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Oh, that looks like a really interesting game!


This game is brilliant, I found something that I wasn’t even looking for, and it’s pure gold, my only complaint would be that it’s a roguelike, and I personally don’t find dying and retrying in order to unlock things very charming, but I can overlook it :raised_hands:
also, the game is pretty cheap for what it is worth, highly recommended


Thanks @Donluis524 :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Added to my WL


I’ve recently finished playing The Sinking City and cobbled sort of review for it Steam Community :: Dont be Silly Wrap your Willy :: Review for The Sinking City


Read and commented. I love the aesthetic of the game, but when I saw the gameplay, twas much disappointed. The trailer had me expected more of a fighting game or time sensitive situation; less of a walkabout, side quest heavy title.

On sale, it’s worth playing, maybe in a few short sessions at a time so it doesn’t get tedious.


Sounds like exactly the sort of Lovecraftian game I’m looking for! I’ve had this one wishlisted for a while, but I’m waiting for a sale on Frogwares’ version of it (the Steam one is sold by their shady ex-publisher/distributor).


How do you find out these things? O_o I would have never guessed. Mind you, I’m the original side quester in MMO’s and such, just thought Sinking City was going to play differently.

I liked the voice actor for the MC. (Complete voice stan, hee hee).


The Nacon/Frogwares drama made the news last year. I don’t remember how I heard about it exactly, though.
tl;dr version: Nacon and Frogwares had a disagreement about their distribution/publishing contract and payments, which culminated in Frogwares refusing to provide a build of the game for release on Steam, and Nacon allegedly pirating the game, replacing some logos in it with theirs, and uploading that to Steam.

The Switch version and the PC version on GamesPlanet are published by Frogwares themselves, the Steam version is still Nacon’s.


I’ve been playing Cultist Simulator. It’s been on my wishlist since @Fraggles post somewhere back up there ^

Loving the mystery and figuring out things, it’s so very satisfying!

I’ve yet to win, unless you count accidentally settling down to a mundane life in the middle of a very (as far as I am concerned) successful run! Grrr!

But I dived straight back in and will figure out those mysteries…

Nothing will deny me, not time, not funds, not this lamentable physical incarnation, not the petty meddling of weak-minded smatterers…

Bow before me and tremble… APOTHEOSIS IS WRIT LARGE BEFORE ME!


I’m delighted to see new acolytes embarking upon this journey inspired by my ancient writings.

I’m glad to see you’re really getting the appeal of this game.


I finally wound up playing through Hob these past couple of days. Overall it’s probably one of the more enjoyable gaming experiences I’ve had in a while, but of course it isn’t perfect and I think it bugged out on me a couple of times in ways that caused confusion and annoyance.

Particularly bad was the very end where I appeared to have finished everything but no new quest marker showed up. I had 2 out of 4 cores, judging by the 2 empty slots in the inventory screen. After having scoured the map and tried to get to places I was absolutely certain I was never going to reach I had to go look it up and turns out you don’t have to find the last core, it’s given to you by someone you rescue far earlier in the game, someone you have no reason to revisit. Also turns out that the 3rd core I had already found but for some reason it was just left where it was supposed to be, which was not very well implicated at the time. I don’t even know where it came from to begin with. So the ending ended up being both a long tiresome slog and weirdly abrupt.

I also found myself missing one single sword piece and since the game does not hint or indicate or in any way make it possible to tell where things might be I’d be faced with pretty much retracing my steps completely through the entire game to find the damn thing. So not doing that. 2 “lore rooms” appear to be locked behind the ultimate sword upgrade, but then the “lore” is utterly incomprehensible anyway so I don’t care too much. But it’s a bit of an annoying failure in the game’s design that could have been fairly easily solved any number of ways.

The game largely focusing on just exploring and finding the path forward which I found mostly enjoyable. Though there isn’t much of a challenge to it neither in planning nor execution. You never have to actually figure out what to do and then put a plan into action, there’s never any sort of pre-concievable cause and effect. You find a button, you press it; something’s unpowered, power it and see what happens. Most of the time what happens comes out of nowhere and there’s never not a good idea to do a thing. So you can’t really go into something with a desired outcome and take deliberate acts to achieve it, no thinking necessary what so ever.

Also not quite sure about what to think about the two endings. One seems clearly the correct choice, and it isn’t the one you’d think.


I wanna play Hob, but I feel like it won’t run well on my end and it will become a lesser experience. I don’t really care about graphics, I’m talking more about being able to run it at 40+ fps at least. I’ve had this unfortunate experience with a somewhat similar looking game, Mages of Mystralia. A really nice game, but I played with 20 or so fps.

What can you tell about the in-game options and how well optimized is the game?


I actually have review for Hob if you are interested in more opinions about it.

It was a while since i’ve played it so i dont remember that much but from my own review :

“There are few technical issues some people do experience but for me game largely ran fine. Few frame dips here and there but game m ran at 144 fps most of the time . Admittedly it tasks system quite high keeping in mind that it doesnt go for crazy life like graphics so that is something to keep in mind.”


I ran it with all settings at ultra on a GTX970 without an issue what so ever, GPU taxed at about 50% consistently at 60FPS.

Although it does this funny thing where the game renders things far off in the background sometimes at like 5fps for some reason. There’s a few vista points where the game zooms out to give you a great view of the scenery which can be quite nice, but at a few such points you’re treated to a damn slide show of things stuttering around. The actual delivered frame rate as far as your monitor is concerned has not changed, it’s just the animation is running intentionally badly.


Thanks folks, I should give a test run when I’m done with Mafia.


Been a while since I played HOB, but i liked it. Not a great game, but good. I remember it being mostly exploration with light combat. I remember some things being annoying, but nothing specific.


From a local Chrono giveaway: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows

Having never played any of the other GC tower defense games, I was expecting maybe a 4 hour diversion. But it’s got a lot more depth than the average TD game, with skills, equipment, and crafting. 200 hours and one Iron Wizard achievement later…

Now I’ve started on another Chrono giveaway: Deep Rock Galactic. Currently on sale.

Anyone else still playing this… gem? :gem:


I played A Plague Tale: Requiem. It was $1 for the Game Pass, so I thought, “why not”?. The game has a lot of issues, and I’m not talking about bugs (which it has plenty of), but storytelling wise.

Prepare for a spoiler-y rant. Avoid if you care though!


Everything is so disjointed. It constantly felt like they were leading me by a carrot on a stick, laughing every time something went “wrong”. It became so obvious what they were going to do, which made slogging through everything absolutely numbing and boring.

I get it. Sometimes things don’t end happy. That’s perfectly fine to do with storytelling, but when you are obviously forcing it every go you get AND we don’t get any answers, just misery, it’s not the same as good storytelling that does misery right.


Throughout the game, you’re meeting really random people who are hamfisted into the game in order to “push” Amicia and Hugo into murdering. It doesn’t flow naturally like it does in the first game at all. This ends up having an effect on Hugo and the Macula, granting it more and more control over him. Now this would be a great twit in the plot, had it not been for the very obvious signs of it and the extremely forced “murder them plotlines”. I don’t know how else to describe it other than that, so I’m probably doing it an injustice, but when I say every “band of trouble” you met felt REALLY forced in order to get you to murder people with Hugo…I mean it.

Now eventually, Hugo loses himself to pain/despair and the Macula completely takes over. You gotta go into this giant weird alien shell to get him back, only he’s got some jesus powers now (lmao I’m not kidding) and he’s created this mini world within the shell and puts Amicia through some weird trials. All of these trials have Hugo speaking in manners he never did before and understanding something about the Macula that was hardly explained (so the ending is rushing this information to you), all to force explain how Amicia now has to kill Hugo to stop the Macula.

Okay. Fine. I get that. It would be a beautifully painful way to end the story…if it got there naturally. And it didn’t.

Except she kills Hugo as he asks and then absolutely nothing you did matters. The Macula stops temporarily with him, but apparently the Carier is not specific to the De Rune family as both games had insinuated it was, so it goes on again and again and again. So now you know nothing you did matters, no answers go on to help other Carriers, and we get that definitely at the 2nd post credits scene of a modern baby born with the Macula.

I get it. They want a third game. But I’m finding it difficult to care if two games can be spent with characters in which ultimately nothing of value was gained. :sweat_smile:

As someone who was a big fan of the first game and have waited so patiently for this game, I’m honestly super disappointed in it.

Also, whoever decided having Amicia full stop to change weapons/ammo while you fight AND making fighting unavoidable…


I’m playing that Disney Stardew Valley and it’s actually…good? Like pretty fun, good. lol I’ll keep playing. If it’s super fun, I may consider actually trying to get it on Steam. xD

PLUS! You can customize your clothing with symbols and colors. lol really neat feature!


It’s on Game Pass, which you can get 1 month for $1. I’d recommend it, because there’s tons of games there to play and see if you like.


Diablo IV early beta access.

It’s sooooo good. The combat feels so much nicer than in DIII, which I do love playing. The new mechanics and new UI feels a lot nicer, too. I also really love that they separate your resources from your main inventory. Not enough games do this.

Although it is plagued with server crashes (lmao) and I have to wait 1hr or more to get in when it crashes, I’m honestly have a blast! Hopefully down the line, they add Crusader. I like Barbarian, but I miss my holy class. lol


Dwarf Fortress on Steam.

It’s so good. :heart_eyes: The only thing I wish was that it had Fullscreen Windowed mode (alt-tabbing minimizes the game) and the ability to use full keyboard controls like the OG. A fuller tutorial would be nice, but half the fun is figuring out how to do it by failing a lot. lol I didn’t know animals wouldn’t automatically eat, so they all ended up starving to death. :joy: