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PC vs. Switch for games on both.(plus general suggestions)


I recently got a Nintendo Switch and am trying to get some games for it. I’ve found some that I recognize that are on both PC and Switch but am unsure which would be better to get it on. I’ll also take general suggestions if anyone has them.

The generic rule I’ve been using is that if it lends itself to Local Multiplayer or is better played with a controller it goes to Switch. If it’s better for Keyboard + Mouse, or requires online, I go to PC. However, there are several games I’m interested in that I don’t know which is better.

My plan of use is three fold.

One is to be the multiplayer system that I own since Nintendo is a tad more local multiplayer oriented with their consoles.

Another is for trips where I’ll be staying somewhere else for a bit.

Lastly is to become my home console where I can sit back and play something when I don’t feel like getting on my PC. (for various reasons).

One last additional note is that I do not have an SD card as of yet, so I’m limited to like 20GB of space.

Games I already have

Overcooked 2
Stardew Valley
Nine Parchments

Games that I’m looking into:

eShop Only

Okami HD
Hollow Knight

Physical Copies or eShop

Civ VI
Tales of Vesperia
Dead Cells
Bayonetta 2 (includes 1)
Diablo III
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
Banner Saga Trilogy
Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles
And lastly one of the Atelier Series.

Suggestions, comments, questions?


I feel like if there’s a PC version of a Switch game, which most likely will be cheaper at some point, the question is if you want to be able to play it on the go or anywhere else than in front of the tele/monitor.
Now I feel like Dead Cells would be perfect as you could play in the bus or whenever and start a run. Also a game like Stardew Valley or any other form of open world exploration (i.e. RPGs and such) would benefit of being able to lie in bed all day (my ultimate fantasy, but I have to get up to play videogames :C).
Now that’s shit you’ve probably already figured out. So here’S my suggestion. The Binding of Isaac Rebirth! Runs last anywhere from 20 - 40 minutes which is the perfect time for average bus trips from point A to B.


Never trust Nintendo’s account system. Buying anything digital from them is equivalent to taking a gamble that you’ll still have access to it in a generation’s time. No unified and friendly account system, no purchase.

Full disclaimer - I own a DS and a GBA.




When I set up the switch it required me to actually upgrade to a full blown account instead of the whatever ID system they were using. Now my 3DS and Switch are linked through that.

Also, you can install the games onto a micro SD. Provided you don’t lose or delete it, it’ll survive as long as the physical copies. If you are able to back it up on PC, that is also a way to keep it safe.


Hmm, unfortunately, bus isn’t my use case scenario. Even if it was, I don’t trust the people who I see riding the bus at all.

My plan of use is three fold.

One is to be the multiplayer system that I own since Nintendo is a tad more local multiplayer oriented with their consoles.

Another is for trips where I’ll be staying somewhere else for a bit.

Lastly is to become my home console where I can sit back and play something when I don’t feel like getting on my PC. (for various reasons).

I’ll edit this up into the OP for others clarity.

Thanks for the suggestion though!


Your other reasons make sense but this one escapes me.

  • Using keyboard for a racing game you’d only have LEFT or RIGHT, using a controller with a stick you can have a constant input in the amount and direction you want instead of constantly tapping a key in the hopes of getting the amount right.
  • Flight games go to the same
  • Twin stick shooters are more or less the same on a controller
  • Brothers a tale of two sons
  • If the D-pad is good, using a controller is better than a keyboard for fighting games, since you’re less likely to hit the wrong key by accident.

There could be other reasons but from personal experience, only shooters which require a certain amount of finesse when you aim at a target will be better on a mouse & keyboard or rather would marginally benefit from it, and even then it could be argued that you are sacrificing mobility since you can only move in an 8way kind of way, although I guess actually hitting what your aiming for is more important in those games.

Please know that I’m aware of drive wheels, flight sticks, hitboxes and the like, this comment was made under the assumption that you only have a controller or keyboard to choose from.


My point was that you can use a controller on PC so it didn’t make any sense to me.


Well, you where clearly not that clear about that then where you? :upside_down_face:


hm, sry to interfere, but i think his point was in fact quite clear :slight_smile:

since u can use a controller on pc, there’s no reason games which use a controller should be preferably bought on a console, especially given that that usually is the more expensive option (sales don’t tend to go as deep and prices tend to not go down as fast)


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom physical copy for the Switch is worth putting on the list. Mainly because this is so sweet.


Not to me, it wasn’t


lol, dude, that is adorable



Quite good actually

that first frog is adorkable too


For me it depends on the games.

I purchased my switch for the sole reason of getting Nintendo games.
I try not to buy any other games on the switch because they are ridiculously expensive compared to PC
(Example, 1 game was $40 on switch, while $12 on steam)

I did end up buying Skyrim on the switch though just to test out the system. The major drawback with that is, as decent graphics the switch can give, it’s nothing compared to PC, and PC also supports modding :slight_smile:


I was going to write a huge paragraph attempting to explain it… but K.I.S.S. rules the day.

Basically, I plan on using my switch for trips and the like. It’s lighter than a laptop and takes up less space. If it works well with controller and I’d be interested in playing the game sometime, Why not have it for trips? That way I’m lugging around less.

Additionally, if I want to play it when I am at home, I don’t have to pop out said laptop at home, in front of my PC, to play. (from my experience, non online games tend to not share saves across devices).


I personally find console gaming largely pointless, only reason to get a game on any console is if it’s only available on said console. One more exception I suppose can be made for the switch, if you do indeed intend to bring it on trips.

For that purpose then I’d only recommend to get a very small handful of games for it beyond what exclusives there may be. Get one or two games that you can keep playing over and over for those times where you’re spending time outside the home. Might be that purpose is fulfilled entirely by it’s exclusive library, I don’t really know what exclusives the switch has though.

I’m not sure I see your point about local multiplayer either, I’d dare say there’s by a wide margin more titles on the PC for local multiplayer than there is for the switch. Ease of setup only depends on how your PC space is configured, if that is something you desire then it can be prepared to be made easy.

I see no reason why you’d want to not have a title on the PC. Apart from the portability there’s nothing the PC can’t do. Add to that the mods, performance, input flexibility, customization and price points the PC offers the choice seems made to me.


I got the multiplayer stuff in mind that I have two parents to play with. The ease of setup for switch is massively better than PC as I don’t have to configure anything. And again, the switch is lighter and takes up less space.

one main reason there are a couple titles that I will never buy on PC at current state is Denuvo.

I guess where I’m coming from is it’s faster and simpler, just plug in video and power, dock, and launch.

I agree that I don’t see the point of getting an Xbox or PlayStation.

I have a bunch of other stuff but I really don’t feel like waging a PC versus console war in this thread.


no one here is interested in doing that either; there’s no reason not to mention some simple, well-intended, informative facts though. In the end, the best decision is an informed one, and I’ve spent way more than a year on this forum and have never seen a pc-console war erupt here, so i don’t think that would ever happen, ppl are quite well-mannered, educated, and mature here.

And although one could argue that the shitposting-epicemic that goes on here contradicts that last sentence, it could be counter-argued that said shitposting is actually quite well-mannered, educated, and mature also, rofl.