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Raffle 6: Gaming Gold


There are two games that I’ll never forget and will always love and keep close to my heart. First one is Battlefield Bad Company 2. This game was my first war game. I was 8 years old when I got it. I played the crap out of that game. I beat the singleplayer about 5 times before I discovered that my PS3 could connect to the internet then I played even more online. To this day I’ve beaten the game about 12 times. This game was an awesome take on the Battlefield franchise, with a comedic singleplayer story, awesome and well balanced multiplayer, and just overall fun. You don’t see gameplay as good as this game anymore in the new battlefield games. I’m really hoping all these bad company 3 rumors are true. Anyway, the next game is Skyrim. This was another game I played a ton of. I’ve at this point probably clocked in almost 3k hours across PS3, 4 and PC. I used to always go to around level 90 and restart. I’ve made so. many characters a bunch of them were super minor like this one character that I had named Skenvar. He was a wood elf who would only chop wood. I took the race name a little to literally. But my little chile min found it entertaining. This is another game that I’ll never forget and will always be close to my heart.

Only going to enter for the one. Not really interested in the others.

L. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:


Heey, thanks for organizing another raffle, and thanks to all the donators involved! I’ll try this one, maybe I’m lucky. :slight_smile:
I just realized I own almost all of the other games, so I hope it’s okay if I bet all my 15 tickets on Everspace.

MEGA: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:

Also, I’d be happy to donate a key or two for the next raffle, I still got so many in store from Humble and Fanatical that would appreciate a loving home in a fellow Chronie’s Steam library :heart:


A game I have a strong emotional connection to?
Torment: Tides of Numenera. Emotion evoked: Anticipation, boredom and disappointment. Kickstarted this thing after the great promises of how they wanted to make something in the vein of Planescape Torment. Well they failed miserably and clearly demonstrated that they did not understand what made that game so great. Maybe should have realized that when they started marketing the game by how much writing they’ve managed to jam into it. Not a word about how GOOD the writing was, just that there was a lot of it. And by golly there was, never ending writing everywhere and all of it trash. Resentment, that’s a related emotion as well.

MEGA: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: (15)


I still remember playing a game of 90 minutes with my brother in the super soccer :soccer: (snes) the same day we bought the game.
In the end I won 3-1 :yum:



I’m back :smiley:
Thanks for all!
Good Luck Everyone!

The game is 1941 (arcade), the only game that i played whit all my familly <3

H .:tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:


My apologies for the late roll.

@discobot roll 8d16


:game_die: 7, 14, 13, 8, 3, 2, 3, 16


Entries are now locked.

I will verify entries and process the results today or tomorrow morning.

Thanks to everyone who entered :slight_smile:


Thanks for making these great giveaways @ohko :heart:


:stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

The results are in… :incoming_envelope: :point_left:

:gift: Winner Chance Sponsor
Attack of the Earthlings MCharbel 9.5% RaccoonV
Cube Runner Danacscott 66.7% persistnt
Gremlins PeteMcc 33.3%
Kimmy CreatureFeet 6.7%
Redeemer themadmax 10.9% RaccoonV
Satellite Reign Danacscott 12.8%
Spin Rush DimTheDin 100.0% persistnt
SteamWorld Heist urbivore 9.7%
Sundered Decipherer 11.3% elrodiel
The Journey Down: Chapter 3 ljrounds 20.0%
The Turing Test Halcypher 22.6% elrodiel
Tomb Radier (2013) MCharbel 5.4%
EVERSPACE (Deluxe + Encounters DLC) YQMaoski 1.6% RaccoonV

Ticket stats :bar_chart:

41 total entries with 589 tickets

:gift: :tickets: Total
Attack of the Earthlings 21 3.57%
Cube Runner 3 0.51%
Gremlins 21 3.57%
Kimmy 15 2.55%
Redeemer 64 10.87%
Satellite Reign 39 6.62%
Spin Rush 1 0.17%
SteamWorld Heist 72 12.22%
Sundered 62 10.53%
The Journey Down: Chapter 3 20 3.40%
The Turing Test 31 5.26%
Tomb Radier (2013) 56 9.51%
EVERSPACE (Deluxe + Encounters DLC) 184 31.24%


Please send me a PM to claim your prize. Unclaimed prizes will be re-raffled in 72 hours.


@ :fairy:
Mosky did not share a game
E3526017 did not share a game
magnumopus did not share a game

See you next time

Thank you all for participating. The upcoming Raffle 7 will be hosted soon



There clearly must be a typo, I don’t see my name up there. :wink:

Thanks for the giveaway @ohko, and all who donated games as well! (@RaccoonV, @persistnt, @elrodiel) ’


Thanks to @ohko and @RaccoonV , @persistnt and @elrodiel for the giveaway and congrats to all the winners!!! :raised_hands:


Yet another poor soul will be the victim of @coralinecastell’s evil machinations. My condolences.

jokes aside, looking forward to playing some Gremlins with you and the others again! :smiley:


Yeah @coralinecastell was the one telling me that it was good, maybe she just wanted to coax another lamb to the slaughter. We shall see.



How could I do such a thing! Hmpf you two, runing my cult prospects reputation like that! :angry:


:rotating_light: Claim Your Prize :rotating_light:

@MCharbel, @themadmax, @urbivore, @Decipherer, @ljrounds, please PM me to claim your prize!


Key received and activated. Thanks to all involved in the giveaway!


Activated mine. SO happy. Thanks very much to this round’s sponsors.


I hope you’ll enjoy Satellite Reign, I rather enjoyed it myself though it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for when kickstarting it. If you want to try it out in co-op at some point I’d love to give that a go myself.


Wow, I won Redeemer, awesome! Now it’s time to redeem it :+1:

Thank you @ohko, just sent you a PM and thank you for giving this away @RaccoonV