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I’ve recently been back in Crusader Kings 2 because I discovered the magical world of mods! They are on the steam workshop and

I normally ignore mods so its nice to be pleasantly surprised.

I haven’t tried most of them yet but you got Prince of Darkness, When the World Stopped Making Sense, Witcher Kings, The Seven Kingdoms (Game of Thrones), Middle Earth Project (Lord of the Rings), Avatar Four Nations, Crisis of the Confederation, The Winter King, Elder Kings (Elder Scrolls), Warhammer: Geheimnisnacht, Lux Invicta, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Those are the big mods that people are talking about that I’ve found. It’s crazy. Some of them aren’t updated or I need to go to another website to get the latest update or else it will crash. But this is pretty exciting.

It pushes other games I was going to play down the queue. But as long as its fun I won’t mind.

Which reminds me. If games are up for sale on, we should include that there are mods that add a lot more content.
So it feels like the buyer is getting even more than just the game.


Lumino City- Relaxing and charming puzzle game. Somewhat tricky at the beginning since there are only words on the screen and no voices/hint system.

Deep Dungeons of Doom- This game is fun at first, but is annoying if you die in the dungeon. You can choose to get 10% gold back or have a chance to get your loot/potions back based on RNG roll. 3 classes to pick and you can upgrade them with gold.

Needs to have a checkpoint system so you do not have to fight same monsters over and over.


Yeah i guess i played the latest build :slight_smile: I have no clue how much did they changed the game from the launch version but changes were definitely for the better.


I’m trying to play Dmc Devil May Cry. Combat is silky smooth. Monsters are cool. Everything is fine.


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I can’t stop fangirl squealing! ^^ My adrenaline gets so high I can’t play for more than 10 minutes at a time before I’m overwhelmed, lol. :heart:


I am still working on Playing Through The Backlog (lets all laugh at the games I am going to play)

I stopped adding so many games, but I still have a lot left to play through…

Here were my most recent thoughts.

  • Killing Floor: JEEEEZUS, it was fun at first but quickly got SOOOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOO repetitive. Progress is slow, the enemy AI doesn’t feel dynamic enough to keep things interesting and the map layout is really only interesting the 1st time you play it. Also, the ‘difficulty’ in this game seems directly tied to the sheer number of enemies thrown at you… I played my typical support role and quickly just started to burn out, the way you advance the classes feels odd, especially since it takes so freaking long. All in all, 3/10… If you are just going to play 1 map then stop more like 7.9/10, but prolonged exposure (like the zombie virus) leads to death inside.
  • Sanctum 2: The DLC is MADNESS. I liked the core story, good ramping, the game itself kept things interesting with map design and enemy types. Final map was intense. My only concern is this one was another grind-a-bit. 2 maps in particular just DIDN’T WANT ME TO FINISH THEM. Probably just cause I am bad at games. However, the DLC really shone until I got to another level that I was too bored to finish. 8/10. If you can get over a particularly ineffective method of conveying plot details (the 1st bit of the game seemed like it was setting up to give you story details through secrets and bits of scripted dialogue, but whenever it did this again it seemed more like Easter eggs, or obvious details than any real revelation) the game has moments that are really fun.
  • Sacred Citadel: Castle Crashers +/-. Things it does better than castle crashers: Variety of characters is very up front about what makes each character different. NO CHARACTER looks like an enemy, so you never get confused who you are. COSMETIC ARMOR (not totally cosmetic, but close enough)! Ability upgrades to match weapon upgrades. Things it does worse than castle crashers: Bosses are a bit disappointing, enemy variety is near nonexistent, and the game itself is fairly short. Little to no replay value. Things it does just like castle crashers: COUCH CO-OP! The humor is either going to be something you enjoy, or you will find it to be a weirdly jarring tonal shift from the fantasy RPG thing going on. Much like castle crashers some of the jokes just miss the mark wildly for me. 7/10. If you were dying from not having something like castle crashers to play and didn’t want to start castle crashers from scratch, this would probably do it.


They added a classic mode-- it normalizes iframes across difficulty (it’s normally difficulty based) and removes the animation for healing, making it instantly apply. That’s it.

The game really got an unfair shake because “SOULS CLONE!!!11”


finally uninstalled Ass Creed Origins, and how i love that game, finished the main story and both dlc and probably most of the side stuff (have 100+ hours, which is insane i feel), but couldn’t bring myself to finish everything cuz of the Uplay problem im having atm, which is also why I’m gonna wait a bit before installing Odyssey in the hope that they fix their shit (cant wait to play it though but fear getting burned out after having played so much Origins lately as well).

so now I’ll play Bioshock 1 Remastered, first time ever, when i have some time for that, and I’ll keep playing some Rocket League, Battleblock Theater and Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy whenever I feel like it in between as well.


Im giving second chance to some games I played longer time ago or games I didnt consider to WORTH TO PLAY.
I just started to use Mods on Skyrim to upgrade (renew) the boring combat mechanics and increase the difficulty.
Next I used some performance tweaks on Witcher 2 and upgrades as well.
And there is State of Decay 1.


I quit, I really couldn’t enjoy Blackguards 2 for several reasons. For one, one of the returning characters from the first game became downright lame. In BG1 he was this smooth talking Gigolo. But here on BG 2 they turned him into a whiny emo. Two I dislike the premise of this sequel where you are forced to be semi evil. In the first game I played my main character as a good guy as I showed kindness to everyone, even on enemies because I dislike being a dick. Yes the game’s characters are all devious people but it doesn’t mean they can not show kindness when it is an option. Wasn’t Robinhood a good guy despite robbing from the corrupt rich folk in his stories? I just applied that mindset in the game. But here in BG2 you are forced to be a dick as dictated by the game’s story. I was actually starting to like Cassia a bit because she has a moral compass but those Silent Legion guys, especially that jerk Faramud totally made me ragequit. And I haven’t even gotten far in the game. I’ve just finished capturng Lorfas and this asshole Faramud wants to ransack the poor villagers whose village we just freed from Marwan’s tyrrany. I dislike that kind of approach to a game which is also why I kinda dislike Tropico’s El Presidente. At least in Tropico I am given a choice to be a dick-tator or not. Thankfully though this game only cost me $1USD to purchase because of a sale so I don’t have to worry about wasting money. Just a shame though as I absolutely enjoyed the first game :frowning:


I really didn’t give Blackguards 1 or 2 much of a shot. I enjoyed the story telling in the tutorial, but found the combat and skill trees to be a bit dense.

I will eventually have to go back, but for now I am playing ‘Bound by Flame’ to get my quasi evil on.


In my BG1 playthrough I only ever cared for Hammerblow, Aimed shot and triple shot for the attack skills and Healing Balm, the single target fire spell, the poison cure spell and Wrath of the elements for the knockdown AoE damage. I know a lot of guides from 2015 swear by the Move as Lightning and Frenzy spells, but I’d rather focus on AoE damage than relying on buffs and debuffs. As for BG1’s story, yeah it is kinda bland but it does work for what it needs to be. But the ending is kinda meh though. But still I did had fun with it though :slightly_smiling_face:


I got them recently too and it sounds like the 2nd let you down badly. The Dark Eye series was one of my obsessions, so I have it all except for Untold Legends, either on GOG or Steam. I was gonna to play Memoria, but then thought, why not wait to start at the ‘beginning’.

Cassia sounds like a good character, but I usually have trouble enduring a story for the one person I like cough Sephiroth cough. Inuyasha himself was annoying >>


You definitely need to get the Untold Legends DLC as it adds a few new weapons with good bonuses that synergize well with already existing ones for added value. For instance there is a new sword called the Mageblade that gives +2 Astral regen. Give that to Aurelia as her main hand and equip the obsidian dagger as her parry (left) hand weapon and she regains +5 Astral points, for a total of six per turn. This dual weapon combo negates the need to teach her Astral regen 2 and 3 altogether :smiley:


I luvvles this community. Boss tip. Cheers. ^^


I started “Horace” yesterday and I’m in love. It is a challenging platformer with a lot of mini games, but the story is so emonional and so good! <3


@missiloon is correct. Horace is adorable looking :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

I know somewhere on here I said to “stop robbing banks” but I may just have to. This so cute, isn’t it @Enki? :thinking:


Every pixel game is cute :blush:


So I’ve been playing the Batman Arkham series (thanks epic). Not 100%ing them, but going through the stories at least. I’m currently on Arkham city, and really enjoyed playing through Asylum. The back and forth irritated me in Asylum. it’s very metroidvania like, overall in a good way, but i felt like just having to grapple around to get from one side of the island to the other without tons in between sometimes got old.

It’s a lot more isolating and had a bit of horror elements as well, and those were played to great effect, the scarecrow parts specifically. I was a touch disappointed with the final boss, but a fantastic game overall.


My gaming tends to go from a lot of my mainstays.
Right now it’s revolving around me playing a lot of Skullgirls and an occasional deviation.
I installed Nex Machina after buying it back when it was on sale here last month.
I need to get back to Astral Chain, but I just keep going back to my comfort zone.


Started Nightmares of the deep: Cursed Heart. The animations are actually pretty good. I’ve spent time so far laughing at the incredible thought processes of the MC, more than being spooked though. ^^

It’s October though, tis the season. bounce bounce