Relatively Cheap Platformer Recommendations (Preferably on Steam)

Hey, so I’ve been looking for a very specific type of game (that I really hope exists). Here’s the basic criteria of what I’ve been searching for:

  • A 2D platformer
  • Not too hard, not too easy (want to relax while playing but don’t want to burn through it)
  • Maybe something with a bit of a Rogue Legacy vibe but more linear
  • Levels, or a similar kind of progression
  • Preferably on Steam, but I’m happy to check out other clients too, I’m on pretty much all of them
  • A decent soundtrack, or alternatively something I can drown out with my own music

Basically, I’m looking for it as a means of relaxing. Usually I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 for that but I’d like something a little more engaging. I’ve really enjoyed Below Kryll as something similar but it isn’t quite linear enough to be what I’m after. Same goes for Terraria.

Again, I’ll mention Steam because I have a few pounds in my wallet and am otherwise pretty broke. Other stuff can be wishlisted though so I’d really like to hear what you guys would recommend. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t quite fit the criteria, some of the best games I’ve found haven’t been quite what I was originally looking for :). Also the game I’m after might not actually exist, so near enough is probably the best I’ll get :joy:

Thanks! (Also, I’m new, nice to meet you!)


(i’m just gonna throw random stuff out there)

what about

(spelunky is on steam too ofc, just on sale on gog atm)

(hmm woops, didn’t notice the price, i could have sworn it used to be a lot cheaper)

i swear i had a 3rd suggestion on the tip of my brain, but it just vanished in a dusty cloud with a puff


Well lets see here, what 2D platformer could I possibly recommend… let me think.
Oh that’s right!

I have recently been on a bit of a 2D platformer binge myself though. This summer I’ve played through Outland, Valdis Story, Ori and the blind forest, Owlboy and most recently Dex. I’ve talked about most them in more detail this thread:

I’d say most of them have been fairly relaxed playing with the exception of certain segments which tests your dexterity and understanding of the game’s mechanics.

Though I played this one a while ago I would also recommend

Which I believe fits into the Metroidvania type of platformer. So it’s not a directly level based linear thing and you will end up backtracking a bit and returning to old areas with new abilities. It’s a really well polished platformer with brawler mechanics.

Might probably be right up your alley, if you have not played it yet.

I’ve heard good things about this one but not played it myself. Might be a little on the tough side maybe.

But if what you’re looking for is not necessarily a 2D platformer and rather something that’s good with a controller while lounging in a sofa then I would like to recommend

Which I’ve spoken about here


yea i deliberately didn’t mention “a certain game”, because i knew “someone” would jump in with it as a first suggestion, :smile_cat:(now how could i possibly have know that)

(still can’t remember what the 3rd game was tho) :thinking:

I’m just gonna throw Trine 1 & 2 (shame we never got a 3…) out there,the best platformers on steam.


Trine 3 does exists, in an inferior form relative to its predecessors, but it’s there.

How about Ori and the blind forest?
Isn’t cheap nor easy, but it’s damn good.

Bite your tongue heathen!

Wow, these were some fast replies. You guys don’t mess around :joy:.

@Gnuffi- I have Splunky kicking around somewhere in the bowels of my computer I think, I’d actually totally forgotten it existed. Never tried it but I’ll have to dig it out once I’ve figured out what client I have it on. Shovel Knight is on my wishlist, heard nothing but good things about it. Definitely one to wait for a sale though.

@Fraggles- Mark of the Ninja has been on my wishlist forever I think. I was eyeing it up the other day thinking it’s probably very close to what I’m after but the price is a tad steep for the moment, which is a shame. I’ve been keeping an eye on that thread and I know Dex made it onto my wishlist from there. It’s probably a bit too fleshed out for me right now though, I haven’t got a huge amount of time to sink into it because my backlog is enormous :joy:. Dust and Cave Story + look like they might end up on my wishlist now too. I probably shouldn’t have asked for game recommendations :roll_eyes:.

