Raffle 1: The Division, 7 Days to Die, Dungeons 3, Old Man's Journey, The Long Dark

Raffle Waffle 1 :pancakes:

So here it is, the first of many Giveaway Raffles I’ll be posting. I introduced the idea in this post, for those that are interested.

Please read the rules carefully. Above all else, I wish for these games to get played by someone!

Raffle Rules :bookmark_tabs:

  • Each raffle giveaway will feature five (5) games
  • Each entrant receives fifteen (15) tickets, but can only apply up to seven (7) tickets per game
  • Entrants are honourable and should only apply tickets to games they actually want to play, even if this means not all tickets are applied
  • Entrants can potentially win any game they apply at least one (1) ticket
  • Only one (1) entrant will win per game
  • Entrants can edit their entry at any time before the end of the raffle
  • Raffle begins now
  • Raffle winners will be announced on Mar 29 at 9:00 AM (PDT), or as close to that time as possible
  • Winners will receive a PM and must reply in order to claim their prize
  • Unclaimed prizes will be re-raffled after 24 hours
  • On the off-chance a key doesn’t work, a replacement will not be provided
  • Entrant’s account must be at least one (1) week old and have ten (10) badges
  • No other restrictions

Raffled Games :video_game:

How To Enter :memo:

Entrants will be asked to enter their tickets in the following format -

@username 2 1 5 4 3  

Ticket numbers correspond to the ordered games. As noted above, the tickets must not exceed a sum of fifteen (15). The example above denotes -

  • 2 tickets for A
  • 1 tickets for B
  • 5 tickets for C
  • 4 tickets for D
  • 3 tickets for E

Valid entries will receive a like from @ohko. Invalid entries will be silently disqualified.

And remember, you don’t have to allocate all 15 tickets. Only apply tickets to games you honestly wish to play!

Feel free to add something cutesy to your entry. Everyone loves cute things :squid:

Transparency :mag:

The raffle program is completely open source. You can view it and run simulations in your own browser by following this link.

EDIT: An updated raffle program has been equipped with a Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG) that can now take a dice roll from discobot and provide a deterministic raffle result! For more details on what that means for transparency, see this post below

Feedback Welcomed :gift:

Let me know what you like or dislike about (1) the raffle, (2) the game pairings, and (3) the raffle duration. For this round I purposefully put a few good contenders in there to force people to be strategic with their ticket allocations. I’m curious to hear your ideas - you can influence change in the next round!

Have fun and good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Hi there ! First of all thanks for nice games !

Second of all i’m not entirely sure if my sloth mind is up to speed * ba dum tss * and i understand how to enter correctely but :

@DontBeSilly 0 7 7 1 0


You’re very welcome and thanks for the first entry! So others can understand your entry, this is -

  • 0 tickets for The Division
  • 7 tickets for 7 Days to Die
  • 7 tickets for Dungeons 3
  • 1 ticket for Old Man’s Journey
  • 0 tickets for The Long Dark

Is that what you intended?


Yep :>


@rzeznik 0 7 7 0 0



0 tickets for The Division
7 tickets for 7 Days to Die
0 tickets for Dungeons 3
0 ticket for Old Man’s Journey
0 tickets for The Long Dark

Welcome here on chrono and thank you for the giveaway and cool concept :raising_hand_woman:t6:


And @rzeznik wins the @Fraggles mystery prize for grand Muppetry!
Well done, that was fast, you were the second entrant.

@ohko welcome to the forum by the way, nice to have you here :slight_smile:

Edit: I see @simonhk101 didn’t want to be left out.

(This is great! I might rename the thread to: ‘Grab your popcorn and place your bets’

We could have all sorts of side bets on how many people are going to mess it up and in how many different ways)


@Madway 7 0 7 0 1


@PoM07 1 0 0 7 7


@M00 0 0 0 0 0

weird, it echoes in here

thx for doing this dude, hope ppl will enjoy

I win btw, I won every single game i entered for, sry guys


@rporter711 0 0 7 7 0

Well, good luck to everyone :smiley:

0 tickets for The Division
0 tickets for 7 Days to Die
7 tickets for Dungeons 3
7 ticket for Old Man’s Journey
0 tickets for The Long Dark

I got the Long Dark during the last sale and already have around 150 hours on it, damn I love that game, highly recommended to anybody that cares to learn the mechanics and loves survival games but not specifically zombies and whatnot, you fight the weather basically :smiley: Cant recommend this game enough.
Anyways, thanks for the giveaway @ohko

edit/1 not the Chinese New Years sale, the one from Christmas las year >.<


@Scribesake 0 0 1 7 7

@ohko, Welcome to Chrono. That raffle type of giveaway I have not yet seen here on Chrono. I think it’s a neat version and I hope others may use it as well. If I may ask I am wondering, why did you choose a ship as your profile picture? :passenger_ship:


@dogetail 0 0 0 0 7

0 tickets A The Division
0 tickets B 7 Days to Die
0 tickets C Dungeons 3
0 tickets D Old Man’s Journey
7 tickets E The Long Dark

:grinning: thanks
Good luck everyone


Not entering! Thank you so much for doing this GA. It’s looking very organized :+1:

I can’t speak for all games, but about Old Man’s Journey:

It’s a short and sweet indie game that I bet takes some of its ideas from “The Old Man and the Sea” by Hemingway. You guide the character through hills, train rides and boat rides until he reaches his goal… the art is gorgeous and the soundtrack is heartwarming and sets the right tone. Strongly recommended to anyone who has a couple of hours to spare on a linear but delightful experience. :blush:

Rules state “up to 7 tickets per game”. Just thought I’d let you know!


Thanks for the giveaway. Like usual, not entering. Good to have another way of having a giveaway.

If you need my help, let me know. Or i am sure other “trusted” people will jump in and offer their services.

Once you have been here over a week, you might consider adding this Rule:
Must be a member of the forum for over a week…or even 2. Up to you. And they must have a required amount of badges…We usually specify 8 badges.

But it’s YOUR giveaway! You MAKE the rules.

And welcome to the forum too :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Nice giveaway.



Amazing giveaway ideea!
7 tickets for The Division
7 tickets for 7 Days to Die
0 tickets for Dungeons 3
0 ticket for Old Man’s Journey
0 tickets for The Long Dark
Thanks a lot and goodluck everyone!


Thanks for doing this @ohko <3

my entry is -
0 tickets for The Division
0 tickets for 7 Days to Die
7 tickets for Dungeons 3
1 ticket for Old Man’s Journey
7 tickets for The Long Dark

Here is a pufferfish which has enough toxin to kill 30 adult humans, and there is no known antidote, but hey, it has a cute and innocent smile.



@dirtybritches 0 0 0 7 0


I’m rapidly running out of Muppetry prizes here.