something this complex together is more of just a basic desire to contribute to a community because you have spare keys, but actually bringing innovation when regularly flawed discobot rolls have become mundane.

Without further ado, I wish you the best of luck in slogging through this beta-process.

I shall now place my bets:

200 on (Black)
100 on (26)
200 on (25, 26, 28, 29)
100 on (A)
200 on (Middle)

200 unused.

^ I think you might want to have people specify in the wagering posts whether or not they have any unwagered, so you don’t have to try to figure it out yourself.


Making short comment. I’ve read this a couple of times and still don’t quite understand - likely because Roulette isn’t a game I know the rules of at all. O_o

Nice to see new ideas as always, I’ll try to make an entry tomorrow when I can think straightener. Tired person. :slight_smile:


I am sure you can do it, @Danacscott, I never played Roulette in my life, and didn’t know the rules, but the explanation is quite clear, but perhaps you can tell @ohko what is confusing you (if it should still be so tomorrow) so that they can make it more clearer and more inclusive.


I want to play roulette but i don’t want a mystery prize…

Anyway, i hope this works out and everyone has fun!


@YQMaoski they*

And yeah I’ll try to place my bet tomorrow as well, going to bed and 2 tired 2 think. Sleep well, everyone! :new_moon:


lets see, 500 on low and 500 on black, lets waste this non existant money :smiley:


This bit made me laugh, there go my ideas of a holiday in the Bahama’s! :laughing:

I’d say it seems relatively clear, might take everyone (myself included) a little while, and a few rounds to familiarise themselves, but that’s part of the fun I would suggest, and those with a better grasp can always try to help newcomers, and lessen the load on you :slight_smile:

I agree that this is insanely ambitious, and agree with YQMaoski that it might be wise to give yourself a little breathing room between rounds. It’s inspiring how much work you’re willing to put in, but I think we’d all mourn the loss if you drove yourself crazy / tired yourself out with all the input! :wink:
Also agree that having people put their remaining might be a good idea, though you may want to check them yourself - it should provide a reference point, if needed later.

With that said, thank you for letting me try the trail run, and my bets are as follows -

200 on (Black)
200 on (Top)
200 on (2nd)
200 on (3rd)
100 on (A)
100 on (C) <— NOTE ( C ) turns into a copyright symbol as it turns out :laughing:

Well, after attempting to cheat the system with my bets, I feel both confused, and satisfied that it isn’t easy, if it’s even possible… so… uh… that’s good! :eyes:



Troll Generation


6 - Row
4 - Even/Odd
3 - Red/Black
2 - 19-36 !
5 - Dozen
9 - Pair - 4 (Left)
1 - 1-18
7 - Corner - 3 (Bottom Left)
10 - Single
8 - Column

troll allocation generation

62 *
167 *
417 *
353 *

troll results

62 on Odd
167 on Black
417 on [29,26]
353 on [34]
1 Remainder


Real Generation

31 !

9 - 2
7 !

5 !

100 on [1,4]
200 on 2nd
200 on High
500 on Even

Yeah not this one.. a little ballsy if I may say so myself




400 on K
100 on J
400 on D
100 Remainder

* Means chosen
! means disregarded.

The numbers Mason! What do they mean?!

Those are just the random number generation I used to put it together. For the troll one I ran non-repeating sets. For the real deal I ran regular integers that could repeat. I ran one from 1 to 36 to determine the number, one from 1 to 10, and then the last one determined the bet allocation. For the troll it was between 1 and 500, for the real it was 1 and 5. Results were tossed if they didn’t fit (12 matched with high). If a result was pair or stamp, a 1 - 4 roll was initiated to determine direction starting top or top-right, respectively. Lastly, gem allocation was made to best adequately use the most gems. The 4th entry on the real submission was tossed in favor of the fifth entry. Each number matches to the same position in each set.

This is probably confusing. Don’t worry too much if doesn’t make sense, it does to me, and that’s what counts.


1000 on (Red)

Going all in! I must be the worst gambler.


Okay let’s see if I’m doing this right.

400 on even
200 on D
200 on (24 27 23 26)
150 on bottom
50 on 5


You can enter just to play and decline the prize. This is a beta test so we need all the players we can get :smile:


I think you mean to say it’s an open beta as it seems to be open for anyone to join. A closed beta would be if you only allowed people to join by invitation.

I’m going to go read some in-depth mathematical research papers on roulette strategies now, I’ll be back with an entry in a while.


I think you are right :thinking:


There’s some other good stuff here I will reply to tomorrow morning. For now I need some sleep :zzz:

Thanks to everyone who joined :pray: