Redstone 4 a.k.a. Windows 10 April Update

It’s supposed to roll oout today, April 30th and it’s already 4PM and I’ve yet to get any notification regarding it.

Anyway, any of you folks excited for it?

I am hoping this update will go as smoothly as the last one, the Fall Creator’s Update, with little to no hiccups :slight_smile:

That said, when FCU came out my system needed to reboot four (4) times BEFORE the update fell through. But there were no issues afterwards… well in my experience anyways…

Also this isn’t a hiccup or anything but, two weeks ago I experienced a weird issue booting up my system. When I booted up my usual icons were gone and all that’s left was the recycle bin icon, as if it was a fresh OS install. And in the middle of the screen was this image…

*That image isn’t mine BTW, I just got it from Google.

However, the OS popped up a small window telling me that it (the OS) failed to log me in as my Microsoft account wasn’t recognized. And that popup prompted me to sign out and log back in, so I did. And once logged back in, I got back my usual Desktop setup.

That hiccup happened on two consecutive days and on the third all went back to normal.

Reading up on Redstone 4, I found out that it was supposed to have been rolled out on the 10th, so I’m guessing my system caught the update early on and afterwards removed it? ??? And what’s stranger still is I’m not even subscibed to the Insider Program, Microsoft’s Program that lets their users try out new update builds ahead of everyone else to Beta test them for issues and bugs :confused:


Windows 7 fo’ life. :sunglasses:


:thinking: … hmm i didn’t get anything
:hushed: oh…
-is still on win7 :sunglasses:



Thankfully you guys can still hang onto Win7 for two more years :blush:

Than it’s either upgrade to Win 10, get on a Mac or go for Linux… although Linux isn’t getting much love from game developers and publishers :rage:


y it was great, no hiccups whatsoever, as long as u don’t use a Samsung TV as your screen (I frikkin thought the update had somehow broken my screen at first!)



maybe… take the drugs away from your tv, man. I think it’s had too much.


also known as…

jk guys but I love my Linux (Ubuntu) partition to bits. It saved my windows so many effin’ times I have no idea how people live without dual boot 100% honest here.

Also Wine is a butt-saver when it comes to games. Won’t work for all, but having a library of 450 games, I have enough on Linux + Wine to keep me entertained for quite some time should 10 come knocking at my door like “bish time’s up”.


Still on 8.1 on my main PC. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ There’s nothing wrong with it tbh. Though I will borrow a version of W10 when I get my ssd replaced soon.


I think the only thing I’m looking forward to in this update is the settings menus being flushed out. I don’t think I’ll use much of the other stuff. I’m interested in seeing what the new game bar looks like, but I still won’t use it most likely. Seems inferior to OBS.


My biggest beef with Win 8/10 is that they removed the Windows Photo Viewer. I managed to get it back, but it’s so seriously annoying when this massive photo 3d or whatever editing software comes up… For a while I was us MS Paint until I got photo viewer back…

If it’s not broken, why break it on purpose?


What happens to my beloved 7 in two years?? :confused:


I know people who are still on windows vista, it’s better for some reason or another.
I just hope they bring back all the correct things on the control panel, they took away some commands at some point and I thought I’d gone crazy.


They really don’t want you in there, messing with the individual settings on your computer, apparently… They are convinced that it’s the the next best thing that is absolutely optimized for every person and every situation…


And seriously:


well they need to optimise my taskbar… it keeps staying up in games and the tool used to make it go away has been revoked >.>

also I know right I’m getting sick of telling people to go read 1984, the clock will strike 13 soon my friends.


Or read this more modern dystopian novel:

Highly recommended.

If you really don’t feel like it, it was made into a movie recently:

I do think this book is more engaging, more modern language, certainly could be modern day society. :slight_smile:

I actually did not see the movie, but plan to at some point, I really liked the book.


You guys keep up with updates of OS? Gee, what a bunch of geeks.


8 has always had photo viewer for me. I am very selective with my updates though so it may have been something they removed along the way?


Is not the first time they mess with Photo Viewer either, they removed Gif animation support for that thing after XP I think, I even went to the forums to see if it was a problem with my PC just to find out a recommendation from the help team to use a Web Browser instead :frowning:


I still use my browser! It’s so annoying…

What do you use, or anyone else use for GIF displays?


I still use my browser too, I don’t have that many but the few I have are precious.