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And if that’s how he expressed himself I wouldn’t have said anything against it, but it wasn’t, now was it?

Alright, I’m always willing to be proven wrong. But I felt like much of your description applied to my own RM850 only our interpretation of what we see differed. Though I have had mine for almost 5 years and it’s always possible corsair has sunk and is no longer delivering a quality product even if I find it hard to believe.


The bad clips are on the CPU cables and I had to use them, so I will open the case in few days. Excuse me for getting disappointed by a brand that plenty of people warned me not to get :slight_smile:

When I give money I have some expectations for the price… and when those expectations aren’t met by the manufacturer, but are met by others, I will complain.


The only thing I found that appears to not be feelings about it is:


Cool! I guess your case has better air flow than mine does then . I really just took looks over practicality with the glass panel in front blocking most of the air intake :smiley: