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PC vs. Switch for games on both.(plus general suggestions)


yea but your sd card doesn’t taste as good as nintendo’s cartridge


You’re literally asking which games you should get for the PC or the switch. I presented my arguments for why I would favour the PC for everything, what part of this do you think constitutes a declaration of war?




Can you explain what you mean by that? Why is Denuvo a factor?

If anything the reason for buying a console is simplicity and exclusives. Because of the parity of hardware games will be optimised and should run the same wherever they’re played. The same can’t be said of the PC.

But there are so many advantages of the PC, from the multigenerational library, to free online, to game pricing…

The only console I see no point in is the Xbox as it shares it’s “exclusives” with the PC.


@Fraggles incoming hard


In relation to a PC vs Console purchase…


well, what if u want to play those games without Denuvo; that would actually make it a valid factor, now? maybe Fraggles will buy a console now, lol


Well, personally I don’t think so, because Denuvo is still less of a copy protection than being console exclusive…it can be cracked, and it can be removed and it isn’t hardware tied. Any way to play Demon’s Souls other than buying a specific console?


ok, but we do know that Fraggles (and others) categorically refuse to play games that have Denuvo though, so for someone who shares that view it would be a valid reason to play that game on console

I don’t think those ppl refuse to play games with Denuvo cuz it supposedly protects or does not protect; it think there’s other reasons for that, possibly having to do with privacy invasion or other forms of infringement


It’s only a valid reason if the reasons for refusing Denuvo are more valid than your wish to play said game. Many reasons for refusing to accept Denuvo have been refuted…

Also, we’re kind of straying on to a different point here!


Avoiding DRM is a huge argument in favor of consoles. Different flavor (Denuvo, SecuROM, TAGES, Starforce, etc.), same drink.

If you ask me about the definitive Crysis 1 experience, I’d tell you it’s the Xbox One BC version hands-down, since it looks great and lets you completely dodge SecuROM.


RPCS3, runs it damn near perfectly. Now if you don’t want emulation then yes a PS3 is your only option.


Sure, but RPCS3 is also the culmination of years of more-or-less thankless work that eventually led to something. Emulation is great for preservation, but it doesn’t match the real experience until well after a console’s life (and if somehow an emulator gets going during the console’s life, an argument can definitely be made for potential lost sales).


Sure it usually takes a long time for emulation to get good. I was only responding to that simple question… and I may have ignored the context(?).

Me I just play on whatever I feel like at the time, I have most past consoles but I’m still primarily on PC.
/On an even more derailed side note, a hardware collection thread might be fun. Old consoles, computers and whatnot.


Fine, poor example (although I think you understand what I’m driving at), what about Bloodbourne? That’s DRM exclusived worse than Denuvo…

(also a little restrictive to need a BD drive for PS3 games…but damn, I wish I’d have known before I opted to put a DVD drive in my PC…)


Yeah doing it legit with actual discs is a pain (and I’ll probably never do that).


How so? The PS4 wasn’t made by a company that was involved in developing a malicious DRM format that remains a rootkit/vulnerability in all systems it was installed on.

Oh, wait, Sony was involved in that…

Y’know what, I’m done with gaming. See ya folks


Guys, don’t forget the biggest perk of having a switch!

Playing on the big screen, then when you gotta go, you gotta go! Take it with you into the bathroom to continue that adventure :wink: No more need to pause your addiction :joy:


Can’t you do that with Steam Link anyway?


who needs to go all the way to the bathroom ? :smirk: