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Raffle 2: Yakuza 0, Laser League, Little Nightmares, Sniper Elite 3, A Hat in Time


There’s your problem right there, you absolutely should have!
Should have gone with the most scathing, burning, humiliating response you could possibly have thought up. How else are they ever going to learn? (/s, ?¿)

Thanks for running another give away though. Looking forward to the next one and what sort of silly shenanigans we can manage to wrangle out of it.


@Fraggles I won’t lie, these end-of-raffle shenanigans need to stop or I know I will resent it all too much to keep running them. Up until that point, everything was a lot of fun.


@ohko I appreciate all the generosity you spread across your time at, but I just want to say if these shenanigans continue. I will gladly take the keys off you so you can have a peace full break. I swear I will keep 1, and most likely sell the others, but I will still have one.

Much love from the from the bottom of my heart, to the top of my nipples.



I would like to clarify, any misspellings or grammar issues are from this very potent orange juice.



Please use your energy elsewhere. There is no need for all this hate stuff and trying to have the biggest dong contest. PLEASE. Just think one more time before the post. Love to you all, and hopefully we can someone generous enough to start another giveaway.

PS: These things aren’t easy, please be understanding.


you want to flathead?


im down




i’m not old enough… but i’ll have a sip XD


Vodka + OJ, can mess you up pretty quickly.


Got my key! Thanks


Me: Reading all of this:

I have nothing I really want to say other then you both got your points. @GeekInUndies want to be a troll (for fun) and @ohko wants to enforce rules so much that he? maybe she? doesn’t take the jokes lightly… more power to ya! Now lets be at peace, let bygones be bygones and all be at peace…


@Scribesake mandatory like for Michael Jackson given :raised_hand:


Hello fellow savior.


@Enki I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never played. A friend sent the song earlier today and it boosted my spirit. I figured I’d share it with you all here :grin:


It’s a movie so i cant throw a link to it. I’ve see it in movie theater but it’s called Now! At Last.


Oh, it actually is a little movie! I was only joking, but I appreciate the info, I love slothses (Well, I love most animals, but sloths are adorable). Hell of a thing to watch in the theater though :drooling_face:


Ah, that’s fair enough :smiley:


Unfortunately due to ¹ in real life events this has been a long time coming… my necro-apology. As adults, we have to understand that we’re held accountable for the impact of our words. In a private conversation with @ohko, they expressed their grievances with my post. My words had genuinely cause distress and brought them shame. I may be a snarky contrarian pessimistic asshole, but I’m not hateful and I certainly didn’t want to inflict any emotional grief. Though everything leading up to the post in question was a troll, there were some valid points within the comment that should have been worded differently and posted privately. That said, taking ownership for my behavior and the consequences of said behavior, I expressed my regret for the anguish that it had caused. To validate the sincerity of that apology, I wanted to post a public one as well. @ohko I am sorry that I was thoughtless and insensitive; and apologize for any trauma that I may have caused. Best of luck with future raffles and giveaways. Much love… :pray:

¹ work schedule and a hospitalized family member