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Raffle 8: Dead Giveaway


I forgot to enter! Noooooooooo… Oh well. Thanks for the giveaway @ohko. Maybe it’s better I didn’t enter since a lot my games like to collect dust. I’d rather have these games be in a good home where someone will actually play them. Too many games. So little time.


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The results are in … :incoming_envelope: :point_left: (click the envelope to verify the results in your own browser)

13 prizes won

:gift: Winner Chance Sponsor
Californium CreatureFeet 33.3% Danacscott
Game Corp DX knife4life 31.6% RaccoonV
Gunmetal Arcadia Zero francot 20.8%
EARTHFALL Couchmom1250 12.1% RaccoonV
Elder Scrolls Online dogetail 6.5%
Just Cause 3 XXL Edition GDBringer 11.5%
One Piece Burning Blood AHMEDJXZ 16.1%
Stories Untold ccarabellese 16.7%
Wasted DonGacho 13.4%
Coffin Dodgers nikzeo 35.0% Danacscott
The Last Door - Season 1 and 2 Thorknight 25.0% Danacscott
Almost There: The Platformer rporter711 100.0% DontBeSilly
Door Kickers GDBringer 13.3% RaccoonV

37 total entries with 681 tickets

:gift: :tickets: %
Californium 30 4.4
Game Corp DX 19 2.8
Gunmetal Arcadia Zero 48 7.0
Elder Scrolls Online 154 22.6
Just Cause 3 XXL Edition 87 12.8
One Piece Burning Blood 56 8.2
Stories Untold 42 6.2
Wasted 67 9.8
Coffin Dodgers 20 2.9
The Last Door - Season 1 and 2 40 5.9
Almost There: The Platformer 10 1.5
Door Kickers 75 11.0


Please send me a PM to claim your prize. Unclaimed prizes will be re-raffled in 72 hours.


0 entries disqualified

Everyone counted their badges correctly! Another round of flawless entries :gem:

Thanks for making my job easier :pray:

See you next time

Thank you all for participating. The upcoming Raffle 9 will be hosted soon.



Don’t worry, my dear. The next raffle will be coming up shortly :snail:


Thanks for a great giveaway to @ohko and to @Danacscott @RaccoonV and @DontBeSilly and congrats to all the winners! :raised_hands:

oh boy, I won what I consider to be a self torture game. I finished getting over it and boshy, my body is ready for another mental breakdown with this one :joy:


Thank you for the prize, very happy with it :smiley:

Congrats to everyone else who won something!


Congratulations to all the winners!!! And thanks again @ohko, @Danacscott, @DontBeSilly and @RaccoonV for the opportunity :grinning:


Aw shucks! Well then, maybe next time :slight_smile: Congrats to all the winners! :confetti_ball:


Time to buy a lottery ticket!:unicorn:


bows The Rabid Petter appreciates being petted. :heart: You’re welcome. =^_^=


Raffle 8 has come to an end. All prizes have been claimed by their winners. Thanks again to everyone for making this round a great success :blue_heart: