Please add PayPal

Please add PayPal


One of the features we’re most focused on.

Soon ™


Awesome! :slight_smile: Please hurry up i miss so much great games :sob:

Nice! Adding PayPal would be the best :smiley:

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Its kind of annoying, i was trying to buy vermintide and just noticed the only payment option is credit cards :frowning: Is it possible for sales to repeat again at a later time?

Paypal would be awesome :slightly_smiling: Was just thinking "let’s buy Warhammer next month when you finished learning for university " then i saw this deal, now I’m on the one hand sad that I miss this deal and happy that it wont distract me :frowning:

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Anything is possible. :wink:

Hey @Lucifron!

So I just happened to have a single Warhammer key laying around … :wink: Please check your PMs when you have a chance!

Hope this doesn’t distract from your studies. :smiling_imp:

Hey @tiwaz1994,

I’m sorry about us not having paypal support, but I think it is a feature that is coming very soon™

…Check your PMs! :grin:


when can we expect the paypal option so i can get some great deals here
or is there any other way i can pay right now because i dont one mis out on this deal

It’s the first big feature we’re working on, so… soon!™

any chance it might happen before the end of vermintide’s promo ?
because “soon” is so vague :stuck_out_tongue: (I know it’s not easy making a declaration but that discounts is impressive at least as much as the game :D)

plz, plz, plz :-*

Sad to miss the Warhammer deal as you don’t have PayPal support yet :frowning:

Yeah would be great to get paypal running before this deal ends

This thread has just devolved into “oh they gave out free keys because I only use PayPal? free key pls” sadly.

Yes they’re trying to add PayPal, no it may not be available prior to (insert deal here) ends. Don’t beg for keys guys under the thin guise of “oh boy I hope I get a key before the sale ends”.

Unfortunately, we’re not that fast! We’re going to try and get it out as quickly as possible though.


TotalBiscuit brought me here and I’d instabuy Vermintide as well if it had the Paypal option. Getting a credit card in Germany is such a hassle as a broke ass student. I’ve checked the past deals and this site seems like a great source for good deals. Keep it up :slight_smile:

I look forward to when PayPal is introduced as I know this will be a daily visit from me.

I guess there won’t be paypal in time to get the vermintide deal. :disappointed:
By no means trying to be rude, but it kind of feels like an oversight when a lot of potential customers are students who look for these types of deals.

If the site devs are planning on getting PayPal support up ASAP, perhaps they (and the various game devs) will re-run the pre-PayPal offers when it’s done?