Pass the Parcel



Parcel back with @Seaburn

Thanks for understanding guys and thanks to @delenn13 for passing the message, hee hee.


Hello Parcel Poppers, starting here with a list of 18 titles with keys, mainly from previous parcels, with a few others thrown in. Please take one and pass the parcel along in order.
There is no need to replace it.
Randomized list -
Full parcel to @Avy


Parcel forwarded to @markwr.


Parcel Poppers. Does that make Seaburn the Parcel King?

I feel another title creation in @delenn13 ‘s future.

Laptop decided not to boot this morning. On the phone again. I regret not getting tablet as gift instead of phone :laughing:


The list I got from @Avy only has 17 titles? :eyes:
Also, the game I was going to pick, “Yrminsul” … it’s key has already been used? :eyes:
Should I just pass the list to the next person, or wait to see if @Avy forgot to add a game to the list? :zap:




Oops. My error. I should have read better (didn’t get enough sleep last night :nerd_face:). This is a free round. I’ll also remove “Yrminsul” from the list since it’s key is bad anyway. :sheep:

Thanks. :nerd_face:


Sent to @Danacscott :postal_horn::sparkles::postal_horn:


Passed to @pegasusz. May the wing stay strong!


@rallen4269 May the wing takes it to where the water tastes like wine:wink:

Been kinda busy lately, thanks for inviting me back to do the greater service for our community :nerd_face:


Winging it to @Norther :bird:


Next @rakada

Mathematician inside me was confused cuz I found inside parcel only 12 games (not 13) :rofl:


Remember, I removed “Yrminsul” from the list since it’s key was bad. :eyes:

BTW, I’m also a Mathematician (majored in Math Education in 4 year university degree). In fact, I’m such a geek/nerd, that I also took elective courses in Astronomy, Physics, and Chemistry in university. :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:


The other two I can understand. But physics? Unless it’s astrophysics I think you have a problem willingly taking physics. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, a lot of physics is applied mathematics, so I think it’s perfectly reasonable.

I also did a wide-spread science course load in college, often to the incredulous stares at my friends, who were always asking me to go hang out while I was in lab, one or another…


here your free parcel @GrimtheGilded
just need you to sign for the parcel right here, and have a nice day.


While waiting for @GrimtheGilded to Pass the parcel -

Pass the Parcel is not difficult and reliant on participant’s Honesty. This next round of Pass the Parcel has participants who are willing to take one game from 6, replace their choice with an unused STEAM key of their own, and message through the Chrono Community site to the next name on the list and leave a reminder on this post, please.

Collecting players for at least 24hrs, clearly state your intention to partake.


I’m in on the next one too… :slight_smile:


Add me please. Thanks @Seaburn :postal_horn:


I didn’t even realize there was another parcel going, it’s been passed. I’m excusing myself from parcels for a bit if you please. Stay safe everybody.