Paid Sub for Fallout 76???

As usual Bethesda fails to properly do their own job and leaves it to the community to have their back and as is always the case the modders have supplied us with the superior version.


That is almost as bad as the mantra of ‘Player First’ for Ubisoft.


Todd,Todd,Todd… Todd.


Yikes. this just keeps getting worse.

@Dusty That was quite a trip. How this company stays so popular is beyond me.

Just gotta say for all the F EA and disaster that was, I’m surprised that this has overall (until this point) been a much quieter issue for Bethesda. I’m curious as to the long term of this, and If it will become something like EA’s “pride and achievement” moment and will be the straw on the camel’s back/


it wouldn’t be a bethesda product if it didn’t launch completely broken


Those are ‘features’ though.


Shameless Shill

Little Misfortune on

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Does anyone know what this is about? I’m just trying to login but it keeps giving me this :frowning_face:

And does anyone know if that “new multiplayer PVP mode” actualy works because it seems to be suck on “searching for game” FOREVER :cry:

I actually like this game… ikr, lil weird, but I do.


Ya, to expand a little RE: SWEET LITTLE LIESSSS, I really don’t feel like Todd is being intentionally misleading or deceptive. I just think it’s just a funny video and like to meme.

I think like a lot of us he is passionate and excited about the stuff he works on – and often the vision, not always tempered by reality, can be grand and maybe unreasonable before things like budget, timeline, or other fun corporate stuff is taken into account.

It’s super hard for creatives to balance wanting to communicate w/ their audience, w/o creating unmanagable expectations or hype. But I don’t think most of those ppl are being intentionally deceptive or malicious.

Engineers especially are just really bad w/ setting realistic expectations sometimes.

Just ask @lonin about @dusty :thinking:


TES Online and No Man’s Sky took 2 years to get gud, maybe F76 just needs time? This subscription bollocks is a complete misstep though. They should work on fixing things, not implement more stupid methods to pull money out of their customers’ pockets.


Honestly my first comparison was also Star Wars BF 2. That game was garbage when it came out, and the team actually fixed it and continued to add good new stuff (thats free) while fixing what bugs the game had.

So far Bethesda seems to have done little bug fixing from what I’ve read, and has added nothing to really fix their mistakes and show goodwill to their players. I could be wrong, I haven’t done much research on the subject. that’s how it appears though to me.


Games should also be shipping complete. Not a buggy beta test that they are attempting to call a full game under the promise that they will “continue to improve the experience”.


It’s too bad nobody makes the good decision to do what Final Fantasy 14 did. Which is release game, realize its broken and nobody likes it, apologize and shutdown game, then release the fixed game again a few years later.

And @eliaviaene. It looks to me, from your screenshot, that you’re not entitled enough. ba dum tssshhh
Seriously though, those are a bad choice of words for gaming culture. And I think your best bet is to contact customer support as Fallout 76 communities across the internet are too mad to help people.


Probably because, unlike EA, their games are more acclaimed, everyone actually knows who runs Bethesda as well as revere him and they didn’t attempt to exploit loopholes (maybe that “sale” in F76 I suppose, but even that I heard its a sales strategy apparently). I bet you guys won’t know who runs EA, and if so do you guys think he’s as iconic?
Let me admit now: I have not played any Bethesda game all my life, I’m only going by my observations online. And I actually don’t think that EA is the evilest company in the world (but they are one of the more groanworthy ones) so don’t take it too seriously.


I agree with you and I think you make a good point.

Although as someone who doesn’t know much about the game development industry or sticks closely to game news I had no idea who the CEO of EA was until recently or who the CEO of Bethesda was. But I’m pretty out of the loop with these things so I get where you are coming from.


aha aha aha aha :expressionless:

at what point do you become the official laughing stock of an entire industry? :thinking: