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Raffle 9: It could be anything...


Oh my! Iโ€™m totally entering this one, two of those have been on my sisterโ€™s wishlist for a bit. However, first time entering one of these, hopefully I understood the rules correctly. :sweat_smile:

D. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: (16)
J. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: (20)
K. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: (8)

I ran the script (and with counting) it said I have 44 badges. If I got the steps wrong, please forgive me, Iโ€™ll correct it. :sweat:

Good luck everyone! And thank you @ohko and @RaccoonV for hosting this for the community! :relaxed:


I have 19 badges. Hereโ€™s my entry:

D. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: (10)
O. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: (11)

Nope! Thanks you @ohko for hosting these creative giveaways.

Also wanted to say that Paratopic is short, but extremely surreal. I loved it.


Thank you so much for these awesome raffles @ohko :+1:

I wonโ€™t be entering this one though, nothing peaks my interest


Heya, another great raffle! I was waiting for this one to contact you and to sponsor a game but as i can see the game i was willing to sponsor is already on a list so maybe next time?

Iโ€™ll try my luck with :
D : :tickets: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: :tickets: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: (20)
C: :tickets: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: :tickets: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: (20)

Thank you very much! @ohko @RaccoonV

P.S Also @Fraggles , sneaking in a great gift!


FTFY :white_check_mark:


I think so too. I really wish I had the time for it otherwise Iโ€™d enter to win it!


I like that people that have made more contributions to the site (ie, earned more badges) have a greater chance to win. But at some point, weโ€™ve all earned the right to say โ€œI belong to this community,โ€ and at this point, I think we should all be considered equal. Does 50 badges adequately represent this community โ€œcitizenshipโ€? Iโ€™m not sure, but Iโ€™m running the experiment. In the last round, only a few entrants had over 50 tickets, so I think itโ€™s a reasonable starting point to cap. @Fraggles, sorry to single you out: with over 300 badges, so you must be mitigatedโ€ฆ You have tOo muCh powER! :mage:

To add, I was thinking an increased per-prize max of 20 forces you to be more picky with allocations. In the last round, there were a couple of huge entries that I thought wouldโ€™ve swept the raffle. In the end, I was surprised that there was only one person who won a double prize.

I also like the idea that a new member might be incentivised to earn 20 badges to max out their entry on a game they really want. There were plenty of entries with less than 20 badges last round and now we can take them hostage using our slanted game tactics! Stockholm syndrome is inevitableโ€ฆ :japanese_goblin:

  .from  // create array from,
    ( document.querySelectorAll('.grant-count') // duplicate badge count elements,
    , e => Number(e.textContent) // converting each element's text to a number.
  .reduce // reduce the array above by,
    ( (a,b) => a + b // adding each number to the previous number,
    , document.querySelectorAll('.badge-card').length // starting with your unique badge count,
      - document.querySelectorAll('.grant-count').length // minus the number of duplicates.
  • .badge-card elements are each unique badges
  • .grant-count element is a child of a badge, and represents the number of times that specific badge was earned. You will only see a .grant-count element if you have earned the same badge more than once.


Didnโ€™t do me any good anyway and while I could have entered with full tickets to every game last time I of course wouldnโ€™t do that. I agree with limiting things a bit, as I was trying to say last time I felt that counting duplicates made the whole thing a little silly.

Also you CAN respond to multiple people in a single post. : )


Get to work! :construction_worker_woman:t4::construction_worker_man:t4:


You did a fine job :clap: Thanks for entering.


So funny. =^_^= Love you. Cheers for all the work you put into these. Need to make time to do more on the site myself too.

Also @Nateninja21 pets that cutie cat :heart_decoration:


Anytime! It means a lot to me when people offer a game. PM me anytime and Iโ€™ll add a prize to this raffle or any future giveaway of your choice.



To my understanding, the majority of people skip over long-format posts nowadays. Something about all the sugar maybe?


:rotating_light: :rotating_light:

@Fraggles has donated a prize combo :clap:

You may edit your entries any time before the raffle ends :memo:

Thank you for your donation :revolving_hearts:

:rotating_light: :rotating_light:


N. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets (9)


M. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:(10)

O. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:(10)


Thanks for doing another raffle @ohko @RaccoonV and @Fraggles
G. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: (16)


I did notice it, though I am sure my friend is enjoying the game a lot more than me (is still playing it after almost a year)โ€ฆ So no regrets. hahaโ€ฆ

Absolutely! :smiley: I definitely donโ€™t mind making some videos should I win.

Experimenting is good, I honestly donโ€™t know the proper answer eitherโ€ฆ hahaโ€ฆ

I think I have a lot as well, but didnโ€™t count, I know I have more than the limit, so thatโ€™s good enoughโ€ฆ

I am not like you tech savvy people who know how to do the script runningโ€ฆ

The only kind of running I can do


pretend and blame it on bad hearing.



Iโ€™d like to enter as well!
D. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: (20)
J: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: (9)