@Truly- I’ve been holding off on Trine at the moment, it’s something that looks like I’d rather play it with a friend and sadly they’re all a little busy to game with me right now (Bitter? Me? Never)

@WikiTora- That’s another one for the wishlist by the looks of it. Looks like I’m going to have some tough choices next Steam sale :thinking:

I just started playing Shadow Bug. It’s cheap, fun, and I find it pretty relaxing compared to most of the games I play. It has a unique mechanic where you move by attacking enemies.

If you want something you can just keep playing over and over forever like Rogue Legacy then maybe this one would be of interest.

It’s a 2d platformer “looter shooter” you take up missions and enter levels that you keep returning to and collect resources to build better and weirder guns and other equipment to tackle harder levels for more resources and so on and so forth. It’s probably pretty cool in co-op but also works great for a forever grinder kind of game.

This is a great game, brilliant music but not exactly lazy relaxation kind of platformer. Metroidvania where by learning new wrestling moves you also gain the ability to traverse the environment.

But if all you want is old classic run and jump type platformers then you cant really go wrong with

Though if what you want to do is clear your backlog rather than buying new games I’d recommend this handy little tool Steam library filters
Load your steam profile up and it will let you sort it by all sorts of tags so you can find all those 2d platformers you already own.

You have unfortunately chosen a bit of a bad time to ask for recommendations of cheap games as there’s no real big sales going on at the moment. Humble store is having a sale right now so check that out maybe. I’d wager there’ll be another steam sale within a month or two.

PLAY MARK OF THE NINJA though… really man, it’s been so damn cheap so many times!


since mega man is pricey, i’m gonna throw in another purely because of price (and nostalgia), but it’s not the 3rd i orginal thought of

also for 5 bucks there is

if unsure twisted dreams is for you or if not worth 15

and gog has rayman forever for 6 bucks, tho that might fall in the too easy category, but is very chill and relaxing nonetheless

and like @Fraggles said, these aren’t as cheap as they have been ofc, as there is no sale right now on most of these titles,
they will all get much cheaper eventually even those that are “only” 5bucks currently (tho i still swear shovel knight used to cost like 15bucks normal off sale and not 23)

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also maybe check out Fanatical
they have a whole bundle week theme going on right now, there might be a platformer or 2 in there somewhere that you’d like, in a bundle for cheap, might be worth browsing through

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For sure you should try Spelunky when you have it… It’s pretty hardcore though. It has pretty steep learning curve and after it - still pretty punishing. I sunk 650 hours in it for like 8 months and almost play it on a daily basis.
It’s really well made and thought through game.

There’s also Super Fancy Pants Adventure coming out tomorrow, those games are amazing.

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Some wonderful suggestions here, so I’ll just complement. Also, I don’t know what you consider cheap, they are all cheap in my currency when on sale.

▲ I’ve recommended before and it’s one of my favorites, there’s difficulty options for more challenge and the art is adorable.

▲ Press buttons to kick ass!

▲ Press buttons to kick friends! Same team as above, single player is also good.

▲ If you don’t mind some turn-based rpg along with the platforming, then this.

▲ Slain death metal creatures while listening to death metal.

▲ I whip my hair back and forth! Great series that I still need to play the steam releases.

Keep in mind that most of platformers have great soundtrack, so it’s up to you if you want to listen to something else while playing these. :smiley_cat:


I recommend BattleBlock Theater too! Plus Pankapu :slight_smile:

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@Evranu Just remove the game’s name at the end of the steam url to make the widget work.
Battleblock Theater is such a funny game but you need a friend you trust to play it with.

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@Fraggles Thank you good sir! Your advice is truly appreciated :slight_smile: I wondered what I was doing wrong :blush: Thank you!

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You should definitely try these ones one day! They might not be that cheap though, but they are totally worth it! :slight_smile:

This one is a small but charming game in my opinion with some puzzles in it:

You might also like Aquaria, there is no jumping but the game is truly pleasant and fun too! :slight_smile:

The Cave also comes with some puzzles!

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The cave has some great humor and it’s playable in co-op too.