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Paid Sub for Fallout 76???



$100 a year??? What kind of kool aid is Bethesda drinking???


Bethesda is out of there minds if they think most people will be buying it.


Someone will buy it tho I guarantee it. Its like all the people that make a stink about epic store or blizzard business practices and say vote with your wallet but still support them anyway.


I would say something about how they backed down on their promises like a dozen times now with Fallout 76 or how can they ask you to pay 100bucks a year for game which is not even worth it’s base asking price but … what’s the point by now ? Bethesda some of us grew up is gone , we now have this and i long since stopped caring for what they do .


I want some.


Actually sad to see a great franchise turn to shit… its fallout… it deserved better.


$100 a year for a private server of 7 or to play by yourself.

Or you could just play New Vegas or Fallout 4…by yourself.


Fallout 76 has enough playerbase that you aren’t already playing by yourself?


It’s completely ridiculous. I can’t believe they’re trying to pull this after all the issues they’ve already had with Fallout 76. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING



I haven’t grabbed a single free copy of games Epic has given away for free (aka bait) or bought something from their store and I will keep it that way. But that’s just me, I’m positive that there are people out there like you mentioned.


I don’t even want to get hyped about TES6 because it’s probably going to be a mess guaranteed. It’s reaching the times where the big will fall and the small will rise, praise the indies.


Wait a minute. So I bought the game, paid half its original price for it (Black Friday, two weeks after release lol), and now they suddenly want me to pay to play? That was not part of the original deal, and must be illegal AF. And what’s their goal here? Nobody wants to play their shit buggy mess of a game anyway, and now they’re trying to alienate even the last people interested in it? What the actual fuck?


Not quite. They want you to purchase a Premium Subscription. You can still play without subscribing. You just don’t get the “private world benefits”.


So I could pay 100 bucks for playing alone on a private server, or pay nothing and play alone on a public server, because this game is still as dead as it’s always been… Seems like a good investment.

Or, like @Rhyagelle suggested, just play Fallout 4 or New Vegas, which have a ton of actual depth, story, quests and a living, breathing world and enough mods to keep me occupied for another few years.





I really miss when Fallout 76 was first announced. So many fan theories on what it was going to be about. My favorite idea was the vault is an experiment you had to figure out with a large group of people. Work together? Kill each other? Stop the experiment? Escape the vault? Stop bandits from invading the vault? So many possibilities!

Now look at what we have…fans came up with better game ideas than Bethesda…


That’s pretty much always been true though.


The first mistake was making a game that wouldn’t be moddable, I said that the moment I saw the announcement, we know Bethesda games only works because people mod it to make a better game.

That there of the fans coming up with ideais was just their imagination of what modders could actually make it happen if they could mod it.


Can I say that it is absurd that Mario Kart Tour’s gold pass is somehow a better deal? I mean it is a mobile game so they won’t get as much as a PC/console game but still, I hear Switch Online being cheaper anyway.


I just found out something fun: The new subscription service is called “Fallout First”, but Bethesda was dumb enough to not claim the domain , so somebody else did their work for them. Please visit, it’s quite the entertaining read.