Playing Through The Backlog (lets all laugh at the games I am going to play)

Sup internet peoples,

As per my agreement to join in the:

I am now looking to play through a large number of games in my library, many of which I started/didn’t really play for a number of reasons (read: they didn’t grab me at the time).
Regrettably, many of these games just don’t play well without others… So I guess this is a general call for people who similarly have a backlog they want to play through, or who enjoyed a game a while back and might want to revisit it…

There isn’t a set rotation of games that I am going to play, but my goal is to hit a minimum of 30% achievement on every game in my library (I am going to start with the stuff I only started, then next year I will jump into the stuff I still haven’t played). If you are interested in playing a game from the list in online multiplayer, let me know and we can schedule a thing.

Otherwise, I will keep a log of what I have played and you can know my opinions.

Honestly, I am looking forward to the experience of playing even the most terrible games from this list, just so I can know more about elements I like or don’t like from games.

The multiplayer games I am going to be playing are as follows:

Games I am looking forward to: AKA Stuff I didn’t give a fair chance to
Warhammer: End Times-Vermintide
Shadowrun Chronicles- Boston Lockdown
Sanctum 2
Payday: The heist
Nuclear Throne
Killing Floor
Hive Jump
Sacred Citadel (I can always play more shameless clones of castle crashers)
Human: Fall flat
Dead Island Riptide
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Games I am unsure about: AKA Stuff that may or may not get better
Age of Mythology: Extended Edition
Wanderlust: Rebirth
Visceral Cleanup Detail (+DLC’s)
Spaceship Looter
The Red Solstice
Primal Carnage: Extinction
Move or Die (I understand that some really like this game)
Guns of Icarus Online
Endless Space/Legend (Just… One… More… Turn…)

Games I can’t believe I am asking people to play with me: AKA Stuff I stopped playing for a pretty good reason
Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade (I will only be playing the survival mode)
Lost Planet 3 (Although I am sorta excited to finish the story, I am not particularly interested in the multiplayer)
Sacred 3 (I’m sorry…)
Battleborn (although I like battleborn, I understand that I would be asking folks to walk away from Overwatch)
Alien Breed: Impact

So yeah, that’s my lot. Hope this can be entertaining to some degree!

OH! And anyone who can offer advice on how to navigate the horrifying interface for games like Crusader Kings and Total war would be just FANTASTIC!!!

Update form Sept 2019

I am hiding my thoughts here, cause not much progress has been made in 1 year. I am listing the games that I made my achievement of 30% completion on, as well as my thoughts on the experience.
Things I played to roughly 30%:

  • Killing Floor: JEEEEZUS, it was fun at first but quickly got SOOOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOO repetitive. Progress is slow, the enemy AI doesn’t feel dynamic enough to keep things interesting and the map layout is really only interesting the 1st time you play it. Also, the ‘difficulty’ in this game seems directly tied to the sheer number of enemies thrown at you… I played my typical support role and quickly just started to burn out, the way you advance the classes feels odd, especially since it takes so freaking long. All in all, 3/10… If you are just going to play 1 map then stop more like 7.9/10, but prolonged exposure (like the zombie virus) leads to death inside.
  • Sanctum 2: The DLC is MADNESS. I liked the core story, good ramping, the game itself kept things interesting with map design and enemy types. Final map was intense. My only concern is this one was another grind-a-bit. 2 maps in particular just DIDN’T WANT ME TO FINISH THEM. Probably just cause I am bad at games. However, the DLC really shone until I got to another level that I was too bored to finish. 8/10. If you can get over a particularly ineffective method of conveying plot details (the 1st bit of the game seemed like it was setting up to give you story details through secrets and bits of scripted dialogue, but whenever it did this again it seemed more like Easter eggs, or obvious details than any real revelation) the game has moments that are really fun.
  • Sacred Citadel: Castle Crashers +/-. Things it does better than castle crashers: Variety of characters is very up front about what makes each character different. NO CHARACTER looks like an enemy, so you never get confused who you are. COSMETIC ARMOR (not totally cosmetic, but close enough)! Ability upgrades to match weapon upgrades. Things it does worse than castle crashers: Bosses are a bit disappointing, enemy variety is near nonexistent, and the game itself is fairly short. Little to no replay value. Things it does just like castle crashers: COUCH CO-OP! The humor is either going to be something you enjoy, or you will find it to be a weirdly jarring tonal shift from the fantasy RPG thing going on. Much like castle crashers some of the jokes just miss the mark wildly for me. 7/10. If you were dying from not having something like castle crashers to play and didn’t want to start castle crashers from scratch, this would probably do it.

