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Raffle 2: Yakuza 0, Laser League, Little Nightmares, Sniper Elite 3, A Hat in Time




GG tho, thanks for he geeeeveyweee


congrats to the winners and thanks to @ohko for another great giveaway! :raised_hands:


I received my key, activated it with success, and i’m downloading it right now! :slight_smile:


Key received and activated! Cry havoc, and let slip the polygonal 3D models of war! :slightly_smiling_face:




Son of a :honeybee: I didn’t win again. Thank you for the giveaway all the same! :blush:


You won last time!




Not that I’m aware of. Lol



I was referring to @ohko giveaways and this new format of doing things. I’m sorry if it sounded misleading, I’ve won more giveaways than I can count. This new style of doing it just doesn’t seem to like me so far. Haha I will try again on Raffle 3 :smiley:
PS Hope that doesn’t seem braggy, that wasn’t the intention.


Look at Mr. Winner showing off over here!

just messing with you, congrats on your wins! Maybe Lady Luck is on cooldown after overbuffing you.


Lady luck was just jealous of my skills
So she decided to Nerf me!


Obvious troll is obvious question mark :man_shrugging:

@ohko, welcome to the Chrono.GG community and thank you ever so much for the contributions made since you joined. You’ve made one hell of a positive first impression here. Once again, I really want to thank you. Regardless of where people fall on the political spectrum or their overall disposition, be it mentally and emotionally, we all share a love for games.

Therefore I am fairly certain that you mean well, but out of curiosity was it absolutely necessary to public shame the people listed? Reaching out via public post and/or a private message in order to rectify a mistake or to get an answer clarified is totally fine, most especially while the raffle is active. Said post(s) can even vary widely in tone. Listing people who were disqualified and the reasons why, after the raffle has been completed though, seriously? I personally have gone on record stating that I have no shame, but the other people on that list may not be so easy-going. Given the prevalence of social anxiety in today’s society, if those were indeed first-time users new to the forum, some of those people could be absolutely mortified that they were called out like that. Really comes off as thoughtless and insensitive, in my opinion. Just to reiterate, I am taking minor issue with the disqualification declaration made after the raffle was over. This is not a message of outrage, nor is it virtue signalling. No pearls were clutched (or harmed). It is however, a call for sensitivity.

My thoughts on posting this is to give those “shamed” a chance to speak up and have their voices heard whether they chose to do so publicly, privately, or even not at all. I can empathize with the humiliation and I’m sorry that it happened. If I have exacerbated the situation further by drawing more attention to it, I humbly apologize.

Thank you again. With much appreciation and gratitude, best wishes… @ohko TTYL :vulcan_salute: & :peace_symbol:




@GeekInUndies you are the person I contacted the most before the end of the raffle. You liked each of my posts and now you’re here quoting each point-of-contact along the way, so you’re obviously aware of them. What frustrates me is this, taken from a PM between us -

In this PM thread you were using actual words to reply to me instead of likes or gifs. But when I asked you this direct question, your only “reply” was a like. I don’t know what that means, but it signals to me you were at least aware of my message :woman_shrugging:

For the record, I think it’s bad etiquette to quote a PM, but now you’re here making a stir, and publicly too. You think those points of contact are trolling you? And obviously at that?

Disqualification is not inherently shameful. For most, it’s a direct response to the Qualifier section in the original post. The reasons provided are objective as I don’t want members guessing why their entry was not included in the drawing. Providing those reasons publicly serves as an aid to reinforce the rules for others and help the nitpickers and naysayers know that I indeed carried out the “rules” set forth.

I wasn’t here saying “shame on you, you can’t get it right, you idiot” or “here’s a dunce cap for you since you can’t seem to read the instructions!” No, I was as attentive as I could be in helping people fix their entries. The helper fairy :fairy: made many rounds but still some people couldn’t be helped and were disqualified. See (3) –

  1. to deprive of qualification or fitness; render unfit; incapacitate.
  2. to deprive of legal, official, or other rights or privileges; declare ineligible or unqualified.
  3. to deprive of the right to participate in or win a contest because of a violation of the rules.

:point_right: There’s no shame here. Your post giving people an outlet to talk about their “shame” may make them feel shame where they otherwise could’ve simply acknowledged their objective disqualification. A race car driver doesn’t feel shame when his/her car doesn’t meet regulation and is disqualified. Maybe it’s an oversight or a mistake. The regulating bodies and spectators aren’t saying “shame on you,” they’re saying “you didn’t follow the rules.” :point_left:

Am I supposed to be rattled by all of these remarks on my mental disposition? :laughing: I’m here to give some games away, and it seems like some of you are trying to make that rather difficult for me. I’m not here to troll my own raffle, people. What sense would that make? I put a considerable amount of time and effort into this and Raffle 1 was bittersweet because of a similar bad energy present after the drawing. I went through entry data four times for this round before posting the results. During that process, I found things that disqualified some entries that :fairy: was not able to catch beforehand.

If your name appears on the list of disqualifications and you don’t understand why – read the six (6) or fewer words next to your name and the mystery will vanish. Any emotional response you have thereafter is your own responsibility. After all, it was you (and only you) that put your name on that list.


I think @GeekInUndies is saying HE is the troll, not you. I could be mis-reading.

Stay cool, Chronies, Imma go help some mentally-ill people now :+1:


Maybe I should’ve posted a different poll asking members to choose the theme rather than the game for the next giveaway. Users could vote between:

  • domino effect
  • memes, not words
  • entropy
  • fortnite


Do I qualify? :joy: