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Hey man, I hope you’ll recover quickly. Free climbing is nothing I’d ever have the balls to do, so respect for that!

I share your view on AC Rebellion, but I kinda stopped playing it, since I’m not really a mobile gamer at all (except Pokémon Go and Monster Super League). Maybe I’ll come back to it though, it was a lot of fun, and I like the AC franchise.

But only aving one hand free and not being able to sit really limits yours gaming capabilities, that must suck so hard…
Trying to think of one-handed games, there are some turn-based strategy games that might help you pass the time, especially the Paradox library on PC. My brother and I collectively spent about 2500 hours in Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 4, Hearts of Iron 4 and Victoria 2, so how about those? Also, the Heroes of Might and Magic games are pretty great (well 3 and 5 are).
On mobile, there’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links that’s pretty fun to get into. I never played the card game before, but sunk quite a few hours into the mobile version a while ago. Also Pocket Mortys, Fallout Shelter and Alto’s Journey/Odyssey are pretty fun and easily controlled with one hand.

I hope I could help, get well soon!


It’s still a 7th gen title and I was able to run it on an old laptop, so if you have a modern-enough Intel HD chip you should be fine.

It definitely is worth your time, if you get past the performance problems you’re having.


I found a few things to try, so I’ll let you guys know. Its atmosphere alone is gorgeous from the start, so I’ll keep poking it so I can add another game in the ole Steam library to the “1-full playthrough” category.


I played a little bit of Steep.

I forgot how much I dislike forced tutorials. Especially when you are just trying to get to the menu.


Hope you recover soon! Glad you are okay!

Just trying to get to the menu? And not able to be skipped? That sounds pretty awful. How long did it take to get through? It’s one of those things I was thinking about installing yesterday.

On the other hand, I just played this incredible little game this weekend, it’s a roguelike (well, it’s got slight meta progression, so a roguelite I suppose) dungeon crawler where the enemies don’t move or attack unless you engage them. Sounds silly but it’s super addictive and fun. I got lucky and managed to get to 100% in about 12 hours, but I know that it’s pure luck that had my run going through Nightmare mode. Because I died at least 100 times in the earliest parts of the dungeons, and then all of a sudden I had a breakthrough run that led me all of the way through.

^ this game can be played using your d-pad or joystick, or with the mouse, or keyboard keys. The mouse is too slow, gamepad worked really well for me. Really really addictive game.


About 15 minutes.


So I figured: “Maybe if you play a sweet little animated relaxing game before bed, you have really cute dreams and rest easier”.

Then I decided to play Woodle Tree Adventures as I had gotten it on GameGIveawayOfThe Day a long time ago. Fool that I are.

Instead of relaxing, I just spent almost 2 hours in the following states:

  1. terrified off falling off every platform
  2. actually falling off and near tears
  3. trying to figure out how far away you have to be to hit someone with a leaf
  4. hitting friendlies by accident to their smiling protests
  5. wondering why some berries are impossible to reach
  6. doing ridiculously dangerous moves to reach berries
  7. cursing the camera angles and then zooming with the mouse by accident
  8. falling through the sky by failing to bounce/run on a circle of … air is it?

I learned a lot. I’m a bit traumatised. Will play again. Will not sleep for a while. O_o


Man, Dana. Let me tell you a funny story:

I’m actually friends with the Woodle Tree developer and I’ve cursed at him a few times telling him that some of the mechanics are just borked but I swear to hell and back the dude’s adamant I just need to “try harder” or something.

Given up on it entirely. Too buggy, too infuriating.

Funny someone else fell into that trap :joy:


I read off one of the reviews to one of the people in my discord chat I talk in. They asked what game. When I said “Woodle Tree Adventures,” they said “Oh that one, yeah, it’s bad.”


So i’ve been playing a little bit of Observer lately ( won it here in a giveaway, thanks @Elocin30 again! ) and it’s mostly okay. It’s comprised of let’s call it ‘real life’ sequences and ‘dream’ ( you are inside of brains of other people ) sequences ( though they start to merge later in game) and while i really enjoy ‘real life’ ones , they are mix of dark cyberpunk and detective noir , i must say dream ones are really…painful actually. I do not have any issues with flashing lights or have no tendency for seizures but they do actually hurt my eyes and head and after a while and really ain’t that creative, just annoying mostly.