Woah, I’m impressed with your dedication to backlog playing! I actually am interested in joining you on your quest, even if it is as simple as playing single-player and talking on headset to encourage each other (or have fun insulting a terribad game). :poop:


These are all the games that you have that I own as well, most of which I never played myself.

Sacred Citadel is the only one that I really played from beginning to end with my hubby helping and quite enjoyed it.

I was supposed to play Warhammer: End Times-Vermintide with hubby as well, but then he got a job without days off, so never got around to it yet. One day…one day he will have days off again :crying_cat_face:

The rest…never even downloaded. :confused:

I would be willing to help you if I can I have a stream schedule and kids out on summer break to take care of, not to mention a weird sleeping schedule so I may or may not be able to help. Plus, it would give me a chance to get them off my backlog as well.

Not sure if we are steam friends yet. This should send you to my linked steam profile here on Chrono, if not it’s the 7th post in that thread:
Send me a f/r if you’d like and we can see if we can work something out.


I used to play a bit of Vermintide a while ago so I could probably lend some guidance. It’s 4 player co-op and I’m not sure if everyone who still played this game last year jumped to the sequel or not but it’d be neat if we could get a full team up.


Whoa, that’s some commitment!

I have quite a few of those MP games myself. IMO, trying to get a 4x off your backcatalogue is a hopeless case. I’ve been dying play more Endless Space 2 and Sins of a Solar Empire, but those matches just never materialize. It’s too intimidating.

Most of the games you listed are either ones I know are good, or ones I’ve never heard of. The only exception there is Age of Mythology… a great RTS (not Age of Empires good, but certainly close) ruined by a horrible remaster.


I don’t think of it as dedication/committment… I honestly just like to think I have given stuff a fair shake (especially so I can feel accurate when I talk about it later). I enjoy the weight of my library, but like the large books on a bookshelf, they really only mean anything if you have experienced it!

@Shalandir That would be fun! There are a few games I am playing through I can’t help but making fun of!

@Elocin30 I had not sent you a friend request before, but I have immediately amended that terrible blunder on my part! I also think that sounds great! If you hubby gets a day off we can all play Vermintinde! I totally understand about busy schedules… but if some time works out that’ll be just swell!

@Fraggles Vermintide Party!! It would be pretty cool to get a full 4 players, but honestly I would struggle my way through with less… I for one can look forward to a game where a bunch of people tell me what to do (cause whenever I join online parties of people experienced with the game I end up being confused by whatever they are working at, first time I did two or three levels we pursued tomes, which involved a lot of me getting lost).

@CptMold It probably will be a complete failure to get a 35% on a 4X, but I kept the achievement monster Payday 2 on there… So I kinda had to keep these on, besides, I only need another 20% achievements for each to be finished!! That is only like 15 games worth! Also, I am kinda not excited for Age of Empires because it is going to require me to just spam bot maps, cause the story is trash.


The first few runs through any map should really just be focused on getting to the end I feel. That is of course hard when you enter an old game where you’re set up with random strangers who already know what they’re doing and want to get the better loot.

I’m happy to go either way. I can be your tour guide and tell you what to do and where to go or I can tag along as back up firepower and let you figure out things on your own, whatever you feel is the experience you desire.


Good to know, I guess I have no opinion on that one


my backlog remains the same, (sorta, keep adding games making “a” backlog grow), talking about the “installed one” that is
intent/intended to go through them bit by bit now that i’m done with Grim Dawn for the moment
buuut ofc along comes Hollow Knight and completely sucks me in, in such a way i wouldn’t have thought, and i see myself probably ending up spending many many hours in it, finding every little secret and trick etc :blush:
(i mean, like, i’m 25 hours in and i’ve bare killed a handful of bosses and nowhere near finished on my first run) :smile:


I accepted it and doubtful that he will be getting a day off for a few more months, :persevere: so anytime you want to start a vermintide party up and I am able to join at the appointed time I will do so.

Though I do believe that I only played for about 30 minutes before realizing that I would not be able to get through it without at least a little help from at least 1 real person, The bots tried so hard to help and got so close to finishing the first…instance? match? level? whatever it’s called. so I will basically just be extra firepower through it if I am to join. So you may or may not want more experienced players.

I can definitely help in sacred citadel as I was able to get through a lot of it alone, only really needed help on a few bosses.

Never played any of the others so I would also be just a random new player in them. :stuck_out_tongue:


@hivefleetbothan Feel free to hit me up for the following;

Vermintide (I finished but wouldn’t mind playing again)
Killing Floor (God help us)
Dead Island Riptide (Need to play through for my list as well)
The Red Solstice (Also on my list)

Obviously give me some heads up on when you want to play so I can install them.

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I still haven’t tried The Red Solstice myself, and never came around to playing through Dead Island. HMU, fam.

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So the rotation is:

Killing Floor, Red Solstice/Dead Island and then Vermintide scattered through?

I vote for Vermintide Fridays or something along those lines… what say you?

dude play guns of icarus with me lets get a posse together



Sounds good! I would be more than happy to crew a vessel with you!

I guess it can be Vermintide Fridays and Guns of Icarus at some point that works for you.


I’ve never played vermintide I might even see if I can join in then, if you all have set times I usually work in two hour periods. But from 2:45PM - 7PM (BST) I pick up my lovely grandad from his brothers house and then I hang out with him and watch quizzes whilst playing a game until I have my tea, this is the bulk of my day but I certainly couldn’t voice chat at all during that point because he’d think I was possessed by demons. >.> also it’s something I love and wouldn’t want to change. :smile: we have a great old time calling the contestants stupid because they are inferior and we are not, whilst praising the smart ones for being on our level, plus jokes and fun times inbetween, everyone would enjoy it if they could come for a cuppa. :slight_smile:

but any of the other 2 or three periods I’m playing games and not going out to walk somewhere or on wednesdays going to volunteer at my local community centre while looking for a job, I’m game. :smiley:


For the most part, my Friday evenings are actually taken. Sorry fam.

That could be bound to change soon, we’ll see. I’m definitely down for all of those games (even if I haven’t opened up Red Solstice before), but my timeframe may be a little limited.

Also, just as a quick check: which Dead Island? I have both original versions, neither of them are “Definitive.” I also have Dying Light.

When i first saw that game i thought it was a terrible idea and had no interest in it. I have Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior in my inventory and since i am going after achievements, i decided to give it a try. Wow was i wrong about this! I actually found it really satisfying and now it’s on my wishlist.



Good to know,

I suppose we will simply take schedules in stride and plan things as we go.

I have a fairly free schedule in the evenings/late afternoon, and I am free all day Saturdays.

Whoops, I missed part of your post there @CptMold I own the ‘original’ version of Dead rising 1 and Riptide, and I don’t own Dying Light.


Awesome! I didn’t see DI1 in the list, so I assume you’ve already finished it… I’ve got a long way to go with my character over the next week, then. I just wanted to doublecheck that you didn’t have Deep Silver’s “remaster” of the games.

After all, the only definitive edition of Dead Island out there is Dying Light :wink: