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Raffle 1: The Division, 7 Days to Die, Dungeons 3, Old Man's Journey, The Long Dark


Maybe a small number of badges?

Anyone who has a minimal level of interaction with the community has at least a few – first like, first reply, first mention etc.

I dunno. I share in your feeling that I don’t like time to be a restriction. I was a very active member from day 1 and almost couldn’t enter my first GA because it had a 2 week restriction, even though I had many badges already.

I personally feel like a small number of badges is a less oppressive prequisite.

I’m sorry this isn’t going as you expected. I suppose people will always try to abuse other people’s generosity. We can either decide to accept it or take measures against it, I guess.

Sometimes we have to accept it for the greater good. Here, though, I think there are small actions you could do to prevent it from happening too much.

Most people who create brand new accounts do it for GAs. Doesn’t mean they won’t stick around, but that doesn’t change the fact we can’t tell either. It’s your call if you want to be extra safe these people aren’t gold diging, or if you just want to weed out those who are too lazy to pretend they aren’t.

Another requirement idea could be having commented on a different Chrono thread that isn’t a giveaway thread BEFORE the creation of your giveaway thread.

That would weed out both people that have old accounts and only use them to enter giveaways and people who just created an account for yours.


The Gift of Giving: A New Giveaway Raffle Series

Same here, that was a long 2 weeks to wait. I would develop sad puppy face everytime I couldn’t join a giveaway.


Not entering, just dropping by to thank you for the giveaway, and to say that the ticket idea is a neat way to let people prioritise games, definitely keeping that in mind in case I ever do one!


@coralinecastell I appreciate the thorough write up. I’m iffy on arbitrary badge count because the “First ___” badges are so easy to earn and there’s so many of them - First Emoji, First Like, First Quote, First Link, First Mention, First Onebox, and on we go. I was thinking the Certified badge would be a good requirement (at minimum) as it takes a decent amount of time to complete the new user tutorial and has an added advantage of teaching users how to actually use the community boards properly.

I had a similar problem: I was a new user and wanted to host more giveaways but I couldn’t post more than 5 topics/replies in my first day, lol! I contacted chrono staff by email and luckily they were able to help me out. So yeah, I definitely want to do away with the new user restriction :baby:


Imagine someone with arachnophobia… (me).

Since the Long Dark has Linux support and i’m starting my transition to the penguin,

Cute family of penguins:

Edit: I changed my mind, i want to withdraw my entry.


Thanks for the feedback! I am also drafting up ideas on how to allow users that have keys they want to contribute but don’t want the task of administrating their own raffle/giveaway. This way we can maybe make the raffles bigger or continue running raffles on guaranteed intervals, etc.


Thank you for the giveaway! :blush:

@mert 3 3 3 3 3

3 tickets for The Division
3 tickets for 7 Days to Die
3 tickets for Dungeons 3
3 ticket for Old Man’s Journey
3 tickets for The Long Dark


@choujiacheng 6 0 4 3 2


Thanks alot for the giveaway :smile_cat:

@rakada 0 7 0 0 7


Indeed, sometimes I read post in the community but i never think of joining. Finally with this post i decided to do so


And those are the people I’d hope to capture. This community has more members than registered users, and I really want to include those people. The not-so-subtle trick becomes including people in your position and weeding out the fraudsters and cheaters. At any rate, I’m happy we were able to squeeze you in for this raffle. I hope we can figure out something for the next round to capture even more new registrants.



I’m delighted to announce that the raffle program has been equipped with a Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG) that can now take a dice roll from discobot and provide a deterministic raffle result! That means y’all can verify that results are indeed picked fairly and not by any other means.

So when it comes time for the drawing, I’ll summon a roll of 8d16 (32-bits) and the result will be printed here in the thread for everyone to see. It will look something like this -

:game_die: 12, 7, 11, 12, 5, 7, 6, 11

We take these eight (8) dice rolls and create a seed for the PRNG. This simple-but-mighty generator will generate over 4.3 billion unique random values before repeating itself. That’s insufficient for applications like cryptography but more than enough for our humble raffle; at least until we get more entries :sweat_smile:

For those interested, check out the source code to verify the results for yourself by clicking Run at the top. No matter how many times you run the program, the same roll will provide the same output - this is the effect of a deterministic PRNG. Only when you change one or more roll values will the output change! This is true transparency :mag:

Compare that to the first version of the program which has a different result each time it is run. This is a bad scenario because it relies on you trusting me to be honest about the drawing. Of course I would be, but now there’s no second guessing it.

Both winners and losers alike can sleep soundly knowing that your fate lies in the hands of discobot :skull:

speaking of sleeping soundly, I can finally go to bed now that this is done…

The Gift of Giving: A New Giveaway Raffle Series
Raffle 3: Dear Esther, Ethereal, Figment, Last Day of June, Memoranda, Quest for Infamy, The Norwood Suite
Lottery 1: Copoka, Cthulhu Realms, HoPiKo, Tick's Tale, Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim, Hover, Full Metal Furies

@MrAlucard89 0 0 0 0 7

Thank you for the giveaway! :grinning:


Hi! Thanks for this giveaway :slight_smile:

My wish:

7 0 0 1 7


The Day 1 of 2 results are in. Over 30 entries and more than 400 tickets have been counted. Like most raffles, you can see the buckets start to fill up as the raffles goes on. I won’t give precise numbers (it’s not hard to add up if you really want to do it yourself) but I will provide rough ideas of how the tickets are getting spread out.

  • A fewest tickets
  • B tied for 2nd
  • C tied for 2nd
  • D tied for 1st
  • E tied for 1st

Keep the entries coming! ok seriously going to bed now.


I only got certified lately lol you can be an active member at level 3 and never do that tutorial XD its so long
also never knew where it was b4


@dogetail I figured this might be the case for many people. The Certified badge would only be a baseline requirement in lieu of other verifiable factors. Thanks for mentioning it :pray:


I am sorry about the 2 weeks. But it took several giveaways to get to that point because of the cheaters, If you check our older giveaways we changed rules several times. We did a lot of experimenting between the lot of us.In my older giveaways before we became “The Group”, I even had a requirement that they had to have their profile “gussied up”. And with a week restriction we found that people joined and then waited for the week(Our giveaways were usually a week.) then the last day of the giveaway, entered. Maybe go for 8 days…I just don’t know.


Er… what tutorial is this? lol Been here a little while and don’t know that of which you speak. :slight_smile:


ask Discobot for some help. :wink: