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Raffle 1: The Division, 7 Days to Die, Dungeons 3, Old Man's Journey, The Long Dark


0 0 1 1 7
@ohko neat idea, thanks for doing it:smiley:


Nothing for me, thanks, but good luck to all!


I hope im doing this right DX

@wasabiyoyo 1 0 0 7 7

Thank you for the giveaway :smiley:


Gonna give it a shot even though change scares me…

@CreatureFeet 0 0 1 7 7

I think I did that right haha

Add something cute? Challenge accepted!


  1. The new format confused the bejeezus out of me at first but the explanation cleared it up. Also I thoroughly didn’t understand the previous topic explaining how the giveaways would work so wasn’t even sure if I was going to enter but it was pretty clear how it works in hindsight.

  2. The games being raffled are nicely varied.

  3. The duration of the raffle seems like an ideal balance allowing people to enter but not so long that it gets forgotten. :+1: :grin:

  4. Thank you for the different take on doing a giveaway!


@ForgottenRelic 7 0 0 0 0

And here is something cute since as you said, everyone loves cute things

  1. 0 tickets for Division.
  2. 7 tickets for 7 days
  3. 2 tickets for Dungeons
  4. 2 tickets for Old mans Journey
  5. 3 tickets for The Long Dark ………


Me too. Pretty much. Let me know if you see anything and thanks.

Everyone keep an eye out, K? If you see any more tomfoolery, @ me.

  1. 0 tickets for Division.

  2. 7 tickets for 7 days

  3. 7 tickets for Dungeons

  4. 0 tickets for Old mans Journey

  5. 0 tickets for The Long Dark


OMG! I sit corrected :slight_smile:


Hey! It’s up to 7 tickets per game, so you could do:

@mandLUL 0 7 1 0 0


0 7 7 0 0

In case you want to use all possible tickets and are only interested in those two games.

I hope I made sense. :blush:


Thanks for the Giveaway!

@Koroth 0 0 4 4 7


Good Luck everyone!
@Towos2442 5 5 0 0 5


@mandLUL :warning: invalid entry detected :warning:

This is the only post I will make about invalid entries. The rest of you have done a good job at notifying others. For the record, any invalid entries will be silently disqualified as it’s a strong indication that the rules were not read. And therefore it’s unlikely you skipped over the parts that are important to me and my sense of “we,” the community.


It’s been brought to my attention that it’s possible for someone to cheat our raffle. Who would do such a thing? I can’t think of anything more dishonourable!

When I read other giveaway threads, I saw rules that restricted new accounts or users with less than a certain badge count. Admittedly, I was proud to announce that my raffle was open to everyone - hence my final bullet-pointed rule, No other restrictions. Unfortunately, I think my naivety got the best of me here and I put the rest of the valid entrants at risk :fearful:

Because I’m so against the idea of someone cheating, I’m going to amend the rules, but I’m in a bit of a sticky spot here: @Towos2442, I’m making a special exception for you because I want to believe in my heart that your submission is a valid one, despite the fact your account is brand new. However, future entries from new users will have to be rejected for the sake of protecting others. This is a tough call for me because it does mean a more exclusive raffle, and that’s not how it went in my dreams.

To all the users that would’ve joined our community just to participate in this raffle, I’m truly sorry. If I can think of another way to include you in the next round, I will. If anyone else has clever ideas, let’s hear them - I’d really love to make it open for everyone.


Hey just an idea that would allow you to keep it open for everyone would be to ask them to answer some question you are curious about (usually regarding games but not necessarily) which would require more thought and effort than just entering but wouldn’t prevent new users from participating. What do you think?


I like this idea, but it does pose some troubling issues:

  1. a fraudulent entrant with an imaginative mind may easily come up with multiple unique ways to answer the question

  2. later entrants will have to read the answers of others, potentially clouding their own ideas, making it more difficult to answer the question in a unique way

  3. valid entrants might feel like a fraud because they can’t provide a unique answer with their entry


Good points. Stupid downsides they’re everywhere!


Entrants must submit their DNA for analysis?


At Least a blood test!!!:exploding_head:


What about through a retinal scan? You can mail in one of your eyes postage not included