I guess once i finish it i will throw some sort of review/opinion about it on steam.


Oh yeah, I remembered the cute little mini tree, then I saw the Grandpa tree and yeah, I got suckered in. The platforms are tiny! It’s hard to tell how far away some are, since you can zoom but you not spin the camera. Try harder. Ha ha. I did, believe me.

@Pylinaer Uh huh. That must be why I put it not only in the Platformers category in Steam Library, but also in the “For Giggles” category too. That’s where I put games which are likely to be ‘bad’ or at least hard to play. I did not however, expect to have an aversion therapy session confronting my fear of falling. :crying_cat_face:


Decided it was time to move on to Pokemon Let’s Go.

It is in the same vein as Pokemon Go in terms of catching Pokemon.

Also there are a few mechanics missing… And honestly, I’m kinda liking not having to worry about them.

Those mechanics are Breeding, Abilities, and held items.


@coralinecastell I just beat Woodle Tree Adventures 1. Favourite level is the one that’s partly underwater. It’s pretty and a breeze to “grind” for berries.

Still the jump mechanic isn’t fun. Every jump I wonder if I’ll make it to the next platform because I don’t quite trust it. Easiest way to do it well is to keep moving and tap the jump at the right time. I see why your friend is proud of it. He did a lot of work on the game, creditied for design, animation and music. It’s not impossible, but the hit and miss bit, I’m sure is not all me, lol. If the not the wonky mechanics, I’d have really enjoyed it. Even the monsters designs are cute, especially the ‘charging bulls’.


So i’ve sat down and played Detroit: Become Human for a few hours this morning. It came free with this month’s PS plus . What can i say so far? I’m liking it more than i was expecting.

I’ve not a huge fan of Quantic Dreams games,barely finished Beyond Two Souls with my GF ( she was more into it than i was , i was just doing the controls ) and uninstalled Heavy Rain after 10 minutes because of how boring it was .

Detroit: Become Human seems to break this mold somehow and i’m actually quite interested in what’s happening and feel invested in all main characters and their stories.

So i think i might finish this one and actually enjoy it to a extent.


I am starting to play Stardew Valley. Not sure when I shall ever return.


I bought Wizard of Legend at the start of the steam sale and just 100% it today (25hrs). I enjoyed the combat a lot as it’s one of the best things about the game. I do think that the level design and progression is kinda the weakest aspects of it. I wish it was more like ETG where u find tiered chests that give different items. I mean u can buy different skills at the vendor for that run only but I never really needed to. I just used my gems to perm unlock skills and took 4 skills that synergize well together and never switched loadouts. I think it would have been cool if they started you with just a random basic attack magic and u had to find the rest on your journey instead of making a loadout to begin with. Now I need to decide if i want to buy another game before the sale ends or not.

-Quick PoE Update-
My current Cyclone CwC Blade Vortex Trickster character is going really strong for being a build i just slapped together at league start. Ive made more exalt orbs this league than all other leagues combined. Funny how my own build turned out to be my best toon ever. Maybe it’s a sign i shouldn’t be lazy and make my own shit from now on.


My last few games have been The Forest and Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin with a few friends. Insanely fun when with friends, and also really creepy. Especially The Forest. Nothing is creepier than being caught out in the dark and than chased down by a creepy, multi armed cannibal freak. :joy:


Skill vendors are useful if you are going for a Neve run, where you need 7 skills of the same element. They also sell upgrades for cheaper which is nice. Other than that they are kinda useless.

The random layout is kinda there if you talk to the card guy before starting a run. You start with a random cloak, a random artifact, and 4 random skills.


I am playing System Crash, a fantastic Cyberpunk card game, i really like it!


I played through Donut County. and well… it’s okay. The dialog uses a similar idea to Animal Crossing, speeding up the words until it’s incomprehensible. But it feels like a different take on the Katamari games… just not quite as fleshed out.