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Princess Lili (Free-to-Keep from Steam. Ends Feb 17, 2020. Chinese Only 😑)


Of course the catch is that it’s only in Simplified Chinese… so I don’t know how many people are going to claim it…

The One-Box shows the regular price for me, but just go to the store page, it will show you that it’s free.


Why did I clam this?


Because it’s free… Just can’t say no, right? lol…


when I see a game that I’m obviously never going to play that’s free for a limited time sponge


A free game is a free game


It’s pretty. Lots of Chinese people living here, maybe I can pet one (after I ask first) and see. ^^


Just make sure they have not had contact with any or are recent arrivals themselves first, from a safe distance.


Ah, yes. Caution first. Good note.