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Raffle 2: Yakuza 0, Laser League, Little Nightmares, Sniper Elite 3, A Hat in Time


By the looks of it everyone here does lmao :joy:


I think you took that a lil too personally.

I disagree, it is not shaming. It lets them know that they need to pay closer attention next time. So long as ohko is respectable about it, I don’t think it’s a problem.


How do you figure?

It looks (to me) like @GeekInUndies is talking directly to me. If he is, why – sandwiched in the middle of many direct sentences toward me – is there a soft call to people’s varied political, mental, and emotional dispositions? And if not, what is the point of making such a general statement to all people when the rest of the context addresses me specifically?

It’s passive aggressive, even if the comment was made subconsciously :man_shrugging:

What this says (to me) is, “Welcome and thank you @ohko. Your political, emotional and mental disposition may vary from mine, but we at least we can agree we both love games. I’m certain you mean well, but …”

For what it’s worth, thanks for the welcome. I have to say I’m really happy to have met some incredibly nice people here. I simply don’t understand why people are making these kinds of remarks on my posts. If anyone can point out what I’ve done to offend others and open myself to this kind of comment, I’d greatly appreciate it.


The main idea in that sentence is “we all share a love for games.”. The rest appears to be meant as an all inclusive statement or saying “People may have differing opinions on things, but we are here because we love games”. You could argue it’s poorly worded, but I do not think there was any malice in the statement. I feel the underlying intention is “we like games, thank you for the giveaway”.

Of course only @GeekInUndies knows exactly what he meant to say.

I have a question for you, with no ill intent. How long have you been a part of Internet forums (including other forums)? I understand you had a bit of a rough start here.


Just came to wish the winners congratulations, and thank @ohko for the Giveaway, but seem to have stumbled inot a rather more serious post than it was at my last visit…

Might I respectfully suggest a nice deep breath from everyone involved, and offer a reminder that generally speaking people mean well, but unfortunately due to varied differences in lingustical habits, opinions, and understandings - wires are sometimes crossed. Perhaps staying positive, and not assuming any malicious intent until it is more definitively stated would be appropriate - on either end.

Just my two penneth, hope I’m not overstepping my boundaries :peace_symbol:


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Please I am not in the mood for any of this. Everyone just :snowflake:


sounds like you’re being biased in your moderation job if you’re letting your emotions control how you do it


She’s just dealing with a lot of other stuff IRL. Bias isn’t really a part of it. Moderation tasks are often difficulty, unless one side is blatantly in violation of rules/propriety. (I think everyone will have biases, no matter how objective you try to be.)

Let’s just be nice to each other, or if not possible, at least courteous.


it’s just one guy here trying to cause trouble, things are calm, a moderator shouldn’t let IRL frustrations dictate what they do online


Our views are all different, molded by life experiences, daily occurrences, and other expected or unexpected thing.

What one person deems unacceptable may just be every day speech that they deem to be entirely harmless, without knowing connotations that may trigger other previous experiences.

There is no right or wrong in a lot of situations, moderators are here to make sure things don’t get too far out of hand. But they are people too. If they have something going on IRL, being on the internet dealing with dicey and potentially explosive situations is the last thing they need.


Wholly agree with @YQMaoski , and inflammatory remarks upon the subject, or a moderator’s decision on how to deal with it - seem unlikely to promote a positive outcome, for anyone @ShotgunBlast :stuck_out_tongue:
I see where you’re coming from, but surely de-escalation is prefferable to “taking a side”, if you can call it such.

So how about we all relax, and be thankful for another successful giveaway , that Chrono didn’t drain our bank accounts as an “April Fools joke” on that $1 Heroes of Hammerwatch deal, and be joyous that our lives are calm enough for us to worry ourselves with the goings on of an internet forum :slight_smile:
Life could be a lot worse! ^.^


the situation wasn’t “escalated”, there’s a single person here causing trouble and there’s a moderator here clearly browsing the thread, something should have been done and it wasn’t, the moderator chose to instead threaten EVERYONE in the thread to “settle down” as if we’re all children or something, when the reality of the matter is a SINGLE person here was causing problems, by attacking someone who so graciously chose to give away games to people for NO REASON other than out of goodwill, while the OP politely defended himself

The ONLY person in the wrong here is “geekinundies” and he should be dealt with appropriately, everyone here is calm and there are no “sides” nor is there anything to “de-escalate”, one person is being disruptive, moderators shouldn’t act like EVERYONE is doing something wrong, when only a single person is


I’ve just watched a movie about a sloth. It’s 40minutes long movie about one sloth who just chills mostly. Climbs for a while,then is harassed by a mosquito and tries to defend himself against him…super cute and funny…anyway , what i want to say is be like that Sloth AND CHILL THE FUCK OUT EVERYONE.


You call that deescalating? You arre the one escalating things…Your post got flagged…I hie it…now move along…this thread has nothing to do with you…all you are doing it stirring things up more…




I would happily chill out, but for one thing.
The lack of link provided to this wonderful sounding sloth video :rage: :rage: :rage:
Seroiously though, that sounds adorable :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


A literal better note :musical_note: -




key from laser league worked