Playing: Mindjammer, An RPG About Chronies IN SPAAAAAAAACE!

Just be glad I am just watching in the back ground…At times I can screw up a free lunch…


What if I am using explorer?


Then user scripts are the least of your problems.


I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand the question…

Don’t worry, Tampermonkey exists for IE and Edge too. Although I’ve not tested the scripts they should still work, let me know, and if they don’t I’ll take a look. I might just quietly hate you for it though.

Edit: the real answer is of course to forsake your evil ways. Don’t worry, we all make mistakes.


I see… I will keep you updated.


So, after a quick search it seems like scripting stopped working / being supported by third party applications around IE8, are you actually using IE @hivefleetbothan or are you using Edge?
If it’s Edge then you can get Tampermonkey from or from the Microsoft store.
I’ll test the scripts tonight when I get home


FWIW I’m generally a Grease Monkey user at home…at work vanilla Firefox though.


I do use Edge…


Right, I’m back on a windows machine, and working on Edge - just tested the scripts everything works fine.

Follow the instructions for using Tampermonkey on Chrome.

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Edit: Oh yeah and I added the summary of the dice rolls, declaring the number of successes / failures


So! I have a dilemma, and a proper one at that!
I basically have the chance to make one of two characters:

  • An rc K’NEX robot which conscience is somewhat far away
    • For what I understand it would be a regular character
    • There’s a chance I can get a high ping mid-mission
    • But I would be really cool with computars
  • I can be the installation itself with the robot as an avatar you can interact with
    • This allows me to have more than one body
    • I can help you even if the body get’s destroyed
    • I would have a whole bunch of skills that none of you would have access to.

I want to pass this with you guys because the story will get affected depending which one I chose or so I been told, as such I thought you should have some word in the matter.

Essentially, the first option means we would be somewhere in space, while the second means we have to integrate my thickness somehow into the story with the potential of making it more interesting.

For example, we can have Baggy crash landing Laika into me or something like that.

@Halcypher thank you for the scripts but I’m sure this is not supposed to happen :frowning:


Oops. That’s what you get for trying to write code in a hurry - you make silly mistakes.

I’m away this weekend, will fix it when I get back.

In terms of your dilemma, I would say, play the character you want to play, I’m sure it’ll be fun either way.


110% Agree! Either one will be interesting… That goes for all of you! Don’t be too concerned with party gelling as much as playing a character that you will find fun. Those make for the best stories.


Right, I’ve fixed it and updated the file, grab it from here: Mindjammer Utils (same place, just a convenience link.

@Inferry you might have to disable Tampermonkey, refresh the page, check the buttons aren’t there then enabled Tampermonkey again.


Okay, so I have some new thoughts for the story (I am rescinding my thoughts about how I want to approach the games story, I have a general outline, you can add/remove details to fit the character/sort of game you want to play).

So obviously some details will be changed based on @Inferry 's character choice… but the general story can be the same.


I was reading ‘House of leaves’ and was somewhat inspired.

The Story

In a small corner of space, on a desolate world, a small moon orbits. Upon this moon there exists an abandoned base, long left empty… Twisting hallways with forgotten purpose. What remains Inside it? A topic often discussed by spacers deep into their drink. Rampant speculation places wealth beyond the wildest imaginings of even the most exorbitantly indebted: research beyond the ken of lesser men or even technology that dwarfs anything the commonality ever created… and perhaps ever will.

With such great allure, the place has many who have sought it out, a modern memetic el dorado, whispered of across the mindscape. Those who sought it out never returned, and soon it was thought to be only a myth… Then, suddenly the mindscape expanded, new minds were suddenly connected… And what they contained were confusing jumbles of thought… Degraded memories of endless white hallways, madness and insanity… But also the irrefutable fact that this facility not only exists, but now its coordinates are known to anyone who looks for it within the mindscape.

A flurry of treasure hunting expeditions and explorers have been assembled, everyone rushing towards the coordinates… Each certain their efforts will be rewarded. At the same time however, the Mindscape security forcers have begun to censor and restrict the Mindscape instance, with numerous agents moving to prevent this gold rush of profiteers, as well as the dangerous ‘deviations’ found in the thoughts of the instance.

I figure this ‘treasure hunt’ story can appeal to most of the characters, major villains or allies can be members of ‘treasure hunting teams’ or mindscape security officers… Players may be called to the facility for knowledge, tech or to fight back against mindscape security (or perhaps a certain military group surreptitiously providing far too much back-up for the security forces in order to carry out their own plans).


Dungeon crawl in space, sounds good to me!


Now that is a great book…although for some reason I had issues with the name Navidson. Also, regarding your little synopsis…I am strangely reminded of the Ghost Ship bonus dungeon of Rogue Galaxy!


Yeees treasure hunt!

It’s a great concept, I don’t know that much of DM-ing, but this is super open and focused at the same time ^^

Consider me allured.


Happy to hear 1st that someone else enjoyed the book… I quite liked it, but turning the book over to read the final chapters definitely got some unwanted attention at the airport.
Even more happy to hear that the story is something people are not ret-conning to heck… I haven’t played Rouge Galaxy… but now I may have to keep an eye out for it.

I leave it to you the players to determine what the treasure is you are looking for or why you want to explore the facility… Now, I also was wondering if it would be more interesting to have the players be starting the game at the facility or trying to make it to the facility…


@hivefleetbothan yo did u ever figure out what type of ant that was man? lol, shit like that bothers me u know (not knowing)

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No, the ant was not a L. niger and without a more detailed photo we have no idea.